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Re: A routine checkup
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Hilarious ending! Im really loving how this story is coming along ;)

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Re: A routine checkup
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“Why am I lithping? I thought I wath jutht getting brathes?” I asked horrified that this was going to be how I sounded.

“So, we have started you with a few different appliances today, and for your treatment plan just braces would not be enough. What is probably causing your lisp is the palatal expanders. We put one in your upper jaw and one in your lower. These are going to help widen your bite, and you really should have had these when you were younger. Another appliance that we were shocked that you’ve never had is w tongue crib. Your tongue does not rest in the right way which is pushing your front two teeth out.”

I could feel what she was talking about in my mouth as my tongue could not only not touch the roof of my mouth from the expander but also couldn’t really move forward in my mouth either.

“The expander alone would cause a slight lisp, but with the expanders your lisp will probably be pretty severe for the rest of your treatment. We only added one other appliance today as we didn’t want to overwhelm you but this will start to treat your overbite. It’s called a herbst.”

“I can’t jutht uthe rubber bands like I did before?” I asked not loving the discomfort of the metal rubbing my cheeks.

“The treatment plan you chose maximizes the use of appliances, so rubber bands weren’t really something you were qualified for. Ah, here’s Dr. White you can ask him any other questions that you have.”

“How’s that mouth feeling?” Dr White asked.

“Well I think I want to switch treatment planth.”

“Oh really? Why’s that?” He asked sounding surprised despite the fact that it seemed obvious.

“Thith ith a little too intenthe for me. I think I’d prefer normal brathes without applianthes.”

“Well, the plan you chose is a little more complicated, and unfortunately since you wanted to pay a lower price is comes with the catch of we do it the way that gets the best results. The other plans are tailored for comfort, but I really hate not being able to do it the way I like to, so patients like you have the option to pay less to have it done my way, but you always have the option of switching your plan.”

“Yeth how do we do that?”

“So, you would have to break the contract you signed earlier which would cost you roughly $10,000.”

I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head when he said that.

“I gueth I’ll keep them then,” I lisped as there was no way I could afford $10,000.

“Okay sounds good! Go check out and make an appointment with us two weeks from now. I want to make sure all the appliances are doing their job.”

I got up from the chair and checked out at the front desk. I had to repeat myself three times before the receptionist could figure out what I was saying. After scheduling the appointment I stopped in the bathroom realizing that I had never even seen what I looked like.

It was honestly worse than I could have imagined. Even closed you could tell there was stuff in my mouth and my mouth was gleaming with metal when I smiled. I needed to do something about this. I decided I would ask my parents about loaning me money when I got home, but deep down I knew they’d probably say no, especially since I was the one who agreed to this.

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Re: A routine checkup
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I'd love to have that kind of "plan"!