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A new story - Sparkles
« on: 06. January 2023, 07:07:16 AM »
I've had an idea rattling around in my brain for a while. This is more of an intro to a larger story, but I don't plan on working on this one for a while, so you will have to wait until I finish some of my other stories.


By Braceface2015

Chapter 1

“Hello, and welcome to Sparkles. What time is your appointment?”

There are more lines to the greeting, and I’ve been hearing that greeting, or one similar to it for over a month already. I know every line of each of the scripted greetings by heart. The short greetings are accompanied by a smile each time. It’s my job to interview each person applying for a job at our new restaurant, and I’ve been enjoying most of the interviews more than I should.

My job is to manage the restaurant for a company made up of a few friends and business partners who wished to stay anonymous. The best part of my job is interviewing potential staff.

The idea to open a restaurant happened after a class reunion when a few of us went out to eat and catch up on what had happened since we graduated. The place we went to had a sign out front that it was for sale and someone said it was sad that another place was closing. I had to agree. After I graduated, I went to college and trained to be a chef, and added a degree in business management so that I could run a place of my own someday.

After running several restaurants for other people and making them a big success, my bank accounts were healthy. Part of my success was finding the right people to work for me and give me the time to do what I enjoyed, get into the kitchen and create meals for the restaurant to place on the menu to draw in people.

We’d all grown up eating at this place or someplace just like it and knew how good the food was. The idea of it closing didn’t feel right.

We sat there for a couple of hours, talking about what we had done after high school and how our lives had turned out. There was a husband and wife team with a renovation company, one was a doctor, and not surprisingly a woman who had been a cheerleader in high school and had been married and divorced several times.

We had pushed a few tables together so we could all talk, and with everyone throwing in a few bills, the tip was quite large, so the staff was happy to let us stay and talk. After we got caught up on what everyone was doing, the talk turned to things we remembered doing in high school. Someone laughingly said something about me buying the place to keep it open so we could all eat for free. The seed of an idea had been planted, though we didn’t realize it.

I commented that we could do more by showing up at the restaurant each week and paying to eat there to keep it open. Everyone had a good laugh and the conversation moved on to other subjects. As we were leaving, someone else mentioned my comment about eating at the restaurant again and suggested meeting on Wednesdays, just so that we could keep in touch with each other.

I was in the area the next week and decided to stop for something to eat. To my surprise, the couple with the renovation company were there too. They invited me to join them and we had a good time chatting about the things that we did when we were in school. The food was good, though simple, and we decided that we would meet the next week to do it again.

I invited one of my old school friends to join me and the couple brought one of theirs, both of our friends from different years at the school. While we didn't all know each other, we did have some things in common such as teachers and events that happened. We had so much fun that we decided to make it a steady thing.

The group that showed up each week varied, sometimes just a few of us, other times a much larger group. The restaurant started reserving a section of tables for our group and suggested we call our food orders in so they could have everything ready for us when we showed up.

The restaurant wasn't very big and our group was a steady source of income. The old couple who owned the place made a habit of dropping by our table and they brought us a cake for dessert each time. It turned out that it wasn't just the restaurant that was for sale, it was the whole building. The place had been for sale for quite a while, but they hadn't had any offers that they considered reasonable. When they bought it, they had hoped that their children would take it over, but their children had all moved away and didn't want to take it over. The neighbourhood had changed with time and businesses had moved to newer areas, taking the customers who used to show up with them. The old couple wanted to sell it and retire.

The seed of an idea that had been planted the first week began to sprout. The core members of our group were the couple with the renovation company, a real estate saleslady, myself, and an orthodontist. The former cheerleader had been looking for work and the old couple hired her to work for them, more to help her out than because they needed her. Her pleasant greeting and slightly off-kilter smile became a welcome addition to the place. Some of our group started eating there on other days and they brought their friends.

A few of us decided to see if we could help out the old couple by using our skills to make the building more appealing to potential buyers. I created a simple menu with a broader range of foods for their kitchen to cook, the couple with the renovation company looked over the building and made a list of features that might appeal to buyers and let the old couple know what could be fixed to upgrade it for a small cost, and the real estate agent offered to handle the listing for a modest portion of the sale. It didn’t cost us anything except for a little bit of our time.

The old couple was grateful for our help and one day they sat down with a few of us and made us an offer that made us think. They showed us what we had all done for them and they wanted to return the favour by offering to sell the building to us at a good price. We already knew all we needed to know about the property and the offer was a good one.

None of us could afford it by ourselves, but if we bought it as a group, we had the resources to make it a reality. The old couple spiced up the offer by saying they would close the restaurant for one day and provide a meal for the group if we wanted to get everyone together and talk about the offer. The seed of an idea took root and grew.

Most of the group liked the idea, but many didn’t want or couldn’t afford to put money into the idea. Of those that did, very few wanted to get involved other than to put up some money. A few of us decided we could make it work, so we formed a company to buy the place.

I put quite a bit of my savings into the company and agreed to be the manager and head chef. After the sale was finalized, I took over running the place and kept the restaurant running with the old staff.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 2

Most of the building had been empty for a while, so the first thing we did was build an office on the second floor for our company. Several of the tenants had stayed in the building more to help out the old couple than because of the good rent, and they decided to move to better locations. They had given us plenty of notice of their intentions before we bought the building, so we were ready for them to leave.

The building had several advantages nearby buildings didn’t. It had plenty of parking around it, and heated underground parking with a freight elevator serving all the floors. Delivery trucks could park inside to unload out of the weather. The building had the second floor built out over the front, providing a sheltered area for customers to get out of their vehicles if the weather was nasty. The old couple had built a garden area beyond that with bushes to screen the drive, adding further protection from the weather and providing a place to enjoy the outdoors when it was nice. We also had great bus service just outside our front door.

The second floor didn’t stay empty for long. A few of the people who invested took advantage and rented space, in effect putting money right back into their pockets. One of those was an orthodontist who didn’t like the place he was renting before the purchase of the building. The couple with the renovation company opened a second office in the building, and began making changes to the building to upgrade it. They also had the advantage of being able to out-bid other companies in the area for jobs because of the low cost of their office. Their first renovation was to the entrance. They build a staircase to the second floor and a reception desk at the foot of it to give the building a professional appearance.

A second entrance to the restaurant was added off the lobby, though the restaurant itself stayed the same, with one change. The former cheerleader became the hostess and her slightly off-kilter smile greeted each customer when they entered the restaurant. The weekly get-together continued, with everyone invited to join in. It wasn't a business meeting, it was just a bunch of friends having lunch and talking.

Part of the main floor was used for storage space. While I wasn’t responsible for managing the building, I did have plans for the space. The restaurant was busy during the day when the offices upstairs were open and the businesses around us were operating, but in the evening, the building was deserted. I wanted to create a restaurant that would draw in people in the evening, and I wanted it to have an unusual theme that nobody else had. I just didn’t know what it was going to be. I also wanted to upgrade the existing restaurant to make it more modern.

The menu in the restaurant gradually changed and expanded. The orthodontist on the second floor suggested a change to the menu to make it more braces-friendly for his patients. The menu still offered many of the inexpensive items from before, but I added a few more-expensive choices in the evening, hoping to draw in a few more customers. It met with moderate success, paying for the cost of keeping the restaurant open later and making a small profit. The feedback from the customers was informative. They wanted a less casual atmosphere when they were dining in the evening.

Each month, the managing members of the company met to discuss business matters, and the second restaurant was always a subject of discussion. I was in charge of planning the layout and theme for the restaurant, while the rest of them had parts to play in making it a reality. The renovation company had a meeting room that was perfect for our meetings and the restaurant provided the food. Even though she wasn’t officially a member of the board, the former cheerleader always stayed after she helped me bring up the food.

Her slightly off-kilter smile had acquired a little bling since we bought the building, thanks to the orthodontist on the second floor. She usually took care of managing the meal or sat quietly while the rest of us talked. The basic layout of the restaurant had been decided on, and the kitchen area was planned out to be as efficient as possible. The new restaurant was going to be aimed at the evening crowd and would have a higher-priced menu, some of which were a success on the menu already. What we didn’t have was a theme and a name for it.

Many ideas had been discussed, with none of them being accepted. It was our normally quiet hostess that said, “If you're looking for something to draw people in, make your menu the focal point. You already have a braces-friendly menu, expand that and make it your focus. You can call the place “Sparkles” and hire a few waitresses with braces or something.” Then she smiled at all of us and added, “I’ll fit right in and can be the hostess at the new place. I wouldn’t mind being able to sleep in every morning.”

The room went silent as we all looked at her, and her smile began to slip, partially covering her braces. Her smile returned when the orthodontist said, “That’s not a bad idea. Nobody else has had an idea anywhere close to as good as hers. I don’t think there is a restaurant anywhere that has tried something like that.” After trying for so long to come up with an idea for a theme, we finally had one that we liked, even if we weren’t quite sure how to do it yet.

With the help of the orthodontist, and assistance from the sparkling-smiled hostess, a braces-friendly menu was put together. The renovation company put together a concept drawing of the inside of the restaurant, with emphasis on the entrance. When the diners walked in, they would find themselves in a waiting room, complete with a vintage dental chair on one side and modern furniture similar to a modern dentist's office on the other, right down to the out-of-date magazines and posters on the wall. The rest of the interior would be typical seating found in any other restaurant, except for the accents, which would be from the various ages of orthodontics.

As the interior of the restaurant took shape, I spent more time working on getting the staff arranged. Our hostess made a few suggestions for what the waitresses should wear and what kind of look they should have. What surprised me was that she suggested we look for guys as well as women to work on the floor.

When I had the scripts we wanted our staff to use, ready, she tried each one of them out for me, with a pleasant smile on her face, so that I could see what to expect as each script was spoken. The idea was to have the orthodontic appliances on display as naturally as possible. With a few minor changes, she improved them for me.

We wanted to hire quality staff, so we offered a good benefits package with all the usual medical and dental benefits. One thing our benefits package had was a free orthodontic exam for every person who applied and met our hiring standards. We had an on-site orthodontist to do them, and he had the final say about if we would hire them.

It gave us several ways to refuse applicants who weren’t suitable without violating labour laws. We knew right from the start that we had to be careful, because we were hiring people with a certain look and had one condition that all of our potential employees had to agree to before we agreed to hire them.

The interview process was in three steps. Anyone that wanted to apply had to show up in person to get an application. The application included the script they would use while working, and they had to know it before they could move to the interview stage. The last page of the application had a list of requirements all our employees were expected to meet or exceed. Our hostess dealt with handing out the applications, and had a polite way of telling some of them they wouldn’t be hired because they didn’t fit the image of the employee we were looking for.

I dealt with the interview process, and I sure enjoyed my job. Each applicant was asked to dress a certain way, as if they were coming to work, and expect to be asked a few personal questions that they might be a little uncomfortable with.

Each interview started the same way, with them smiling at a camera, facing a large screen on the wall so they could see how they looked, as they recited the script they had been given. This step had been suggested by our braced hostess, and she and the orthodontist had tested it out with me watching as if I was conducting an interview, then they had done the same with me. The next step was the interview, where I went over their application with them and asked questions about their work experience.

If I felt that they might make a good employee, I moved on to the last part of the interview, where I asked them questions about why they wanted to work for us and if they understood what the requirements were to work in our restaurant. This is where things became fun for me.

All of our employees were required to wear an orthodontic device of some kind while at work, and it must be visible whenever they smiled. If they chose to wear a retainer,  it had to be Hawley-style.

I had a list of questions I asked each applicant, and one of them was if they enjoyed wearing braces. This question tended to embarrass the guys more than it did the women. I was good at judging how honest they were by their reaction to the question.

Another question I asked was what they would do if they were given the opportunity to fix their teeth and what kind of treatment they would like if they did. This question was more important to us than it seemed to the applicant.

Those two questions often determined whether their application was approved or not. Another determining factor was the way their teeth looked when they smiled. If they had a pleasant, natural-looking smile with teeth in need of treatment, they were given a higher priority. If they already had metal braces and were near the start of their treatment, they were given top priority.

The applicants who made it through the interview were sent upstairs to the orthodontist, where they were given a thorough exam. It was the final screening point and having good hygiene was a final determining factor.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I like this :)

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Great idea and story so far. Five stars would definitely eat there

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Super excited to see where this goes!

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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It's going to be a while before I work on this story again. I have three other stories that need my attention first.

I'm posting the other stories in the club section of the forum and adding them to TheArchive and my account on DeviantArt.

I have a few ideas for where I want to take this story, but as frequently happens, as I write the stories they take a path of their own. I picture this story becoming more of a series of shorter stories rather than one long story, telling it from the point of view of different characters. We will just have to see what happens.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I've just read the first chapters of this story and it's a very good one, with an original idea ! Such a shame we have to wait a long time for the next parts but I understand your priorities. Thanks a lot for your work !

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I will probably post a little more as the mood takes me. I'm not going to focus on this one just yet. I have a few ideas rumbling around in the back of my brain, and at some point, I'm going to have to get them out of my head.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Cheerleader
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Sparkles - The Cheerleader

By Braceface2015

Chapter 1

It’s a bit embarrassing to be riding the bus wearing a fancy dress and heels, but I wasn’t going to miss another school reunion just because my car was broken down again. I’d saved all year to buy a nice dress and new shoes just for this event, and I wanted to make a good impression in front of some of the people I had gone to school with.

I had been a cheerleader and dated the quarterback, every high-school girl's dream. After graduation, he had gone to college on a football scholarship and I followed him, getting a job as a secretary. I figured my looks would get me through life, and it worked for a while. We got married after dating for several years and thought we would be together for the rest of our lives, until he graduated with a useless degree and ended up playing for a bottom-tier team and was injured.

That was my first marriage that ended in divorce. My second one wasn’t much better. I should have known better than to get involved with my boss. A couple of years after marrying him, he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and ended up in jail, and left me with an empty bank account and my second divorce.

My looks had matured a bit and I had struggled to maintain my figure through everything, so I still looked good, but I couldn’t compete with the college girls anymore.

The bus stops across from the school and I put my head up and my shoulders back as I cross the street, determined to do my best to project a modestly successful appearance. After detouring through the parking lot to make it appear as if I came by car, I walk through the people standing around outside and talking. It’s a school reunion, so there are a few people that I vaguely remember from my years at the school. A couple of people wave to me, so I make my way to them and introduce myself, adding what years I attended. It seems they remember me from when I was a cheerleader and they invite me to join them for the afternoon.

After the typical speeches that come with all reunions, we decide to skip the mass-produced meal and find someplace with better food. I make the excuse that my ride has already left and I would like to join them, but I don't have a way to get around, so one of them offers me a ride. It turns out he is one of those kids we all made fun of in school for studying, and has a successful business now.

We all meet at a little restaurant that has been there for as long as we can remember. The food is good, even if it is simple, and the conversation is better. We find that we have a few shared memories, one of them being how much we enjoyed hanging out at restaurants like this. Someone suggests meeting again so that we don’t lose contact with each other and a few people agree, one of them being the guy who gave me the ride.

When the bill comes, he pays for my share, then offers me a ride to my place. I smile at him, something that I haven't been doing much of lately. I've always been a bit wary of how I smile, being accustomed to keeping my teeth covered, but it feels g to have a guy treating me nice for a change and I give him a toothy smile as I thank him.

I’m a bit ashamed of where I live, so I ask if it would be okay if he drop me off at the mall so I can catch the bus instead. I give him my cell number and email, saying that I would like to hear from him again.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Cheerleader
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Chapter 2

A week later, I get a text from him asking if I would like to get together with the group on Wednesday. At first I’m hesitant, not sure if I fit in with them. They’re all more successful than I am, and I can’t even afford to get my car fixed. When I text back that I am having car problems, he offers to pick me up. After a few texts back and forth, he convinces me to let him pick me up at my place.

After scrounging through my closet, I put together a reasonably dressy outfit. Even though it isn’t a date, I still want to feel good about how I look and I want to look good for him. I make sure to brush my teeth before he shows up, looking at my off-kilter teeth one more time. I’ve always wanted to fix them, but have never had the money to do it.

His car looks so out of place in my neighbourhood. He gets out and opens my door for me before I reach it, then asks me to wait while he opens it for me at the restaurant. Before he opens the door to the restaurant he says, “Let me pay for your meal. It’s not a date and I don’t expect anything in return. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.”

I give him an off-kilter smile and accept his offer. We’re not the first to arrive nor are we the last. The restaurant is busier this time and it looks as if they are short-handed. The waitress looks as if she is falling further behind, so I grab a coffeepot and take care of our table to give her a break. I’ve done my share of waitressing and it feels good to be able to do it again. As more people join us at our table, I grab a fresh pot and ask the waitress for an order pad, explaining that I would appreciate it if she let me help her out a little. The group is a bit confused by what I am doing, but I ask them to look around and take notice of how busy she is.

I’m a bit rusty, but the cooks seem to understand my order shorthand and everyone gets the meal they ordered, or at least I don’t hear any complaints from the group. At the end of the meal, everyone divides up the bill and throws a few bills into the middle of the table for a tip, then push it my way. I blush a little, then call the waitress over and give it to her.

She’s young, probably just starting college and working to pay her tuition, and judging by the metal braces on her teeth, new to braces as well. Her teeth have an uneven appearance and she keeps moving her lips away from the brackets on her teeth when she closes her mouth.

I noticed the guy that brought me glanced at her a few times as she moved around the restaurant, but no more than the rest of the guys did. She could have been me when I was younger and waitressing, except I didn't have braces.

When he drops me off, he asks if I want to go again next week, and says that he will pick me up and pay for me again if I want to go. He says it isn’t a date, just that he is enjoying my company. That earns him another toothy smile and a promise that he can pick me up again. I notice that his eyes linger on my smile before returning to my eyes.

After running around to job interviews all day, I’m not quite ready when he arrives to pick me up. I’m dressed, but need to do my makeup and fix my hair, so I let him in. My place is small, only a bachelor apartment, so he can see through the bathroom door as I finish getting ready. He moves a little closer as I brush my teeth, and I notice him from the corner of my eye as I rinse the toothpaste from my mouth.

He opens the car door for me again, both as we leave my place and at the restaurant, then opens the door to the restaurant for me. The group is larger this time and we push several tables together to create one big table. The same girl is working and she looks as if she is just as busy. She smiles at us and says she will be with us soon to fill our coffee cups. I notice my friend checking out her smile, but it only lasts a second or two.

Before I sit down, I grab a coffee pot and fill all our cups. I get a thankful smile from the waitress as she takes food to a nearby table. When it seems as if everyone that is coming has arrived, I get an order pad from her and take everyone's orders. With so many orders ready at the same time, I give her a hand bringing them to the table. My waitressing skills show as I handle multiple orders at the same time and deliver them to the correct person each time. I was taught to always smile at the customer as I am serving them and my training kicks in, and I catch my friend checking out my smile as I move around the table.

It’s not as if I am spending all my time serving our table. The coffee pot moves around the table without my assistance, though I do get refills when it is empty. The rest of the time I just sit back and listen to them talk. While I am accepted as an equal, the conversation tends to be above my income level much of the time and I don’t feel as if I have anything to contribute.

Once again, the pile of tips in the middle of the table grows and is pushed in my direction. I make a point of calling our waitress over and giving it to her. She thanks me and smiles at me, and again, my friend checks out her smile.

He takes the long way back to my place, giving us more time to talk. Each time we wait at a light, he turns to me and watches me talk. When he walks me to my door, he says, “Let’s make this trip to the restaurant an ongoing thing. If you can’t make it, just send me a text. I’m not asking for a date, I just enjoy spending time with you and I spend so much time working, I don’t have a lot of chances to spend time with a pretty lady.”

I blush at being referred to as pretty. It’s been so long since I felt that way about myself, and just as long since someone said it in such a casual way. He waits as I smile at him, and again his eyes drop to my mouth before returning to my eyes, as I accept his offer of an ongoing ride to the restaurant.

Each week, he picks me up at my place and we drive to the restaurant. He never lets me pay for my meal, and each week, I take care of serving our table, no matter how busy the restaurant is. It makes me feel good about myself to be useful and help out someone else.

What I am doing doesn’t go unnoticed. After helping out the waitresses for several weeks, I find a dessert being delivered to me at the end of the meal and the charge never appears on the bill.

One week, just before we leave the restaurant, one of the ladies in the group takes me aside and hands me a bag, saying, "I was making room in my closet. I came across a few things I never wear anymore. Take them home and try them on. Let me know if they fit." When I open the bag, I find it full of brand-name clothes, some looking as if they have never been worn. A few weeks later, another of the ladies does the same thing. I try to thank them and tell them they shouldn't be giving me such expensive clothes, but they repeat they were just making room in their closets.

One of the topics of conversation around the table is the real estate sign in front of the restaurant. One of the ladies in the group works for a real estate company and has access to information the rest of us don’t. It’s not just the restaurant that is for sale, it is the whole building. I’ve spent enough time working in restaurants to know that this place has the potential to keep going as it is, and after looking around ‘behind the wall’, feel that it has the potential to be even better.

The old couple that owns the building and restaurant sometimes drop by when we are around and chat with us, and the lady has started to bring a cake to the table when they chat with us. She’s mentioned a few times that she could use a waitress with the skills I have, and that if I ever need a job, she’d be glad to hire me. If things don’t improve for me soon financially, I might just take her up on the offer.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Cheerleader
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Chapter 3

A couple of people from our group took a look at the building and gave the couple some advice on how to make the building more appealing to potential buyers. When we first started meeting at the restaurant, someone made a comment about buying the place so we would have somewhere to eat for free, but everyone just laughed it off. It turns out the old couple made the group an offer to sell them the building at a good price, and they are considering it. My boyfriend is one of the people talking about maybe forming a company to buy it.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend asked if I would be interested in going on a date with him, and I answered him with a major kiss. For the first time in longer than I want to remember, I felt a set of lips on mine, and I was very pleasantly surprised when his tongue ran over my top teeth very briefly, before he broke off the kiss. He apologized for going too far, but I pulled him in for another kiss before he could finish his apology.

I also told the old couple that I would like to work for them, as long as I can have Wednesdays off so I can still meet with my group of friends. Having a reliable car to drive helped me to decide to finally change jobs. One of my friends in the group has a dealership and offered to sell me a good used car at a price I can afford. My boyfriend offered to buy the car for me, but I told him that I need to do things for myself. It took me a while to tell him, because I spent quite a bit of time kissing him while I tried to explain to him why I was turning down his offer.

He seems to like running his tongue over my misaligned teeth, and I encourage him to do it by making my mouth available to him as often as possible. I’ve told him I don’t want to be involved in a serious relationship just yet, but I don’t want to miss out on some of the things a serious relationship has. We’re just going to take things slowly and see where our relationship goes.

I fit in with the staff at the restaurant. I had met most of them already, and they easily adjusted to me being there more. My boyfriend began showing up almost every night for supper. He tried sitting across the restaurant from where I was working, but the other waitresses refused to serve him unless he was in my area. Then they would pass by and fill his coffee cup or ask him if they could get him anything.

When the old couple find out where I am living, they show me an apartment upstairs they have for rent and offer it to me at a good price. It is bigger than the place I am in and in much better shape, so I accept their offer. When I try to give them a damage deposit, the owners grin and the lady says, "Your boss gave you a good reference, and we know where you work if there are any problems." After they give me the keys, they tell me I can begin moving my stuff in any time I want to. When I bring the first load of things over, there is a new dishwasher installed in the kitchen and a brand new stacking washing machine and dryer in the laundry room. I begin to feel as if the old couple are using me to try to influence the group to purchase the building, but I'm not complaining. It's kind of flattering they think that I have any say in what the group does. They aren't putting any pressure on me and they haven't asked me to do anything.

My boyfriend told me was going to send a moving company to pick up the rest of my things, but all that shows up is a small enclosed moving truck big enough to hold my smaller items. After loading everything into the truck, he hands one of the movers the keys to my car and takes me to my new apartment. When he opens the door for me, I find brand new furniture in my apartment. I start to protest, but he puts his finger against my lips and says, “My back is sore from sitting on that worn-out stuff you call furniture.” He flips a lever on the end of the sectional and a twin bed slides out. “This is for when you want to have company over or you want to watch tv in bed.”

He takes me into the bedroom and there is a new queen-size bed with cast-iron head and footboards. “I want you to be able to get a good night's sleep instead of tossing and turning on the lumpy old mattress you had before. He picks me up and gently lays me on the mattress, and it feels as if I am resting on a cloud. So far he’s respected the boundaries I have set without any complaint.

I can see the direction this is taking, and pull his face down so I can kiss him. “You’re still not allowed to sleep in my bed, but I might be willing to make an exception if you were to sleep on the couch once in a while.”

I begin to see some of the group coming in for meals on other days I am working. At first I don’t say anything, but when they sit in my section most of the time, I bring it up at the Wednesday gathering. A few protest that they are just doing market research to determine if the restaurant is a good purchase, but they back off when I glare at them. They agree to sit in other sections of the restaurant when they do come in. The place isn’t that big, but at least the other waitresses will get their fair share of the tips.

It’s no secret that I don’t have money to spend the way most of them do, and they keep finding ways to help me out without me feeling as if I am a charity case. All I have to do is look in my closet or my parking spot. Other than the two bags of clothes, I have bought everything else myself, often at a marked-down price or at an employee discount when one of them took me shopping with them.

It takes a while, but eventually a company is formed to make an offer on the building. Most of the group don't want to be directly involved in the deal, but they are willing to invest in it. The decision is made to sell shares at a set price, and anyone in the group can buy as many shares as they want until there is enough money to buy the building. After that, a fund will be set up to renovate the building and manage it. A few members of the group agree to manage the company and form the board.

It takes a while for changes to start happening. The restaurant has a few repairs done and a minor renovation to add a second entrance, this one from the inside of the building. One of the new owners takes over running the restaurant and the menu gets an update. The big change for me is a promotion to the new position of hostess, which the other staff approve of. It’s more of a title than anything else.

I don’t know how many shares my boyfriend buys, and I promise him I won’t ask. For the first time in far too long, I have a small savings account again. I want to get something special for him, but I can’t think of what I can do he can’t just buy for himself if he wants to.

I’ve suspected for a long time that he has an interest in teeth. After the first time he kissed me and ran his tongue over my teeth, I’ve noticed how he likes looking at mine. He’s commented that he thinks I have an almost-perfect smile. In a roundabout way, I’ve managed to get him to admit that there is a way to make my smile perfect, but he won’t tell me what it is.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I've done this myself in stories, having multiple views of the same thing, and it actually makes the story more interesting in a way, as we know  what is coming up.

I'm guessing there's going to be a couple more chapters from "The Cheerleader's" perspective before it's at the same point as the original story thread. I'm kinda hoping we might get to see things from a third person's perspective too.... looks like I just need to be patient. Also looking forward to when the new restaurant actually opens.

It's strange, I'm not enjoying your other stories over in the club area so much, but this one I'm definitely enjoying!

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Each of my stories is different. None of them is completely about braces, they each have more to the story.

I've said it many times, the stories I write are to entertain myself. If other people enjoy my stories, that is a bonus.

I've been tossing around ideas along that line, and there is plenty of opportunity to add more characters whenever I want to. I haven't done anything with the orthodontist, and there are plenty of restaurant staff with stories I can tell. :D

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - Charlene
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Sparkles - Charlene

By Braceface2018

Chapter 1

I met my husband when we were both still in school. I had just moved to town and had been hired to work at the truckstop as a waitress. The truckstop was on leased land and the family that owned it was the largest landowner in the area. They had a mixed grain farm, beef and dairy herds and an egg-laying chicken operation.

At the time, he didn’t have his commercial driver's license yet, but had been driving big rigs around the farm for years and drove the smaller trucks on the road. The family operation used the truckstop to fuel their vehicles because they paid a lower price at the truckstop than if they bought it in bulk for the farm.

I’d see him at school and we had a few classes together, but we didn’t hit it off at the start. My name is Charlene, but I preferred to use Leena, thinking it was more feminine, but he always called me Charli even though I told him I didn’t like it.

He’d frequently stop by the truckstop and fuel up whatever vehicle he was driving, and he liked to flirt with the waitresses and cashiers, a few of who went to the same school as us. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but he seemed to favour the ones that had braces. Back then, they still used bands around each tooth, though the bonded brackets were becoming more widely used. He made a point of talking to me each time he came in, no matter who was working that day. I both enjoyed it and was a bit put off at the same time. He was always polite to me and waited until I was free, which I liked, but he also insisted on calling me Charli no matter how many times I told him not to do it. Looking back on it, it was his way of teasing me, and he still does it.

Back then, I didn’t understand why he was interested in me. He could have dated any of the good-looking girls at our school, especially the ones with braces, and he did date a few a couple of times, but they never seemed to last long. He kept asking me for a date, but I kept telling him I didn’t want to date a stuck-up rich kid. It was my way of getting back at him for calling me Charli. He didn’t give up though, and he kept buying me nice clips to tie back my long hair. I liked the clips and kept them all. As he bought more clips, he also bought a fancy multi-drawer cabinet to hold them. I found out later just how much some of them cost.

I didn’t think I was good-looking. My teeth were crooked and I had a gap between my top front teeth. My parents didn’t have the money to fix my teeth, so I learnt how to smile without showing my teeth unless I had to. He became quite good at telling me jokes to get me to laugh, something he didn’t do with the other girls he talked to. His jokes were good enough that he had me laughing with my teeth showing.

I rode the bus to and from work, but the bus didn't run that often and I had to wait for it in the dark to get home. Even though it stopped right in front of the truckstop and was well-lit, it still was a bit risky. When he found out, he started showing up at the end of my shift to fill up his fuel tank and began offering me a ride home. I resisted his offer for a while, but he would just park near the road until the bus came and I got on. I finally let him start driving me home, and I got to know him better. It turned out that the girls he dated had told me the truth, he didn't act like a spoiled rich kid. I didn't like that he flirted with the waitresses with braces, but we weren't dating, so I couldn't do much about it.

Over the summer, I worked more hours, and each night, he was there to drive me home. He didn’t have a fancy truck, it was an old pickup that he had rebuilt and upgraded himself. And one day he showed up with the passenger seat recovered with my name stitched into the seatback. I didn’t know how to react. Once again, he asked me to go on a date, and for the first time, I told him I would go on one date with him and that would be it.

I expected it to be to a drive-in movie, just like all the other guys made a habit of doing on their dates, but he took me to his place on the farm and cooked me supper on the grill outside. After we ate, he took me horseback riding through the fields and we watched the sun go down from the top of a hill.

It was a few dates later that I asked him about the seat cover, and he told me I was the only woman who was going to sit in it, so I needed to have my name on it. It brought a big toothy smile to my face and earned him a kiss on the cheek. On the next date, I rode back from the hill on the back of his horse, and he got a kiss on the lips. I still hadn’t said I would date him. But we both knew I would.

In the fall, he passed his commercial driver's test and showed up at my door to pick me up in a highway truck, and my name was on the passenger's door. We still weren't officially dating, but we might as well have been. He was hauling things for the farm all day, and on the days I wasn't working, I rode with him. He stopped flirting with the waitresses when I asked him, though I did catch him looking at them when he thought I wasn't looking.

In the spring, he bought a couple more trucks and took over all the hauling for the farm. When the farm didn’t need him, he hauled for other farms in the area. His trucks were so busy that he needed someone to handle the scheduling, and he hired me to run the office for him. I didn’t get to ride with him as often, but I was making more money doing less work. Then he set up a laptop and cell phone to connect to the office and I could do just about everything while I rode with him. He changed the company name on the trucks to SRK Trucking, and I was the only person who knew that it stood for ‘spoiled rich kid trucking’. I still told him that I wouldn’t date a spoiled rich kid.

In the fall, he gave me a ring and asked me if I would marry him. I told him yes and pulled him against me for a lengthy kiss, then told him I still wouldn’t date a spoiled rich kid. He just laughed and told me to stop spoiling him then. That led to an extended kissing session, which included him running his tongue over my teeth and the gap between them. He enjoyed kissing me and my misaligned teeth didn’t seem to bother him at all.

We got married in the spring, and by the fall, I was pregnant with twin girls. We were both happy about me being pregnant, and he built a new house for our family on the farm. The trucking business was doing good and he had bought a few more trucks, so I spent more time in the office as my belly got bigger and less time in the truck, partially because it was harder to climb in and out of the truck with a big belly.

The old house became the office and it worked great having the space for the kids to be with me all the time. As the company grew, so did the length of the trips. What started as one-day trips became two days and grew from there. I didn’t mind it when we both did them together, but as my due date got closer and I spent more time at home, he let other drivers take more of them so he could be home more often.

After the twins arrived, he spent less time on the road and more time with his family, but I didn’t have the time to spend with him like I used to, and devoted more of my life to my daughters than him. The number of overnight trips slowly grew. As the girls got older and asked him to take them for rides, he took them in the truck for the day, alternating girls to keep it fair. By that time, the company had grown and we had office staff for me to supervise and a maintenance crew for the trucks. When he wasn’t on the road, he was managing the garage.

My daughters inherited my teeth, and when they were old enough, they asked to get braces and he willingly made the appointments for them to get them and was the one that took them to all their appointments while they had them. He asked me a few times if I wanted to get braces with them, but didn't push it when I didn't seem interested. When they got their braces off, he insisted they get Hawleys and made sure they wore them more than they were required to.

Their teeth turned out beautiful and stayed that way. I was a bit jealous of their smiles and almost wished that I had gone through braces with them. He was an overprotective father, and no boy seemed good enough for his daughters. I went behind his back a few times, and they ended up dating guys that treated them right, but not as well as my husband had treated me. Nobody was that good in my eyes.

Our relationship had suffered over the years and a lot of it was because of how I treated him. I had pushed him away too many times and he had eventually retreated to a place where he felt safe, inside his trucks. I knew that he cared for me still, but I had rejected him too often and he didn’t know how to get me back no matter what he tried.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I haven't done anything with the orthodontist, and there are plenty of restaurant staff with stories I can tell. :D
I was wondering how it all fit together. Does that mean that “Charlene” and “The Cheerleader” are restaurant employees? Anyway, it’s a good story, even if we aren’t to the braces part yet.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Read the first story, then the second one and the third. The stories are all linked by the location it is taking place. Each story is from the perspective of the person in the story.

I don't want to post it all at once because the stories tell parts of the bigger story.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Cheerleader
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Chapter 4

One of the new owners took over running the restaurant after the sale of the building and has been making changes to the restaurant. He’s had lots of experience running successful restaurants for other people and is making changes to ours to improve it. He has an office on the second floor and spends part of his time in the kitchen working with us.

The restaurant opens for breakfast now and stays open a little later in the evening to attract a larger range of people. The menu has also changed a bit and he has added an evening menu with some more-expensive dishes. With the extended hours, he hired a few more people to work, and all the original staff got a bump in pay. My raise came with a title change to head hostess and I am in charge of hiring and training the new staff. Most of the new staff are younger and I work the weekends so I can train them, taking time off during the week.

The girl with braces asked to work evenings so she can get more hours and I am training her to be a hostess. I start work in the morning with the breakfast crew and she starts in the afternoon, giving me the time to train her and the new floor staff. She's been telling me all about what it is like to have braces and how much it has affected her life.

My boyfriend has stopped eating at the restaurant as much with my new hours and responsibilities. Instead, he frequently comes in just before I finish work for the day and we have supper in my apartment. He always says hi to the new hostess, and I see how he checks out her braces each time. Whenever there is a change to them, he comments on it.

Most of the old tenants moved out when the building sold and some of the new owners are moving into the empty spaces. The company doing the renovations is owned by a husband and wife from our group and they are opening a new office on the second floor to manage the building for the investors. Most of it is just moving walls and updating the wiring and plumbing.

My boyfriend tells me all about what is happening with the building and he’s told me not to worry about all the changes going on, it is all part of the plan to make money. A few of the investors are going to move their businesses into the building and the money from the rent will be going right back into the investor's pockets as profit after the expenses are taken off.

One of the first investors to move in is an orthodontist, and he invited me and my boyfriend to check out the renovations to his office and give him our opinion. I noticed how interested my boyfriend was as we toured the office and he seemed to be extra affectionate after the tour. Between the building manager's new office and the company offices is a new meeting room, and the Wednesday group meeting has moved into there and has become an informal investors meeting. Each week the restaurant prepares food ahead of time, and the new restaurant owner has me help bring the food up and has me stay. Even though I don't have any shares, they still include me in the meeting, maybe because my boyfriend bought some.

The restaurant is so busy now that it could easily be expanded, but the investors are more interested in building the new one than they are in fixing up the old one, the thing is they don’t know what theme they want to use. I usually just sit back and listen to them talk.

The plans for the new kitchen are underway and there is a mockup of it on the main floor beside the elevator shaft. The plan is to have it big enough to handle cooking for the new restaurant and be able to handle a takeout menu as well, without needing to be expanded. The old coolroom and freezer have been replaced by new, larger rooms and the kitchen staff are thrilled with the added space they have to work with.

With all the renovations and the expanded hours to the restaurant, coupled with the braces-friendly menu additions, I've been noticing an increase in the number of people with orthodontic appliances. It isn't just the customers either, it seems as if the younger members of our restaurant staff are included. The new chef handles most of the training for the kitchen staff, but there is some overlap with the dishwashers and busboys. I do the training for the waitresses and waiters, and a few of them are somewhere in their orthodontic treatment. A few have switched to the orthodontist upstairs because of the convenience of being able to schedule their appointments for the days they are working, and I have been hearing nice things about how much they like how they are treated by the orthodontic staff.

Part of my job as the head hostess is to connect with the customers and find out what we can do to make their experience in the restaurant better and what they like about what we are already doing. The new menu items are popular and not just with the people who have braces. One thing I have been hearing is that the evening customers would like it if the restaurant had a more intimate atmosphere to go with some of the more pricey items on the menu.

I've also noticed that the serving staff with orthodontic appliances are getting better tips than the staff without. And I'm seeing a trend for when my boyfriend shows up early for supper. Whenever I am training someone with braces, he's early, and he is always polite to them when he greets them by name.

The orthodontist drops by the restaurant each morning to pick up a large thermos of coffee for his office and he usually stops to say hello to me. He’s started offering a discount to employees of the company, and that includes the restaurant. A couple of the older waitresses have been to see him and one is talking about how thrilled she is about her upcoming appointment to get her braces. She’s an older lady, in her late 40s, and mentioned she is doing it because her husband has been encouraging her to do it. It seems he has a thing for women in braces.

Each Wednesday, when I bring the food to the investor's group, we include a new menu item for them to taste test. After the group is updated on the latest company issues, the plans for the new restaurant come up and I have become more involved in the discussion. They seem to value my input and my suggestions have been appearing on the possible floorplans for the new restaurant. The orthodontist has been asking for my opinion on what items are popular on the new braces-friendly menu and which ones need to be changed.

Each time I tell him that I am probably not the best person to ask, because I don't have braces, and he has begun jokingly replying that I should get them so I could be better equipped to try out the menu. My boyfriend has been around a few times when I have been talking to the orthodontist, and he's been a bit more affectionate each time after hearing the comment.

The older waitress left partway through her shift to get her braces installed, and her husband came to take her to her appointment. I have a good view of the stairs to the second floor, and there is a space on the far side of it that is semi-private and is partially blocked from view by potted plants. When she came down the stairs after her appointment, he guided her into the space and they engaged in some heavy kissing. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was a couple of young people sneaking off behind the stairs. Judging by the smile on her face, and her slightly rumpled clothing when she returned to work, it seems as if I wasn’t that wrong.

I’ve begun to think that I have an idea for the new restaurant, but it seems too wild to be practical. I’ve also begun to think about what kind of present I can get for my boyfriend, but I really need to think about it some more.

My suggestion to have the new restaurant broken up into sections has been put into the plans and a model has been made for the investors to look at. One section has small semi-private rooms for a couple to enjoy if they are on a date, and they can hold up to six people by adding more chairs. Another section can be arranged to seat small groups and if needed, rearranged to create a table to accommodate a large group easily. The last section is booths for groups of six to eight people, depending on how cozy they want to get.

The orthodontist asked me to come up to his office for a dental checkup. He had heard that I hadn’t had one in far too long and offered to do it for free, including doing impressions of my teeth. It’s part of the new package he is offering to all the employees of the company. I booked it for one of my days off, and I enjoyed my appointment. Having impressions done was a new experience for me, but he was very competent and he prepared me for the way the goop would squeeze out against my palate.

He had me come back a few days later and filled a couple of small cavities that were starting and complimented me on my good hygiene. He also said that he took a look at all my X-rays and the models of my teeth and had a treatment plan if I ever wanted to fix my teeth. I thanked him for taking the time and said I would give it some thought.

I look at my bank account and see that I can afford to start treatment if I take the money I have saved for my boyfriend’s gift. If I pay the rest of it off in installments, I can finally get my teeth fixed, but I still want to get my boyfriend something special. His birthday is coming up soon and the anniversary of our first official date is just about the same time.

My boyfriend's business has been doing very well and he has expanded to other cities. He's taken me on a few trips to check on the new offices, and each time has been so much fun. We fly each time, and a few times he has pointed out when he sees someone going through the metal detector wearing braces. He likes to take me to restaurants to try out different meals and often asks if it is something that could be served at the new restaurant and if I thought it was something to add to the braces-friendly menu.

I keep telling him that I am not the best person to answer that, but he just smiles and kisses me, running his tongue over my teeth each time. He never says anything about my misaligned teeth. It’s almost as if he doesn’t mind having a girlfriend without a perfect smile.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
« Reply #17 on: 17. January 2023, 13:46:07 PM »
Very pleasant story to read, especially because of the different points of view you use, which is kind of original.

Hope the following is coming soon !

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I have a few chapters ready to post. I'm spreading them out a little to give everyone a chance to read them before they move too far down in the posts.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Bet
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Here's another one. I left the ending open for more chapters, and if I feel like it, I may add to it. It is meant to only be one chapter long.

Sparkles - The Bet

By Braceface2015

Chapter 1

A bunch of fratboys were sitting around playing poker when one of them said, “Have you seen some of the ridiculous things people are doing on the internet lately? Trying to see how many crackers they can eat without taking a drink of water or things like that.”

One of the others said, “Yeah, and they’re doing it for nothing. Why aren’t they betting on it?”

And that was how “The Bet” started. They each put in $10.00 and came up with something to bet on. It wasn’t just a simple one-time bet. They used the betting system from poker, and each could fold, stay or raise the bet each time it was their turn. If they raised the bet, it had to be accompanied by increasing the challenge. The winner would be the one who made the last bet and managed to complete the challenge. Bluffing or raising the bet too high for anyone else to match wouldn’t work, because to win the money, the one who made the bet had to do it.

As the value of “The Bet” grew and the challenge became more complicated, other people heard about it and wanted to get in on it. Their girlfriends were the first to join and added a feminine twist to it. The original challenge became lost as the pot grew. Eventually the challenge became to apply for a job at the new restaurant and be accepted to work on the floor as a waiter or waitress and keep the job without getting fired. It seemed pretty simple to win the bet, and the value of the bet grew as more people joined.

Most people didn’t do any research into what was required to win, and just figured it was an easy way to make some extra money. Almost everyone who tried to win the bet lost as soon as they applied for the job.

I did my research before I gambled my money. The people who were losing their money didn’t have the right attitude to start with. When I went in to pick up the application form, I smiled at the lady handing out the forms and introduced myself. Her eyes went to my mouth briefly and returned my smile. I did my best to keep my eyes on her face, but her smile was too interesting to resist looking at.

She had just a slight lisp, and most people wouldn’t have noticed it, but I did because of my hearing aids being sensitive. They are the new inside-the-ear kind and are hardly noticeable. When she handed me the application, I knew I had made it one step closer to winning “The Bet”. I sat at one of the tables and ordered a drink so I wouldn’t be taking up space that a paying customer could use. The waitress was a girl not much older than me, and when she smiled at me while taking my order, I saw she was the second one in the restaurant wearing metal braces. It seemed my research was paying off.

I read through all the information included with the application form, and left a tip underneath my glass before returning my application to the hostess. This time I let my eyes stray to her mouth and examined the braces on her teeth before returning to her eyes. It seemed as if her braces were new, and her smile got bigger when she saw me looking at them. I knew I stood a chance of winning the bet when she called the waitress over and asked her to take over at the hostess’ station while she took me for an interview.

The first part of the interview was pretty standard and covered my work experience. While my resume wasn’t very long, I did have a little experience as a waitress and had a letter of recommendation from a previous employer attached to my resume. As the interview progressed, I smiled more because I knew I was getting closer to winning “The Bet”.

I seemed to do well, because she asked me if I had time to wait for a second interview, this time with her boss, or if I would prefer to return another day. As far as I knew, I had managed to get further than anyone else had so far, so I said I would be happy to stay and wait. She made a phone call, and a few minutes later, a guy in a chef’s uniform knocked on the door and entered.

I smiled at him as he introduced himself and his eyes seemed to light up. After escorting me to his office, he explained what was going to happen in the next part of the interview. After reading through a short greeting that all the staff were expected to follow, he had me stand in front of a camera and read it again. The greeting was easy to remember and I smiled at the camera and recited the greeting from memory. It felt a bit odd to be watching myself projected on the wall across the room from me, but it gave me a chance to make changes to my posture and smile to maximize the look I wanted to present.

I must have done well, because he asked me a few questions about my work experience before beginning to ask me a few personal questions. When he asked if I enjoyed wearing or seeing braces, I responded by saying I had never worn them, but I didn’t have a problem with the idea of having them and some of my friends had worn them when I was younger.

A few questions later he asked what kind of treatment I would like if I was going to get my teeth fixed. I paused to think about it, then decided not to directly answer his question. I started by explaining that I had seen pictures of some of my older relatives when they had braces and how I had been fascinated by the bands going around all their teeth, then by the heavy wires on the retainers when they got their braces off.

While I hadn’t actually answered his question, it seemed to satisfy him and he asked if I would be willing to wear a retainer or some other orthodontic device if I was hired to work in the restaurant. The question caught me off-guard and I blushed a little. My teeth weren’t bad, but I had never been completely happy with them. Having to wear a retainer at work would draw more attention to them than I was used to and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

While he waited for my answer, he explained about the benefits package that all the employees would receive when they passed the probationary period. My blush deepened a little as I gave him my answer to his last question. He wrote a few comments at the bottom of my application form and asked if I could stay a little longer.

When I said I had the rest of the afternoon, he picked up his phone and made a call. After a brief conversation, he escorted me to an office down the hall.

In my wildest dreams, I never dreamt I would be sitting in an orthodontist's office during a job interview, but that is where I found myself. After introducing me to the girl at the desk, he asked me to wait until the doctor could see me.

While I sat there, I looked at the people sitting around me. It was no surprise to see so many people with braces sitting in an orthodontist's office, though it seemed as if they all had metal showing in their smiles. What did stand out was the number of people wearing restaurant uniforms. They all looked as if they were either on their way to work, were taking a break from work or had just gotten off work.

The girl at the front desk interrupted my perusal of the patients to say the doctor was ready to see me now. My gaze turned to her smile and I saw she had braces too, not at all surprising for an orthodontist's office. After I sat down, the doctor looked up from my file and smiled at me. It seemed as if everyone in the place was smiling.

He explained that he was doing the final step in the interview process and his job was to determine if I had the look they were expecting of their staff. As part of the application process, all prospective employees were being given a full orthodontic exam free of charge. I didn't have to accept the exam, but if I didn't want it, my application would be added to a list of people to call later. I understood right away that they wouldn't be calling any of those people.

I was determined to win the bet, and if I had to get my teeth checked, so be it.

Before I knew it, I had X-rays taken and was in a chair with my mouth wide open as he checked my teeth. He seemed pleased with what he found and asked if I had ever had impressions of my teeth done. After he explained what was involved and what to expect, he inserted the filled trays into my mouth, one at a time, and I found out what it was like. The worst part was when the stuff oozed out toward my throat, but he used his finger to move it aside before I began to choke.

He suggested I brush my teeth and rinse thoroughly before returning to his office. He was looking at the scan of my mouth and my digital X-rays when I returned. Following compliments on my fine oral hygiene, he asked if I still was interested in a job in the new restaurant.

I hadn’t gone through everything I had just to stop now, so I said I was. He passed me a sheet with a list of requirements the staff was expected to meet or exceed, then drew my attention to clause four, which read, “All employees in the restaurant must wear some form of orthodontic device at all times while on the floor. A Hawley retainer is acceptable and will be provided free of charge at the time of hiring. No exceptions will be made and failure to do so will result in immediate termination of employment.”

I smiled when I saw that. I had just found a way to make winning the bet harder while giving me a better chance of winning more money. All I had to do was add another condition to the requirements of the “The Bet”, and raise the stakes by a small amount.

I said I was fine with the requirements and signed and dated the bottom of the sheet. Then he surprised me by asking if I wanted to start working in the restaurant now, before the new one opened. They were offering the opportunity to a few people and I fit the requirements for the offer. It would start my probationary period earlier and I would be eligible for added incentives. I wasn't expecting to be hired so soon, but if it meant being that much closer to winning "The Bet", I didn't see any reason to delay, so I accepted his offer.

Before he sent me to the front desk, he opened a cabinet and pulled out a drawer with different types of retainers. I didn’t know there were so many types, and he explained that they weren’t all retainers, some of them were for active treatment and could be worn before the braces were put on. He asked me which type of retainer interested me, and after looking at them, I pointed to one with a heavy wire with bends that followed the contours of the teeth on the model. His smile got bigger as he made a few notes in my file.

The receptionist had me sign a few forms, then made an appointment for me to return a few days later to pick up my new retainer. Before I left, she smiled at me and said. “If you want to move up on the seniority list faster, wear your retainer at work all the time, and when you get a chance, get braces and extend your treatment as long as you can.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - Charlene
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Chapter 2

After our daughters got married, he merged the company with another company and semi-retired. I no longer had to work and found I had a hard time adjusting. We moved into town and I tried to find ways to keep myself busy. I had more money than I knew what to do with, so I didn’t need to work, but I decided to get a part-time job. I had enjoyed waitressing before we got married, and found a place that needed a waitress part-time. I was a little rusty after all the years, but they were patient and it all came back to me.

My husband couldn’t stay idle either, and built a greenhouse to grow flowers. He hired a company to design and build it, but he got right in there with the rest of them and got dirty. He hired good people to work with him and soon I had fresh flowers on the table each morning. In the afternoon, he drove me to work. At first, he would just drop me off and make a few deliveries.

The move into town gave us a chance to work on our relationship, and I made a real attempt to win him back. I started with simple things, like asking him to walk me into the restaurant at the beginning of my shift and come inside a little early to pick me up after work. The old pickup truck with my name on the seat had been parked many years ago and had sat in the barn. I had it repaired and intended to give it to him as an anniversary present. One change I made was to have his seat recovered and his name stitched into it to match what he had done for me all those years ago.

Him walking me into the restaurant turned out to be a good thing, but not in the way I expected. The building the restaurant was in had been sold and the new owners had made a few changes to give it a new look. When the chef heard that my husband was growing flowers, he gave my husband a contract to supply flowers to the restaurant. On the days I was working, he delivered them himself when he dropped me off, and hung around for a while and talked to the staff. One of the waitresses was just a bit younger than our daughters and still had braces. And he made a point of saying hello to her whenever she worked the same days I did.

The things I was doing worked and our relationship improved. It wasn't the same as it had been before. We were both older and some of the things that seemed so important back then just weren't anymore. I didn't realize just how important watching the sun go down together was to me until he took me out to the edge of town one evening. So many memories came back to me and I did something we hadn't done for a long time. I moved over beside him and slowly kissed him the way I used to before we got married.

It took a few more trips to the hill and a blanket on the grass before he responded the way he used to, but I finally felt his tongue run over my teeth the way I had been accustomed to. When I began to cry, he asked what was wrong and it took me a while to explain to him how much his old way of kissing meant to me. The next weekend was our anniversary, and I gave the truck to him. I explained to him what it meant to me and that I was determined to live up to the logo on the door and treat him like the ‘spoiled rich kid’ he deserved to be.

We took the truck to the hill and watched the sun go down while laying in the back on a mattress. As the last rays of the sun disappeared and the stars came out, he kissed me the way he used to and ran his tongue over the gap between my teeth. Then he pulled back and said, “I haven’t asked you this before, but I want you to do something for me. I want you to get braces. I don’t care if you don’t get your teeth fixed, and I would be very happy if you didn’t get them fixed, because I like how they are right now, but I have always wondered what it would be like to kiss you with braces.”

We sat there for a while looking at the stars, then I rolled over and kissed him again and let him run his tongue over my teeth some more. "If that is what you want, then let me talk to the orthodontist in the office above the restaurant." After a  bit more kissing, I asked, "How would you like to go with me and we can both see what he can do for us." That provoked a reaction in him that had been missing for a while, and we almost got caught by the cop car that drove by patrolling the parking lot. It was the most fun we had in a long time.

As we drove home, so many little things clicked into place in my mind and I asked him, “Did you marry me because of my teeth?”

His response surprised me. “I married you because of who you were. Your teeth were just a bonus. You kept telling me that you wouldn’t date a rich kid and I liked that.”

I couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. When I finally stopped, I managed to say, “I said I wouldn’t date a SPOILED rich kid, I never said I wouldn’t marry a rich kid. Now pull over, I think I need to make up for some lost time and kiss you again.”

I called the orthodontist the next day and we had an appointment that afternoon before I started my shift. I had so much on my mind that the hostess split my section between two other waitresses and had me cleaning tables and helping out.

Our talk with the orthodontist had been very interesting and gave me a lot to think about. Unlike most orthodontists who concentrated on getting the result as fast as possible, he was more interested in giving his patients the look they wanted and took as long as needed to achieve it. My case wouldn't be the first time he had been asked for a less-than-perfect look at the end of the treatment. If we wanted, he could line my teeth up to meet properly and make them look very similar to the way they already looked, including the gap between my top teeth, and if we wanted he could add a similar gap to the bottom.

He could also give me a Hollywood smile and take years longer than necessary to do it. He showed us all the different appliances he could use on me, even those I wouldn’t need for treatment, and I had seen my husband’s eyes light up. Even though the cost of the treatment didn’t matter to us, part of the benefits package I was entitled to was a discount on the cost of the treatment.

We talked about it for the next few days, and I told him I would leave it up to him to decide what we would do. If he didn’t want to tell me, he didn’t have to and I would let him do whatever he wanted without complaint.

I knew that I would be getting molar bands because I had separators installed on the top and bottom, and they had been a part of all the treatment plans, but the rest was a mystery to me. On the day of my appointment, he drove me to the office and went up with me. The orthodontist had a contract for me to sign saying I agreed to the treatment, and even though I hadn't seen what I was getting, I signed it.

The first part was easy. The separators came out and the molar bands went on. I was expecting four, but I ended up with eight. The back molars had tubes on both sides, and the front had tubes on the inside. I knew right away that I would have more going on in my mouth than I expected.

I was relieved when he began gluing metal brackets to the rest of my teeth. One of the options discussed had been bands on all my teeth, and if that was what my husband had wanted, I would have accepted it. My husband had rejected the self-ligating brackets at the first appointment, so I knew I would be getting ligatures to hold the archwires in place. When the time came for the archwires to go in, I closed my eyes and waited until the ligatures were in place.

They asked me if I wanted to see my new braces, but I just shook my head while I ran my tongue over my metal-covered teeth. I wanted to wait until I was at home just in case I had a meltdown. As we reached the bottom of the stairs, my husband pulled me behind the stairs into a partially screened-off area and kissed me for the first with me wearing braces. His kiss was very gentle and tentative at first, and I felt just like a teenager kissing for the first time. When I didn't pull away, he got a little more daring and explored my braces with his tongue, and I really began to feel like a teenager.

All of the old feelings came back in a rush and I knew I had done the right thing by getting braces. My husband was back in my arms and we had the rest of our lives to be together. I knew it for sure when he called me Charli, something he hadn’t done in far too many years.

I was supposed to work a shift that afternoon, but the hostess knew I had more important things to do and understood when I told her I was taking the rest of the day off.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Some more chapters would be very much appreciated.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Cheerleader
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Chapter 5

I've told the orthodontist I appreciate his offer, but I don't think I can afford to fix my teeth just yet. He's told me I can spread out the payments more and pay a small installation fee to get me started if it would help.

I look at the smiles of the women at the Wednesday investor's meeting and see how nice they look with straight teeth. It would be so nice if I could have a smile as nice as theirs for my boyfriend to enjoy. I’ve seen how he looks at women with braces and I feel that he is picturing them with straight teeth.

Whenever I get a chance, I talk to the hostess with braces and get her opinion on what she thinks I should do. The waitress with new braces has joined us a few times, and her opinion is that I should do it. Her husband is enjoying having her in braces and is very supportive when her teeth are sore. They both say that their braces aren’t an inconvenience, and the soreness doesn’t last very long. It’s given me a lot to think about.

Every time I brush my teeth and look at them in the mirror, I picture myself with straight teeth. The more I think about it, the more appealing the idea of fixing my teeth becomes. I’ve looked at the treatment plans the orthodontist gave me, and each time they look a little bit more affordable.

I’ve booked an appointment to talk to the orthodontist about fixing my teeth. There is enough in my bank account to start, and the monthly payments are low enough that I can afford them.

After talking to the orthodontist, he told me that there are three treatments he can recommend. The first would be surgery to move my jaws into place and then a short treatment to align the teeth. It would involve me taking some time off to heal. I told him that wasn’t an option. Even though I wouldn’t be in braces very long and I would have a perfect smile, I still can’t afford the time off.

The second option would be to have a few teeth removed to allow the rest to move into place. We both didn’t like that option very much. He said he doesn’t like removing healthy teeth if at all possible. I didn’t like the idea of having big gaps in my smile while my teeth are moving and told him so. I would be in braces longer than the first option and he told me the result wouldn’t be as good in the end.

The third option he gave me was a bit scary at first. It involves widening my arches and shifting my teeth into place. When he told me everything that was involved, I almost told him to forget it, but he explained how everything works, using the models of my teeth to show me and put an estimation of how my smile will look in the end, on his computer.

The first two options would be more expensive because of the cost of the surgery and the time I would miss from work to recover. The third option will have very little time away from work, and I can schedule my appointments for whatever days are convenient for me.

I talk to my two friends in the restaurant and show them the treatment plans, and they encourage me to take the third plan, even though it will be a longer treatment.

My boyfriend tells me that he is going to have to take a trip to reorganize one of his offices. He’s going to be gone for a week and he’s bought me a new computer and camera so he can talk to me every night while he’s gone. I’ve become so used to cuddling with him on the couch and getting a goodnight kiss from him. Most weekends, he sleeps on the bed in the couch, and he does it without complaining about the boundaries I have set for our relationship.

Before I can change my mind, I make an appointment with the orthodontist for the Monday he is leaving. I don’t want to tell my boyfriend what I am planning to do, so I have an appointment on Friday to have the spacers installed.

I’ve let my friends in the restaurant know what I am doing and have asked them not to say anything to my boyfriend about it. All week they’ve been smiling at me and I’ve been looking at the braces in their smiles and thinking, “That’s going to be me soon.”

I went up to the orthodontist's office during lunch and they installed the spacers between my back teeth. By the time my boyfriend arrived for supper, my teeth were sore and I ordered us food from the braces-friendly menu, after asking my friends what I would be able to eat.

He makes a couple of jokes about my selection of food, which I half-heartedly respond to. After supper, we cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. I tell him I’m not feeling well and ask him if it will be okay if he doesn’t spend the night. He’s a bit concerned when I cut our goodnight kiss short before he can get his tongue into my mouth, but I tell him that I will be okay when I take a couple of Advil and get a good night’s sleep.

Before he leaves, I tell him that I have scheduled myself to work late the next two nights and train some new employees, so he shouldn’t come around. It’s not a lie, just not the complete truth.

Monday morning, he drops by the restaurant on his way to the airport. We sneak out to the area behind the stairs for a quick kiss before he leaves, and I don’t let him get his tongue far enough into my mouth to feel the spacers. He doesn’t know it, but this is the last time he will be feeling my teeth without braces on them, so I give him plenty of time to run his tongue over them.

The older waitress with the new braces is filling in for me as hostess, and she gives me a big smile as I leave for my appointment.

It’s a relief to have the spacers out of my mouth, even though it is short-lived. The orthodontist numbs my palate before he starts installing the top expander. He’s told me this is going to be the unpleasant part of having my braces installed, and he’s right. Fitting the bands around my teeth with the expander connected to them takes a while, and more of my teeth have bands than I expected.

Once he has it in place, he takes a break and gives me a chance to brush my teeth to remove the chemical residue from my mouth. I hesitantly smile at myself in the mirror, expecting to see nothing but metal, but there is nothing to see, until I smile like a clown and the bands become visible on the inside of my teeth. My top jaw has bands on the back three teeth on both sides. So far, things are going fine.

He prepared me for the next part before I agreed to the treatment. The reason he numbed my palate is so he can insert screws into the bone to aid in widening my arch. The expander can’t do what it needs to without moving my arch out and the screws are to anchor it to my jaw and spread the bone. The bands are to keep my teeth in place as my jaw widens, and to shift them into position. All I feel is a little pressure as the screws go into place.

He asks if I want another break, but I just say, “No. I’m fine so far.”

He asked me if I wanted ceramic brackets on top, and he would have used them if I wanted, but they would have cost more and he said he prefers to use metal because he has better control. With the screws in place, he begins glueing the top brackets into position. When he is satisfied with the placement, he cures them using a UV light.

I had the option of waiting to have the brackets put on my bottom teeth until he put the bottom expander in. My top palate needs to be wider before he can do the same to the bottom, and the bottom jaw will move faster than the top, so he wants to wait for a while. He could have done both at the same time and waited to expand the bottom one, but he felt it would have been too much going into my mouth at the same time.

The bottom brackets could have waited a while too, but I choose to have them installed at the same time as the top. It doesn’t take him long to finish my bottom jaw, and then he gives me a break to relax my jaw.

I take the time to go to the bathroom again and take a good look at my new smile. The brackets feel so big and rough without the archwires, and my lips catch on the edges of them as I smile in the mirror. I tilt my head back and try to look at the expander on my top palate, but the angle isn't quite right and I can't get enough light inside. He asked if I wanted self-ligating brackets, and when I saw the difference in size between the older brackets with ligatures and the self-ligating brackets, I chose the older style.

The hostess with the braces has self-ligating brackets and the waitress filling in for me has the older style. After comparing the two styles, I chose the older style because of the look. My friends in school had them and they are what I grew up seeing.

It doesn’t take him long to fit the archwires, and he already knew I wanted grey ligatures to start. He shows me a piece of the archwire and bends it in a loop as he tells me I shouldn’t feel much pressure until he changes it at my next appointment. After giving me instructions on how to brush and take care of my teeth, he gives me a goodie bag with supplies to get me started.

I stop at my apartment and take a good look at my teeth. Having three mirrored doors makes it easy to see into my mouth and check out the expander screwed into my palate. I have another appointment on Wednesday for him to check for infection from the screws and start turning the expander.

My friends all want to see my new smile when I return to the restaurant, and several customers come over and take a look too. I’m the center of attention for the rest of the day, and a few male customers give me a tip as they leave the restaurant.

My boyfriend gives me a call in the evening and tells me how his flight was. I let him do most of the talking, adding short comments when I have to. The expander is giving me a slight lisp, and it has decreased as I have talked in the restaurant all day.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 6

My teeth are a little sore when I wake up Tuesday morning, but not as bad as I was expecting. It’s going to take me some time to get used to my new smile. My lips feel puffy and they catch on the edges of the brackets when I open my mouth, but the biggest thing is seeing the metal on my teeth when I look in the mirror.

I skip breakfast and keep a glass of chocolate milk underneath my hostess station. The regular customers comment on my new look, many of them saying they like it. Lunch is from the braces-friendly menu, and I am grateful that we have it.

My boyfriend calls me in the evening and asks if I want to video-chat, but I tell him I don’t feel like it right now. We talk on the phone for a while, mostly about how he is doing straightening out the new office.

Wednesday morning is my checkup and the first time my expander is turned. He explains that he is going to start my expansion slowly and shows me how to turn the screws to move it. He has me turn it one way, then has me turn it back to reduce the pressure and turn it to increase the pressure again. Lunch is from the braces-friendly menu again.

I create a sensation when I arrive with the food for the investors meeting. A few good-natured jokes are made about my braces, mostly by the guys. The women are more subtle with how they react to me having braces. I ask them not to say anything to my boyfriend until I tell or show him what I have done.

I can't keep putting off video chatting with my boyfriend forever, but I delay it for one more day. I feel some pressure on my upper palate, but it isn't bad. I talk about what was discussed in the investor's meeting before wishing him goodnight and going to bed.

Friday evening he calls to tell me he has done all he can do at the new office for now and is flying home Saturday morning. He gives me his flight details before telling me goodnight. I’ve managed to make excuses each night for not video-chatting with him, and he hasn’t pried into why.

Saturday afternoon I drive out to the airport to meet his plane. I’ve been debating with myself whether I want him to see my new look for the first time in a public place or not, finally deciding that I don’t want to wait.

I watch as his plane lands, then hurry to the arrivals area to meet him. I keep my lips over my teeth, smiling as he walks past the barriers and sees me waiting. It isn’t until I am in his arms and he is hugging me that I whisper into his ear, “I have a surprise for you, and I hope you like it.”

I pull away from him slightly, creating enough space so he can see my mouth clearly and smile at him with my braces showing between my lips. He pulls me against his body, and I get my first kiss with my new braces. It's just a brief kiss, but there is plenty of meaning, and tongue, in it.

We stop by the handicapped washroom on our way to pick up his bags, and his bags are the only ones still on the carousel when we arrive. Now I know how the older waitress felt after her appointment to get her braces.

We leave his car in long-term parking for one more day and take my car to my apartment.

He apologizes in the morning for breaking the boundaries that I have set for our relationship, but there was no way that he was going to go to his place last night. After how he treated me last night, I’m not going to hold it against him, though I am going to hold my body against his some more today. It’s a good thing I work in a restaurant, because I’m not going to be cooking much today.

I did find out a few things last night. When we got back to my apartment and had spent some time kissing, he mumbled something about me having a perfect smile now. It took a while, but I finally coaxed it out of him that he has a thing for women in braces. We had THE talk, and between many bouts of extending kissing, he admitted that he wouldn’t mind if I missed a few adjustment appointments and possibly delayed my treatment a little. With the way he treated me last night, I am giving it some serious consideration, especially when he showed me a picture of the ring he is having made for me.

He shows up early for the Wednesday investor’s meeting, and we engage in some heavy kissing. It must show, because the women smile at me, and I catch a few guys giving him the thumbs up when they think I’m not watching. It takes a while before the meeting gets underway after the meal, and at the top of the list is the new restaurant.

They still haven’t come up with a theme for the new restaurant and several names have been proposed, none of them meeting with any success. I’m still feeling the effects of the last kiss I received and feeling a little silly, so I say, “How about we call it ‘Sparkles’? We could have a few waitresses wearing braces, and I would fit right in with my new smile.”

The room goes silent and they all look at me. My smile begins to slip, and then the orthodontist says, “That’s not a bad idea. We already have a few waitresses with braces and our menu has a few meals that would fit in with the theme.”

A vote is taken and my suggestion is given approval for further study.

At the next investor's meeting, the name ‘Sparkles’ is tentatively approved for the new restaurant and ideas are tossed around about to create the atmosphere to go with the braces theme. Some of them are funny, some are impractical and some are ridiculous, but I suggest having some of the staff wear scrubs like in the orthodontist's office, and have the waitresses with braces dress like patients. Once again, my suggestions are put to a vote, and approved for further study.

After the meeting, my boyfriend escorts me back to my apartment, locks the door behind us and carries me into my bedroom. We are both late for work in the morning.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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This is a really interesting concept. I always like multiple POV stories, and this is a good take on it.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Very good!!

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Cheerleader
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Chapter 7

It takes a while, but the architectural drawings for the floor plan for the new restaurant are finalized. The new kitchen fixtures have been ordered and all the permits are approved. The staff in the restaurant all want to know what is going on, but I’ve been asked to say as little as possible for the time being. I tell them that they are not going to lose their jobs, and that nothing is going to change for quite a while yet, and leave it at that.

Since it was my idea, I’ve been given the responsibility of designing new uniforms for the staff. The first designs I come up with don’t meet with the approval of the staff in the restaurant, so I hold a staff meeting in the board room upstairs and we discuss ideas, coming up with better fitting scrubs for the kitchen staff. We do a test of the new uniforms in the kitchen. The better fit is partially a safety issue in the kitchen, but they like the way the new uniforms look.

After seeing the new uniforms on the kitchen staff, the waitresses come up with a few ideas for the staff working on the floor. The final design is similar to the kitchen uniform, but to distinguish them from the kitchen staff, they add lace in a few strategic spots and trim to make them more visually appealing. The plan was to wait for 'Sparkles' to open before starting to use the new uniforms, but the waitresses didn't want to wait that long and insisted that they be able to 'test run them to get a feel of how they will work'.

Something else we are doing is creating a set of greetings to use when people come to the new restaurant. We are using the phrase ‘appointments’ rather than reservations, and are working on ways to use the orthodontic theme throughout the restaurant. Even though I didn’t think of it, I have been given credit for the suggestion to have an ‘assistant’ outside the bathrooms to hand out toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss to anyone who wants them.

I’ve found a seamstress to make our uniforms. She said she can make them for us cheaper than if we buy premade scrubs and she has to alter them, especially the waitress's uniforms. The company was going to offer to rent her space on the second floor to have a shop, but after talking to her, I suggested they renovate one of the empty apartments on the third floor and have her on-site. I find living so close to work is so convenient and I can get more work done than if I have to run back and forth all the time. If there is a problem in the restaurant requiring my attention, I can deal with it in no time and be home again in minutes. Even though she is technically a contractor, she is still considered an employee of the company and is entitled to the same benefits everyone else is.

While they renovated the apartment for the seamstress, they did a second one for me, creating an office for me to use and adding a second bedroom. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend had something to do with the floor plan for my new apartment, but he won’t admit to it. Whether he did or not, he has been suitably compensated for the new apartment. My furniture has been moved in and a bed added to the second bedroom and we broke it in suitably with an extended session of kissing. I haven’t formally said that it is his bedroom, but we both know that it is. The clothes that have been slowly accumulating at my place have been put away in the closet and dresser.

We went to pick up my new ring, and he made a change to the design. When he points out the change to me, it takes me a while to stop laughing. The settings holding the stones look like orthodontic brackets and rings of lighter gold look like ligatures holding the stones in place. The engraving on the band is a string of brackets on an archwire. The stones are only semi-precious, but that doesn’t matter to me.

All the waitresses have been waiting to see it and I can’t wait to see if any of them spot the unique features on the ring.

As the new restaurant takes shape, I spend less time in the old restaurant and more time interviewing for new staff. Besides the two former waitresses with braces I trained to be hostesses, I have hired another woman to train to work as a hostess. Once she is trained and has worked for a while, she will be able to take advantage of the benefits package, and the other hostesses have mentioned what is in the package. She seems receptive to the idea of getting braces and has what my boyfriend refers to as a nearly perfect smile.

There are four levels to the interview process. The first level is meeting me to pick up an application. It has to be done in person, and I reject the applicants that don’t fit the look we want. Some I politely tell that they probably won’t be called for an interview even if they fill out the application, while others just have their application filed in the square cabinet behind my desk. It may sound cruel, but I use my boyfriend's definition of a nearly perfect smile as one of the hiring criteria.

The people I think have the right look begin their interview when they return their application. Those people who make it past my interview are referred to my boss, the head chef, for a second interview. He rejects some of those, before referring the successful applicants to the orthodontist for an orthodontic exam and the final selection.

The whole building has been wired for high-speed internet with wifi. My boyfriend insisted on it, and I know it is because he wants to be able to contact me whenever he wants to video-chat with me. He bought me a top-of-the-line cell phone and a new laptop for my office. We’ve been having fun testing it out all week. He’s going on another trip soon and we want to see each other whenever we want.

The sign for the new restaurant went up on the building, and even though it isn’t open yet, the hostesses have started using the new greeting when guests arrive at the old restaurant. The current restaurant staff have been asked if they want to work at ‘Sparkles’ and understand they will have to wear some form of orthodontic appliance when they do. The orthodontist has been busy doing exams on those that have asked to transfer to the new restaurant and the seamstress has a long list of uniforms to make.

Probably the biggest change for me is that I am now a voting member of the company. At the last investor's meeting, everyone agreed to give me a voting share in the company as a bonus for all the work I have been doing. I’m not rich by any means, because the vote is more valuable than the share if I was to sell it.

The books show the building is supporting itself, but just barely. My boyfriend tells me it is that way on purpose. There is a complicated system in place to keep money flowing through the company to finance all the renovations and put money back in the pockets of the investors. It seems that my braces are now completely paid for without me having to pay for them from my bank account.

My boyfriend went with me to my appointment to have my bottom expander fitted and we explained to the orthodontist how we wanted to prolong my treatment a bit. He agreed to do it for the parts that could be slowed down, the expanders being the one area he can’t slow down. With the bones in my palates separating as they are supposed to, he wants them to move to where he wants at a controlled pace.

Each time my expanders need to be turned, my boyfriend does it for me. I have a cute gap between my top front teeth and he likes to run his tongue over it when we kiss. I’ve asked the orthodontist to leave it for a while, and I noticed a small gap developing on the bottom as well. My boyfriend loves how my teeth look and tells me I have a perfect smile at least once a day.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 3

Quite a bit of research is done as the plans are put together. The braces-friendly menu is expanded to include a daytime and an evening menu in the restaurant, with one day a week highlighting the new menu and giving a modest discount to every customer who fills out a detailed survey about their braces-friendly meal.

At her suggestion, our former cheerleader has a few prototype uniforms designed for herself and begins to wear them at work to get an idea of how they will function in the restaurant. The idea is to have a uniform for the waiters and waitresses that looks as if it is from an orthodontist's office to stay with the theme of the restaurant. The first few uniforms are too generic looking and the staff rejects them. She has a friend with a sewing machine and asks her to make a few changes to improve them, and when she returns to work with a figure-hugging set of scrubs modified with a little strategically-placed lace, the female staff asks to be able to wear it occasionally before ‘Sparkles’ opened.

Keeping with the orthodontic theme, a reservation system is set up for ‘Sparkles’, calling them ‘appointments’ with the idea to give priority to anyone that books ahead. Anyone that arrives without an appointment will be put on a waiting list and requested to book an appointment next time. Even if the restaurant wasn’t full, there is going to be a fifteen-minute wait for a table. The layout of the restaurant comes together, with a portion of it dedicated to a more intimate setting for up to four people in semi-private rooms, and a larger area designed to be reconfigured for large groups of people.

The kitchen layout receives a lot of attention. It is designed to be large enough to serve twice as many meals as the new restaurant will have tables and do it efficiently. The plan is to expand to have a take-out service in the future. Even the bathrooms are designed with an orthodontic theme, having an assistant at the entrance to hand out toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash to any ‘patient’ that requests them.

Before ‘Sparkles’ is ready to open, the staff in the restaurant begin using a few of the scripted greetings, and a few part-time staff are hired, most of them younger people. It is no surprise that many of them have an orthodontic appliance of some type.

The look of the original restaurant gradually changes, with a few orthodontic-themed accents replacing the old decor. The most noticeable is at the hostess station, where an overhead spotlight on an adjustable arm replaces the lamp on the desk, giving it the look found while laying in an orthodontist's chair.

As more of the original tenants move out, the space is stripped bare and the wiring and plumbing are replaced with new materials, and new walls are put in place. After the last tenant moves out of the second floor and the renovation company moves into their office and the office for ‘The Company’ is finished, the orthodontist moves into his new office and the rest of the floor is left as open space.

The orthodontist takes advantage of the open space and puts a few couches and tables beside his office and encourages his patients and the staff in the building to use the area as recreational space. The restaurant sets up a walk-up coffee and soup and sandwich stand.

Near the top of the stairs to the second floor is a space where the stairs curve. The guys found out it is a good place to watch the women going upstairs to the orthodontist's office and Sparkles Cafe, and moved a few comfortable chairs into the space. The women caught on to what was going on and it became a game for them to walk close enough to the railing to give the guys a glimpse up their skirts and dresses without revealing more than they want. Some of them deliberately walk right by the railing. For some of the guys, the metallic smiles the ladies give them were more thrilling than the other view.

The third floor has lower ceilings and the area is renovated with new apartments. Following the pattern on the second floor, the third floor is slowly renovated and new apartments are put in place. One of the largest investors has an apartment built for his personal use and moves the Hostess into it. It makes sense to have her living upstairs from the restaurant with all the work she is doing.

When she finds how convenient it is to be so close to work, she suggests the same thing be done for the seamstress. With empty space to work with, a showroom with a comfortable changing room and a large space for her to work in is built and she moves in too. A few couches and tables are purchased by ‘The Company’ and a second recreation area is created just for the tenants of the building. The seamstress and the hostess use it as a convenient place to hold meetings.

I’m thrilled by the arrival of the new kitchen equipment. The staff in the restaurant is encouraged to check out the layout and make suggestions to improve efficiency, with some changes made based on their suggestions. The restaurant staff are thrilled when all of the large pieces are in place and the new kitchen is ready for use.

The old kitchen is removed during the night when the restaurant is closed and prototypes of the booths for the new restaurant are built to test the layout before they are used in the new restaurant. The new booths are by reservation only and give us a chance to test out the reservation program. Feedback from our customers is encouraged and a few changes are made. The semi-private room is a big success and is booked solid well in advance.

With so much happening in the building, the staff give nicknames to a few of the public areas. The area on the second floor becomes ‘Sparkles Cafe’ and the restaurant is called ‘Sparkles Daytime’. The names catch on with the customers and neon signs are put up to make it official.

The idea to have a standard uniform for the staff is quietly vetoed by them, and a dress code is put in place instead, allowing them to express their individual tastes instead. Surprisingly, it’s the older staff that cause the most sensation. The Hostess and the Seamstress get together with Charlene and come up with a 60s-style uniform with a modern twist. The three of them show up at the Wednesday investor's meeting wearing dresses with a short hemline and quite a bit of cleavage, and pictures to prove that the uniform is a very close match to what was worn back then.

Charlene has the more sedate dress and is wearing low-heeled shoes. The Hostess has a blouse and skirt combination suitable for her job and pairs it with heels that are just a bit too tall to be practical for daily wear in the restaurant, but it makes the point that the waitresses should be able to express themselves with the way they dress and still represent the restaurant respectably. The Seamstress is wearing the shortest dress and on her short body and long legs with tall platform heels, it is more suited for a gentleman’s club than a restaurant. She has a hard time suppressing the big smile on her face as she walks around the room, serving the people seated at the table.

After everyone has a chance to examine the outfits and relax after the meal, the three of them present their opinion on what should and shouldn’t be in the dress code. The Seamstress explains that her uniform is not meant to be worn in the restaurant and she made it just for the fun of it. By allowing the employees to have a say in the design of their uniform, the company could create a better working atmosphere, and the variety in the designs could be an advertising point in the ad campaign. All three outfits are in the proposed colours for the restaurant.

Both Charlene and the Hostess have their braces showing and their ligatures are in the company colours. The Seamstress has a heavy-wired retainer showing in her smile, carrying on the theme of the restaurant. There’s a small group gathered over to the side and they keep looking at the Seamstress and grinning as they whisper amongst themselves.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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There are going to be some discrepancies between the timelines and events in the stories. Some of them are deliberate, some not. If you feel that any of them need to be fixed, let me know and I will take a look at them.

Keep in mind that each story is from a different character's point of view and not all events happened quite the way they seemed to.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Sparkles - The Seamstress

By Braceface2015

Chapter 1

It’s been a while since my friend and I have talked to each other. For the last while it has been emails and social media, which isn’t talking, it’s just letting each other know we are still alive and have somewhat of a social life.

I am caught by surprise when she calls me up and says she has a ‘project’ for me. All my friends know that ‘project’ is code for me getting into trouble and I might be calling them for help. Her use of the code word gets me excited and right away I want to know what we are doing. Rather than tell me, she asks if she can come over and talk to me face-to-face.

When I tell her I am living in my parent's basement again, she laughs and asks me what I did this time. I have a reputation for getting into trouble and my parent’s bailing me out, and one time that was quite literally what they did. This time it was just that I needed a place to live for a while until I could find a place I could afford to rent.

Growing up, my grandmother taught me how to sew, and as I got older she taught me everything she knew. It started with sewing clothes for my dolls and stuffed bears, and by the time I was in middle school, I was sewing clothes for myself. That is when the trouble started. I was young and had big dreams of being a famous fashion designer. My idea of what I should be wearing differed from what my teachers considered appropriate for at school, and we often clashed.

The principal’s secretary and I got to know each other really well while I sat waiting to talk to him, and she negotiated a compromise to my outfits I wasn’t happy with, but it kept me out of his office, at least most of the time. My designs didn’t change, it just meant I wore outfits at school that drew less attention from the teachers.

My friends all liked the ideas I had, and one Halloween a couple of the cheerleaders asked me to make their costumes for the Halloween dance. I copied their uniforms, just with some changes. The skirts were too short, the tops were too tight and showed too much skin, and at my suggestion, fishnet stockings and overly high heels completed the costumes. When I showed up at the dance with them, wearing a matching costume, our parents became involved.

By senior high, Halloween became my favourite time of year, and I always had a waiting list of friends wanting me to make them costumes. I didn't make any money creating the costumes, but I had fun doing it. They paid for the material and I did the work. I'm probably the only girl in our school to have players from both the male and female football, hockey, volleyball, baseball and basketball teams in my bedroom without developing a bad reputation. It's not that things didn't happen, they just knew better than to talk about it.

I spent much of my free time the year I graduated making grad dresses for the girls. For the first time in my life, I made money from my hobby, and my dreams of being a famous fashion designer seemed to get closer to being a reality.

My dreams took a hit when I tried to find a job working with clothes. Nobody wanted to hire a girl with no resume, an attitude and a reputation for getting in trouble. I finally managed to get a job in a discount clothing store doing alterations. It didn’t take me long to get tired of trying to fit size twelve women into size ten dresses while listening to them complain about them being sold too big a dress. I knew they’d be coming back for repairs the first time they tried to get the dress on without the girdle they were wearing.

When my friend shows up wearing scrubs, I begin to laugh, and I am rolling on the floor by the time she finishes telling me what she wants to do. When I say, "strip," she slips out of the scrubs. She's well aware of how I work and is dressed for it. I start by taking all of her measurements and marking them on a chart. Then I take apart the seams on the scrubs and alter them to match her contours better. While I am working, we talk about the cheerleader costume I made for her and the trouble we got into for it.

She was several years ahead of me in school and graduated before I did. Her figure has matured a bit since then, but her smile hasn’t changed at all. It is still off-kilter, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it. My smile slips and my lips cover my misaligned teeth as she puts on the altered scrubs. Before she has a chance to ask what is wrong, I say, “I did what you asked me to do, but I don’t like how it looks. They are still scrubs and have no flair, no appeal to them at all. They are boring to look at. I am capable of much better work than this mess.”

Her smile gets bigger as she pulls a bottle of wine from her bag and another pair of scrubs. “So, show me what you can do if I let you do what you want. I said I had a ‘project’ for you and I meant it.”

I look at the scrubs then get a corkscrew for the wine bottle. We sit and sip the wine as I tell her what I want to do. Then I say, "It would be much easier if I just started from scratch without having to alter the scrubs, and I can probably do it for less than you paid for them. If you pay for the material and give me a week, I'll give you a uniform you'll be happy to wear."

I didn't think her smile could get any bigger, but it did. "I knew I could count on you. Save all your receipts and you'll get paid for everything."

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 2

A week later, she shows up at my door with another bottle of wine, an invoice pad and a big smile on her face. The wine I am expecting, the metal glued to her teeth I am not. She sees me looking at her mouth and turns from side to side, giving me a much better look at her enhanced mouth. The bends in the archwire highlight just how misaligned her teeth really are.

When I finally manage to shift my gaze away from her teeth, she hands me the wine and says, "So dazzle me, show me what design you have come up with for the uniform."

I grin and say, "I couldn't just do one. It didn't seem right to limit my options, so I did a couple." I watch as she slips on the first one, seeing all the little adjustments that should be made to make it fit better. They still look like scrubs, it's just that I've added lace on the chest to show a hint of her cleavage and accents along the seams to show she has a figure underneath it.

The next outfit is my vision of what a waitress might want to wear in an old-fashioned diner. It's a blouse and skirt combination, rather than pants. It has a little more lace strategically placed, and with stockings and low-heeled shoes, will look good on just about any shape of body. On her, it looks very nice. She spends quite a bit of time in front of the mirror checking it out from all different angles. It still has the look the scrubs did and looks like a uniform, just more visually appealing and comfortable.

I spend the time checking out the braces on her teeth and feeling a bit envious. I've never admitted it to anyone, but I always missed having the chance to get braces when I was in school, not because I wanted to get my teeth fixed, but because I thought they were a cool fashion accessory.

I'm a bit surprised when she decides to keep the blouse and skirt combination on. We sit and talk for a while and I find out a little about her latest job. It sounds as if she is doing well and is moving up in the place. She has me fill out an invoice for the cost of the material and the work I did on the uniforms, and insists I show how many hours it took me.

I'm more fascinated by the braces on her teeth than I am by what we are talking about and don't pay as much attention as I should. Before I realize how much time has passed, she is saying goodbye and walking out the door with my creations in her bag, without paying me for the material.

A few weeks later I get a check in the mail with a copy of my invoice. On the line where I listed my hours is a number I never expected to see. Attached to the invoice is a note to call the number at the bottom. My friend answers and says to check my email in a few minutes and call her back. At the top of the email is a smiley face emoji wearing braces and an attachment for a document to download. The document is one page long and is a contract to make uniforms for the restaurant at a cost to be negotiated. I call her back and ask, "Is this a joke?"

I hear her laughing and she says, "Why don't you come and visit me and we'll talk about it. I think you'll like what I have to say, and this time, stop staring at my teeth so much and pay more attention to what I am saying."

I follow her directions and find myself on the second floor of a building being renovated. After calling her to let her know I am waiting, she steps out of what looks like an office door and I find myself walking up another set of stairs. Most of the space upstairs is empty except for an area with a few couches, chairs and tables.

I can't believe the size of her place. Her living room is bigger than the basement of my parent's place and much better furnished. She has a pot of coffee on a warmer and we sit at the table sipping from our mugs as she explains about the contract. She showed the people in charge of the restaurant what I had created for her, and she recommended I be hired to do all the uniforms.

It turns out there is a bit more to the contract than I am aware of. The contract has an option for me to have space designed for me to work right in the building. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the information coming at me, and she sees the dazed look on my face and suggests we take a walk around the building while I think about the offer.

There isn't much to see on the third floor, and we move to the second floor quite soon. Despite obvious signs of ongoing renovations, the area is clean and has a walk-up coffee bar. Beside that is an orthodontist's office and she tells me she is a patient there. At the far end are a few offices and she takes me into them and introduces me to the people inside. Everyone seems to know her and I begin to get the impression she has more authority than I first thought.

The last office she takes me to has several large screens on the wall hooked up to computers. After introducing me to the couple sitting there, she tells me to explain to them what kind of space I would need for a place to work in. Rather than interrupt my rambling explanation, they take turns entering information into the computer and 3D models form on the screens. As I make changes, they appear on the screens as well.

When I take a break and stop talking, the lady says, "That's your workspace. What about where you're going to live? How do you want your apartment laid out?"

I look at my friend with my mouth open. She smiles at me and says, "I haven't told her about that part yet. She's still trying to deal with the idea of having her own shop to make the uniforms in. I was going to wait until she signed the contract to explain what all is included. For now, just put in a bedroom, kitchen and living room of adequate size and we can make changes later. Right now I want to take her to the orthodontist and have her records done."

She gently closes my mouth and leads me to the orthodontist's office. I sit where she places me and look around. My brain is still trying to process everything that is happening, and is failing at the task. Time starts to do funny things. I blink and find myself in the treatment chair with my teeth sinking into pudding-like goop. Then time stretches as I try not to gag as the stuff oozes out of the tray toward my throat. Another blink, and I am making funny faces as they take pictures of my teeth. One more blink, and the orthodontist is talking to the assistant in a language I don't understand as he pokes at my teeth with a metal tool. Then I'm sitting in an office with my friend holding my hand. I don't remember them doing X-rays and scans of my teeth, but they are on the computer screen in front of us and the orthodontist is talking about what he can do to fix my teeth.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 3

I wake up in a strange bed in a long t-shirt that smells of laundry soap with a faint hint of cologne. Memories of wearing my dad's t-shirts to bed surface and I smile and stretch. I lay in the comfy bed for quite a while, watching the light around the edge of the window blind brighten.

The smell of fresh-brewed coffee drifts into the room and I pull back the blanket. Beside the bed is a pair of fluffy slip-on bedroom shoes with a one-inch heel. I’m used to walking around barefoot at home, but they look comfortable, and feel just as good as they look as I slip them on. I follow the smell of coffee to the kitchen and pour myself a cup.

I realize I am still at my friend's place as I look around the kitchen. Just as I’m stretching and yawning, a strange guy walks into the kitchen. It takes a second for my brain to process the fact that my t-shirt is stretched snuggly across my chest and the bottom hem is resting relatively high on my thighs.

He smiles at me and asks, “Did you sleep well?”

I hastily bring my arms down and try to cover my chest with one arm while tugging the hem down with the other. All that happens is the neckline of the t-shirt is stretched a bit and some more of my cleavage is put on view. I have a short athletic body and long legs, so my decent size breasts look bigger than they really are.

My friend walks in as he waits for my answer, and she pulls his face down and kisses him. It’s only a quick kiss, but he puts a lot of feeling into it, and I notice his tongue run over the braces on her teeth. She’s blushing a little as she pours herself a cup of coffee and says, “I didn’t hear you come in. I let my friend spend the night in my bed. She had quite the shock yesterday and I figured it would be better if she stayed here. You didn’t disturb her, did you?”

Then she turns to me and asks, “Do you feel ready to talk about signing the contract? I didn’t want to throw too much at you yesterday, but things just kind of got out of hand. We can sit down today and take our time, and you can ask any questions as you think of them.”

The good-looking guy is still standing by the counter with his mug of coffee, and I catch him checking me out. Surprisingly, it’s not my body he is looking at, it’s my mouth. My friend sees where he is looking and gives him a good-natured swat on the ass. “What do you think you’re doing?”

His reply surprises me. “I’m just imagining what she is going to look like with braces.” I hastily cover my teeth with my lips and put my hand over my mouth, but he just smiles at me and says, “Don’t do that. It is a shame to cover up such a beautiful smile.”

She tells him to be quiet, then turns to me and says, "I haven't had a chance to explain the benefits package to her yet, and there is still quite a bit I don't think she remembers from yesterday." Her next comments are directed at me. "Why don't you go and see if you can find something to wear in my closet? My boyfriend gets cranky if he doesn't get his good-morning kiss before going to work, and I haven't given it to him yet."

I look at him and what she is wearing and understand why she wants a little privacy. I’m blushing as I smile at them and leave the kitchen, taking my mug of coffee with me.

Her closet is more of a room connected to her bedroom. Some of what was talked about yesterday comes back to me, and I decide to ask if I can have a closet like this in my apartment. I smile as it dawns on me that I am going to sign the contract even though I don’t know everything that is included in it.

Finding something to wear is relatively easy. Finding something that appeals to my sense of style is not. She has the uniforms I designed hanging in her closet, and on a whim, I put on the blouse and skirt combination. The blouse is tailored to fit her body, and on my larger chest, the fabric stretches to accommodate my breasts. The skirt has more give to it and fits nicely around my waist and hips. My whimsical sense of humour kicks in and I find a pair of slip-on shoes with ridiculously high heels to wear. It’s nice to see that her wild side hasn’t disappeared as we have gotten older. I locate the drawer holding her socks and find a pair that fits to just above my knees to complete the look. I would fit right in at a gentleman’s club as a waitress or performer. It’s too over the edge to wear to work in a restaurant.

While I wait for my friend to kiss her boyfriend goodbye, I pull a sketchpad from my bag and let my mind wander. It's handy having the materials to put my ideas on paper when I get them and sometimes I sketch to pass the time. When I'm working on an outfit, I concentrate on the design of it, but there are times when the location is important as well. I watch as lines appear on the paper and two bodies take shape, then a cafe table to one side. Most of the time, I leave the faces blurred, but this time, the lower face of the female character is in focus. What stands out are the braces on her teeth and the elastics running from top to bottom. Bits of colour are added to make them stand out.

Body shape and size are important to any design I make, and the female character is short and busty, with long legs. The male character is taller and fit-looking. As the sketch progresses and details get filled in, the male is wearing a chef's uniform and she is wearing a waitress's blouse and skirt from the sixties, with lots of frills and lace along the bottom. As the sketch nears completion, the braces get shaded in to give the impression of bands encircling the teeth. The final touches of colour are added and the completed sketch sits in front of me.

I become aware of the presence of a body behind me and look up to see my friend's braced smile above my shoulder. "I knew you could draw, but I didn't know you were that good. Would you mind if I kept that?" I carefully remove it from the pad and turn to hand it to her. Her clothes are in disarray and she has a flush on her cheeks. "Don't forget to sign and date it the way artists do."

Her smile gets bigger as she takes a closer look at it. “Why don’t you go to the restaurant and order yourself some breakfast. I’ll get changed and join you in a little while.”

I gesture at what I’m wearing and she adds, “It will be fine. The staff will enjoy seeing what kind of designs you can come up with for their uniforms. You might want to change the shoes though, they are a bit too wild for this early in the day.”

She joins me while I am still looking through the menu, trying to decide what to eat. The braces-friendly portion of the menu is fascinating. There are so many items on there I never thought of. As she’s sitting down, two mugs of gourmet coffee appear on the table and an early-twenties waitress with metal braces waits to take our orders. My gaze travels over her body and an image forms in my mind of what kind of outfit I think she should be wearing.

My friend sees what I am doing and she smiles. Now I have two braced smiles to look at and I fail at trying to look at both of them at the same time. “You’re going to sign the contract, aren’t you? I can tell by the look on your face. Let’s eat first, then we can find someplace with a little more space where we can talk in private.”

At her suggestion, I order from the braces-friendly menu, and find it to be better than I expected. As we eat, she explains that the guy in charge of the kitchen is a chef and uses quality ingredients. He’s using the restaurant to test out new dishes for the theme-restaurant they are designing for the other side of the main floor.

By the time we are done eating, I’ve found out that she is the hostess for the restaurant and is in charge of managing the staff serving the customers. When I reach for my wallet to pay for my meal, she stops me and says, “Don’t worry about paying. You have an account at all the restaurants in the building. You can tip the waitress if you want to.”

She picks up the file that has been laying on the table and adds, "Let's go upstairs and talk if you're ready, just watch which side of the stairs you walk up on." I find out what she means as we follow the curve in the stairs near the top. There's a small area with comfy chairs beside the stairs, and the guys sitting there have a nice view of what I am wearing as we step past them. That bit of information gets stored in my mind for future use.

We sit in the area beside the orthodontist's office and she begins pulling sheets of paper from the folder. The first sheet I recognize as the contract for the uniforms. It's simply worded and easy to understand. If I accept the contract, I will be supplying uniforms for the staff in the current restaurant, the coffee bar we are sitting near and any future restaurants in the building. A cost plus percentage profit clause is guaranteeing I will make money.

The next few sheets deal with setting up a business name for my company and getting all the licenses and permits required. All of that will be taken care of for me by ‘The Company’ and the costs will come out of my operating fund. I’m keeping up with everything so far and haven’t been asking a lot of questions.

What I want to do for the workspace comes up next. It's up to me where I want to work. Right away, she suggests I take them up on the offer to have a space set up for me to work in. She smiles when I ask what it is going to cost me, and I am momentarily distracted by the flashing metal in her mouth. She waits until my attention returns to the subject at hand to reply with, "I can only give you the answer I was given when I asked that same question about my apartment. 'Ask the accountant.' The secretary didn't bother to make an appointment for me, she just said, 'Don't worry about it. It's all being taken care of.''

Then she asks if I want to have an apartment in the building too. More of what happened yesterday surfaces in my mind and I remember the models on computer screens. I ask her, “Do I have to live here?” She shakes her head. “If I decide to live here, can I design it myself, or will someone else do it?”

I get the smile again as she answers, “That is up to you. My boyfriend did mine for me and added a bedroom for himself to the plans. My advice is to talk to the couple in charge of the renovations and get their opinions on how to lay it out.”

After a break to refill our mugs and get a snack, she pulls out some more sheets and hands me one set. “This is a copy of the employee benefits package. As soon as you sign the contract, you can use any of the benefits you want. There is a page with requirements that applies to restaurant employees only, but you can use those too. I want to make it clear that you are not an employee of the company, you are a contractor. The benefits are provided as part of your contract. You don’t have a boss.”

It takes a while for the information to go through my brain and get processed. I take the time to read through the forms, looking for things I don't understand, but everything is in simple language and is clearly laid out. I begin to smile as I read through the benefits package, and by the end, my smile is bigger than hers, though not decorated the way hers is.

I sign all the forms and she takes me to talk to the couple in charge of the renovations while she makes copies of the forms for my records.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Very intersting story. I like the ways you take to come to the point where you want to go. I can't wait to read more of it !

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 4

Two days later I’m back in the orthodontist's office having the retainers I didn’t know I was getting adjusted to fit into my mouth. On the way upstairs, I stopped to see my friend at the hostess station to see if she could explain to me what is happening, but she was busy training some new staff and couldn’t take the time to go to my appointment with me. She did say to ask the assistant to explain anything I didn’t understand and to be honest with them if I wanted to enjoy my appointment.

I take her advice and ask the assistant to explain to me the differences between the retainer I am getting and the other types available. She tells me mine are called Hawley’s and shows me models of the other types available. My retainers have a wire running behind my front teeth and she explains they are normally used to help straighten the teeth a little, but the wire on mine is only going to rest against my teeth. She hands me a mirror when they are done adjusting them and points out how the heavy flat wire used is shaped to match the contours of my teeth.

We move to the orthodontist’s office and he begins to go through the treatment options he recommends to fix my teeth. Each time he uses phrases I don’t understand, I ask the assistant to explain them. I try and use neutral ways of asking about other possible treatment options, but they catch on that I am trying to find ways of extending the treatment. The orthodontist excuses himself, saying he needs to deal with a ‘non-typical situation’ and will be back in a few minutes, and leaves me with the assistant.

As soon as he is gone, she takes my hand and looks me in the eye. “How long would you like your treatment to take? We can extend your treatment if you want and there are more options we can use to give you the smile you want.”

I blush as images appear in my mind, and I wish I had my sketch pad with me so I could show her what I want. She pulls the mouse to our side of the desk and clicks on a few folders, then a copy of the sketch I gave to my friend appears on the screen. “Is this what you would like your treatment to look like?” At my nod, she clicks a few more times and my face appears on the screen with narrow bands around my teeth. I grin and move my fingers apart a little, and she makes the bands wider. I shake my head and the bands return to the narrow size again.

“How about additional appliances? If we use expanders, you can keep all your teeth and we’ll widen your palates to make room for them to fit together nicely.” She shows me a picture of what the expanders look like. “We would probably need to use a face-bow to move your upper teeth back a bit to create more space,” and more pictures appear, one showing my face with the wire running in front of my teeth. “The use of a Herbst appliance to shift your bottom teeth forward is another possibility, and can be combined with the other options.” More pictures appear, and my face on the screen changes to show the appliance.

My blush deepens and the smile on my face gets bigger. I make several attempts to speak, but my tongue keeps bumping into my new retainers and garbling my speech. Finally I take out the bottom retainer and I can talk semi-understandably. “I wouldn’t want all of that at once, and I’m not sure about having bands around my teeth, but it is nice to know what I would look like if I did. Let me think about it for a while.”

The orthodontist knocks on the door and asks if we are okay. She nods and he sits down at the desk again. After checking the notes she made in my file, he looks at me and smiles. “I’m sure that we can accommodate your wishes relatively easily.”

When I ask how much it will cost, the answer doesn’t really surprise me. It’s just another way of saying ‘ask the accountant.’

My next stop is the office of the people in charge of the renovations. The lady hands me the keys and says, “Let’s go upstairs and take a look at where your office is going to be.” There are lines taped on the floor and a few pieces of lightweight furniture placed in the places between where the walls will be. “Walk around and get a sense of how it will look when it is finished. We can easily make changes to the layout now.”

I walk around, pretending to open and close doors and sit in the chairs where the furniture might be placed. I find a problem in the bedroom. “Can I get a door that slides into the wall instead of swinging into my bedroom?” She nods and makes a note on the pad she is carrying. I walk back into the living room space and look out the windows. They are southern facing and get plenty of light all year.

She joins me and I ask if it is possible to add more windows. When I explain what I would like to do, she says, “If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, why don’t we put up a wall across this end of the space and create a greenhouse for you? If we extend it across the bedroom as well, we can put in a studio for you to sit and sketch or relax in. I’ll check with the architects and see how many windows we can safely put in for you to give you as much light as possible.”

I grin at her, and my lip slides over the heavy wire of my top retainer. My day keeps getting better as time passes. She goes back to her office and I go to the restaurant to talk to my friend.

The lunch rush has ended and the supper rush won’t start for a while yet. I sit in a booth where I can see everything that is going on. My friend brings two mugs of coffee and sits across from me. Before I came down, I put my bottom retainer in again, and I give her a big smile so she can see what she has done to me.

She has the new employees cleaning up from lunch and getting the place ready for the evening. Charlene drops by the table and says she likes my new look, then asks when I can make her a new uniform. She has a few ideas and wants to sit down with me sometime to see what I can do with them. When our mugs are just about empty, the young waitress with the braces comes to refill them and smiles when she sees my new retainers.

My friend asks if I want to stay for supper with her and her boyfriend, but I politely decline the offer, saying that I want to go home and enjoy my new retainers in private. She’s still laughing as I walk out of the restaurant.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I have an absolutely fithy story in my mind right now and have no hope of it being posted here.

I'm still working on more chapters of the 'Sparkles' series, but they're not going to be posted quite as frequently for a little while.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Great story

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I like the way these stories re-sure the same setting.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 5

I get an email from the company doing the renovations asking me to drop by the office when I have some time. Attached is a note from the lady saying she has a 'project' for me if I am interested. I look around my basement and take in the lack of space to adequately work in. There's nothing here that needs to be done that can't wait.

It isn't ideal to sketch while riding the bus, but it helps to pass the time, and I can make notes on what I want to sketch if it is too rough. Before heading upstairs to the office, I drop by the restaurant and say hi to the staff, promising them I will sit down with them to discuss ideas for their uniforms soon.

My outfit was deliberately chosen for the walk up the stairs to the second floor and I can't wait to see the reaction I get. It is one of my creations, and I made a few alterations to 'improve it'. The boots are thigh-high leather with a four-inch heel and a very modest platform sole. The thigh-length skirt has been altered to billow around my legs and give flashes of the boot tops as I walk, and across the cheeks on the shorts I am wearing underneath is embroidered, "Gotcha". Topping off the outfit is a black lace t-shirt over a white satin camisole.

The staff in the restaurant give my outfit a mixed reaction, all of it positive, and my takeout order is ready in no time. They're still working out a few bugs with the takeout system, but the overall response is very good from the customers who are testing it.

The hostess tells me to expect an interesting afternoon when I talk to the lady in the renovation office and that she knows what 'project' means. I'm smiling as I walk up the stairs, and my smile gets bigger as I turn the corner. I look at a few of the guys sitting there and flash my retainers at them, then put more sway in my hips. The reaction to my display is what I was hoping for, and the laughter drifts up behind me.

There is a new computer sitting on the table in the conference room and the lady is playing around on it. She has a few other items neatly stacked beside the computer and waits until I am comfortably seated beside her to push them in my direction. On the big screen on the wall is a 3D model of her, and it has her wearing a retainer. She explains that the program on the computer is a combination of what the orthodontist uses in his office for his patients and a modified version of the 3D modelling program they use in the office for planning their renovations.

One of the investors has a software company and is providing tech support to 'Sparkles'. As part of the support, a program is being set up for me to run my uniform shop and make creating designs easier. She hands me what looks like one of my sketch pads and a pencil and says, "Give this a try and tell me what you think of it. I want you to design me an outfit for around the office to tease my husband. Be as wild as you want."

I flip up the cover and a blank page is waiting for me. The pencil feels just the way the coloured pencils I normally use feel, except the tip looks as if it needs to be sharpened. I make a few random strokes on the page to get a good feel for how it fits into my hand, then flip it over and erase them. Other than the pad being a little heavier than I am used to, everything feels comfortable.

She brings me a bottle of juice to go with my meal as I start sketching and then sits back away from the table so I can see her entire body. As I draw on the pad, what I am sketching shows up on a small window on the screen on the wall. It doesn't take long for a rough image of her sitting in the chair to show up and I add colour to it. Rather than having to hunt through a box of pencils to find the colour I want, all I do is tap on the screen and select it from a menu.

The sketch shows her as she is currently dressed, and then I begin to make changes. My page usually gets messy when I alter things, but this pad makes it easy to keep things looking tidy. I alter her blouse to look more form-fitting and show it with a few buttons undone, then shade in the hint of the underwire bra and the edges of a padded pushup bra underneath. The program automatically takes the shape from the original image and alters it to account for the added features.

The lady laughs and says, "I wish I looked that good, but the bra I am wearing already has a fair amount of padding in it." I take a closer look at her and my retainers slide from behind my lips as I alter the look on my pad a little. I reduce the size of the breasts in my sketch and bring them closer together. She nods at the changes.

I move to her lower body, adding a pair of heels and changing the pants to a skirt. It's a long skirt, showing a bit of her calves below the hem. I shade it in to show she is wearing stockings, then change them to fine-mesh fishnets and add more height to the heels and a small platform to the sole.

She laughs again, and uses the mouse to pull up a menu on the screen on the wall. She morphs her face onto my drawing and selects an option to have the sketch rotate. I notice there is an alteration I need to make and I add a slit on the side of her skirt so that the side of her leg shows through. Still not satisfied, I increase the length of the slit until the top of her stocking is showing.

I can't stop grinning as I look at her. "This makes designing things a lot easier. I'm so used to having to do several sketches before I am satisfied with the result."

She looks at my sketch and smiles. "If only I could actually look that good. If this is what you can do with the sketch pad, wait until you see what the rest of the program can do. Once your shop is set up, I'll have someone come by and teach you how to use it. And I am going to have to drop by and see what else you can create for me." She gestures at the screen and says, "As much as I like this look, I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it at work."

I pick up the pad to make a few changes, but she stops me before I do anything. "Let me make a copy of it first. I'm sure my husband will want to see it too. Make sure you date and sign it." It's the second time someone at the company has asked me to do that.

"Now, for the real reason I wanted you to drop by. Let's go take a look at your new apartment. It's still just a skeleton, but it will give you a better idea of what it is going to look like, and we can still easily make changes if you want."

We walk past the orthodontist's office, and the girl at the desk waves for me to come inside. She asks how my retainers are feeling and I smile, showing her I am wearing them. The lady from the renovation office takes a closer look and she has a strange look on her face that passes quickly. The girl asks if I want to book another appointment and says she has a spot open in an hour if I want it. My smile gets bigger and I accept her offer.

I wave my wrist over the pad beside the door to the stairs and the door opens. Despite much of the building looking old on the surface, most of the inside is brand new and uses the latest technology. The locks are just one example. I don't have to carry my keys around with me, I have a charm on my bracelet with a chip hidden in it that opens the doors I have access to.

There are substantial changes on the third floor. The space my apartment is going into is screened off, and when she pushes aside the edge of one, I see the skeleton of the walls in place. She leads me to the gap where the door to my shop is going to be and says, "Walk through the whole place and get a feel of what it is going to look like."

I begin to wander around, imagining how I want to lay out the furniture, then step into the changing room and spread my arms to get a feel of the amount of space to move around in. The backroom looks too big, until I start placing the machines where I want them to go, in my mind. Then I began to wonder if it is big enough.

There's a gap in the wall in the workroom I don't remember from the model, and when I look at it, she says, "One of the guys said it would be a good idea to put a door there so you can get from your apartment to your shop easily. It got overlooked in the original plans."

The doorway leads into the living room, and there is a wall across the back to create a space for a greenhouse. Through the side wall, I see the framing for the bedroom and the walk-in closet with the sliding door framed in. All the plumbing is in place for the kitchen and bathroom, and I can picture where the big clawfoot tub is going to be. Right now there is a lawn chair where it is going to sit and I stretch out on it and smile.

It's been over a week since I signed the contract and so much has happened already. I glance at my watch and realize I've been daydreaming for quite a while. My lips slide over the wires of my retainers as I walk downstairs with the lady from the renovation company. My confirmation that I am happy with the layout brings a smile to her face and I take note of her teeth. They are straighter than mine and it looks as if she may have had braces before, but there are signs she didn't wear her retainers long enough if she had braces.

She returns to her office while I step into the orthodontist's office. I recognize a few faces from the restaurant downstairs and smile at them as I walk to the desk and check-in. I don’t have a chance to sit down before I am being escorted into a treatment room. I smile at the orthodontist as he walks into the room, wanting him to see his work on display in my mouth. He takes a quick look inside my mouth, then pushes back from the chair and says, “Everything looks fine. While you’re here, is there anything else we can do for you?”

A grin spreads across my face as I say, “Do you have time to go to your office? I have a few alterations to my smile I would like to discuss.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 6

I wait for him to pull up my file before asking, “Can you keep a record of what this is going to cost me for each of the things we discuss? The cost is going to be a factor in what I can do.”

His answer surprises me. “Don’t worry about the cost. The accountant will handle making sure the payments are made on time. You tell me what you want and I will advise you on what I can do about making it happen.”

He puts the picture of my face from the initial appointment on the screen and waits for me to begin. I distractedly run my tongue over the wires on my teeth, something I have been doing a lot of lately, exploring the bends in it. Finally I say, “I want to do something about straightening out my teeth a little. I don’t want them to be perfect, just for them to line up better. I want people to say, ‘Woah, that’s a pretty extreme treatment she is getting.’ Can I start with narrow bands on all my teeth?”

The sketch I gave to the hostess appears on the screen and he asks, “Something like this?” I nod and my face on the screen changes to show my teeth with bands on them. My top teeth stick out a bit more with the additional spaces needed for the bands to fit around my teeth. “I can reduce how much they stick out by removing a couple of teeth first, though I can suggest a better way.” He types in a few sentences and a face-bow replaces the bands. “If we move your top molars back a bit first to give room in the front for the bands, the front teeth won’t look as if they are sticking out. We can start by using a modified retainer to pull all the top teeth back at the same time.” The face on the screen gradually changes to show what the treatment might look like.

He glances at the look on my face, then says.”You don’t like that option, do you? I don’t like how the teeth recede as the treatment progresses either. How about this option? We put ordinary metal brackets on all your top teeth at the start, then replace them with bands as the teeth move back and space opens up between them to keep your front teeth where they are now.” This time, the image on the screen gradually changes to show bands appearing from the back to the front as the teeth move. It’s better, but still not quite what I want.

I point to my front teeth and ask, "Can we create a gap between my front teeth first to make room for bands? One of my friends in school had an expander and she had this little gap between her teeth for a while. I thought she looked so interesting with the gap. Can we do something like that?"

He types in a few words and the face on the screen changes again to show my jaw widening and a gap appearing before bands go around my front teeth. "Like that?"

I smile as the image repeats. "That's almost what I want. Can you make the gap stay longer and have a matching gap on the bottom? And bands on all the bottom teeth too?" The image on the screen resets and I watch as my face gets a bit wider as the requested treatment progresses. The gaps slowly appear and stay until just before the end. "I like that, except the teeth look too well lined up at the end. Can you leave the canines recessed behind the front teeth a little?" This time I really like the way they look.

He looks at the final image and resets it to show the bands on the front teeth appearing earlier in the treatment. This time the bands appear on the front teeth soon after the gaps appear between the front teeth and the canines tilt in behind the front teeth near the beginning of the treatment. "To make this work, I would need to put springs where the canines are to keep the space open and stop the other teeth from twisting. The bands will also work very well to help keep the teeth where they need to be, and I can use a rectangular wire to stop them from twisting. The canines can be attached to the expanders to give more precise control of them."

I realize he is talking to himself more than me, and I can appreciate the process he is going through to design the look I want. He types in a few more sentences and a face-bow appears on the screen again. I watch as my face starts out the way I look right now and changes shape as my teeth move into the position I have asked for. He blinks a few times as he becomes aware I am still sitting across from him. "Sorry about that. It isn't often that I am presented with such an interesting case. I've had difficult cases before, but this is the first time I've been asked to create such an intriguing treatment. Achieving this result is going to take quite a while. Once we start, you are going to have to fully cooperate with the instructions I give you and I may have to use a few different devices I haven't thought about using yet."

The grin on my face can't get any bigger as I say, "Where do I sign and when can we start?"

He looks at the scans of my teeth and checks the schedule on the screen. "I think there is already enough space between your molars to fit bands on, and there is an appointment slot open in a while if you want to fit them today. The bands are probably going to be a bit uncomfortable until your molars shift to allow for them, so we won't start using the face-bow just yet. The expanders are going to have to go in sometime soon and the brackets are going to be needed right away to keep the teeth from moving in unpredictable directions. I'll need to shuffle patients around a little to get all of this done, but I think I can do it all today."

I realize he is talking to himself again and clear my throat to get his attention. "I'll wait until you are ready to start. Just give me the forms to sign."

I let the girl at the front desk know I'm going to be sitting in the coffee shop outside the office and go to the renovation office to get my sketchpad. The lady suggests I take the new computer sketch pad with me and use it too. My mind is more focused on my upcoming appointment and I didn’t think about using it. The whole building is wired for wifi access, and as long as my new computer is on, I have access to the files to run the new sketchpad.

I let my mind wander to the outfit I designed for the renovation lady. I find a file holding revisions I made and locate the version without the changes. She asked me to create something for around the office, but my mind has other ideas floating around. I store the original file as a template and begin working on something for her to wear at home. I keep my design to something a middle-aged woman would want to wear and add simple metal braces to her teeth.

The next design is for something to wear for an evening out. It's elegant and simple, and I spend more time getting the braces on her teeth right and adding coloured ligatures. I do another version with a different coloured gown and matching coloured elastics showing between her smiling lips. They go into a private file before they get emailed to her.

The girl at the front desk comes out to get me and escorts me to a treatment room. I realize I am in the special client’s room because the chair is so comfortable. She stays with me while we wait for the orthodontist. While we wait, she asks if I can design a more comfortable uniform for her. I use her camera to take a picture of her, then use the Bluetooth connection to transfer it to my sketch pad.

As she tells me what she doesn't like about what she is wearing, I make alterations to her picture, adding material to the chest and reducing the material around her waist. Her pants get the same attention, with more material around the hips and less covering her legs. A second version has her wearing a knee-length skirt and low heels. I create a third version of her still in the skirt, but change the shoes to high-heels. I'm really enjoying using the new sketchpad and the convenience of being able to give people copies of what I create, although I do miss the feel of paper against my hand as I work.

The orthodontist walks in as I am finishing the last version and smiles when he sees what I have done with her uniform. "We may just have you do a little work for us when you get your shop open. I don't think that the last one will work, but the other two are a possibility. Now, let's get to work on your mouth. I hope you're not in a hurry, this is going to take a while."

The chair goes back and he begins to work on getting the bands around my back molars. The bands are a tight fit and I can feel the pressure as they begin to shift to accommodate the bands. He gives me the choice between the slightly larger self-ligating metal brackets or the older-style ligatured brackets for the rest of my teeth. It's a tough decision to make and the assistant shows me how they can twist the ligatures to make them more visible. Speed is not an issue for me unless I consider how long I want to extend my treatment, so I go with the older-style brackets. He leaves the brackets off of my canines and tells me those are going to have bands as soon as my expanders are ready. He slides springs along the archwires where my canines are to maintain the space.

He has a small camera mounted on the light he uses to illuminate my mouth and I can watch as he slowly covers my teeth with metal. He takes a few breaks from working on my teeth when one of the assistants needs him to check the work they are doing on other patients and the chance to close my mouth for a while is appreciated. It also gives me a chance to examine what has been done in more detail.

The assistant gives me a package of supplies for my new braces and goes over the information I need to know to take care of them. Before I leave, I have pictures of my new smile to add to their file, taken from many different angles, and the girl at the front desk transfers copies of them to my sketchpad for me.

I take my time walking down the steps, making sure the guys get a chance to look up my skirt and see my shorts with 'Gotcha' embroidered across the ass, and give them a display of my newly embraced smile. It's not just the braces I am showing off, it's how much I am enjoying having them.

I stop by the restaurant and show them my new smile as well, and the staff all want to get a good look at what I have been given. A few of the regular customers come over as well to see what the commotion is, and I get many compliments from them. A few ask if I am going to work in the new restaurant and I explain I will be making the new uniforms. I think some of them just ask so they can get another look at my braces, not that I am complaining. I'm really enjoying the attention they are drawing.

One of the busboys asks if I would like a ride home, and when I accept, gets permission to leave early from the hostess. He's quite excited when I ask if he wants to see my sketches, and his face falls when I pull them out and show them to him. I make it up to him when I kiss him and let him run his tongue over my braced teeth. I think I get more of a thrill from having someone kiss me and play with my braces, but it isn't by much judging by his reaction. He's walking funny as he leaves after I tell him I had a fun first date with him. Even if we never have a second date, it will still be memorable for him.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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It's been a while since I posted a chapter, so here's one for you to enjoy.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Sparkles - 4

Each Tuesday, all of the employees and investors get a chance to walk through the new restaurant and see how the space is changing as the walls and fittings go into place. The couple from the renovation company handle most of the questions and take notes of any questions and suggestions.

One question that came up each week was the accessibility of the restaurant for people with different kinds of mobility issues. The drawings, plans and 3D model took into account all the government-mandated requirements and we tried to exceed them. The booths all had wheelchair access and the private rooms had wide doorways and a small storage area for coats, with fittings to hold things like crutches and canes.

A couple of the waitresses asked why there was only one wheelchair-accessible stall and they pointed out they often found the stalls too cramped even for able-bodied use. At their suggestion, all the stalls were enlarged to accommodate a wheelchair and a third washroom was added for people who needed assistance using the bathroom. The third bathroom was enlarged enough to accommodate three people easily and the addition of a changing table made it comfortable for changing a child's diaper.

It was one of the busboys that brought up the issue of the width of the doorways to the kitchen. They were fine for normal levels of use, but when the restaurant was busy, they tended to become crowded. A simple redesign to the layout made them oneway use and widened them. Before changing them in the new restaurant, 'Sparkles Daytime' got a retrofit to test out the idea. With the kitchen being designed and located to serve both restaurants, the idea made sense, and with a little time to get used to the new layout, the staff found things moved more smoothly.

I stand back and admire the growing number of metal-enhanced smiles I see each week. As we hire more employees, the number slowly grows, but it becomes more evident each week as the employees walk around and talk about the changes. The seamstress arrives in a different costume each week, and her smile slowly becomes more metallic each week. Each of her costumes is in the 'Sparkles' colours and is a wild version of one of the uniforms she is working on. They all are more suitable for working in an adult club or wearing to a dance club than in a restaurant, and she always arrives after almost everyone else.

I find myself spending more time managing the existing restaurants and getting things organized for the new restaurant than I do working in the kitchen. It's during one of my increasingly frequent complaint sessions that someone says, "Why don't you get someone to take over some of the routine work for you? Hire yourself an assistant."

I look up at the metal-encased smiles in front of me and grimace. "How am I supposed to find time to do that when I don't have enough time to do the work I already have to do? I need an assistant to find me an assistant."

This time I am watching as Charlene says, “There is already a process in place to handle it.”

The metal braces in The Hostess's mouth come into view as she says, “I’m already handling the interview process for the restaurant staff, adding finding an assistant for you to the list shouldn’t be difficult. What type of person are you looking for?”

It’s not something I had thought about, so I have a confused look on my face as The Seamstress asks, “Let’s start with the basics, male or female? Is age a factor? Do they need to have experience and if so, what kind?”

My mouth drops open as I try to process the questions coming at me. All I can do is shrug as the three of them grin at me. The Hostess takes pity on me and says, "Why don't you think about it for a while, then make a list of things for me to look for? In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for someone I think might be able to handle the job. I've been doing okay with the restaurant staff so far, especially with the help I've had from Charlene and a few others in the building."

She's right. There are three assistant hostesses to cover all the shifts in 'Sparkles Daytime' and Charlene is in charge of the waitresses. I have more kitchen staff than I need at the moment, but when 'Sparkles' opens, all the staff will have full-time jobs if they want. Everyone she has sent to me for an interview has already been screened by her and all I've had to do is give them my okay and send them to the orthodontist. If I had an assistant like her, I could spend most of my time in the kitchen creating dishes for the restaurants.

The three ladies all laugh as I walk away shaking my head.

I spend over a week trying to put together a list of what I want in an assistant. I started by listing everything I could think of, adding more as I thought of things. Then I tried to narrow it down to what I considered important. The list is still impossible to make sense of when the Hostess knocks on my door and enters. Beside her is a petite female that looks as if she is a gymnast.

“I have someone for you to interview.” The smile on the Hostess’s face says she’s up to something, but I can’t tell what it is. “I’ve already told her what she is going to be doing if she is hired, all you have to do is give her the standard interview. She’s already had her appointment with the orthodontist and has been approved by him.” She places the file with the job application, resume and orthodontist’s records on my desk, then smiles at the girl as she leaves.

I glance at her several times as I read through the file, noting she has a little experience as a waitress and has just finished several courses towards a degree in business management. Her application says she is looking for part-time work, though she is open to a full-time position if it is offered. She waits patiently for me to start the interview.

The impression I had that she looked like a gymnast is confirmed when I read her application and see she lists she was one in school and volunteers part-time as an assistant coach at a local gym. Her application says she has applied to be a waitress, but I can see she is overqualified for the position.

I give her the standard interview, asking her the usual questions. She has a pleasant voice with a heavy British accent and smiles frequently, though she keeps her teeth covered when she does. When I have her stand in front of the screen for the video portion of the interview, I notice that she has a slight limp and her left leg seems a little stiff. It's hard to tell why, because she is wearing a long skirt. As she stands in front of the screen and says the scripted greetings word perfect without looking at the sheet, I have to wonder why she wants to work as a waitress. In my opinion, she's too good-looking to be a waitress and seems very relaxed and confident.

My cellphone chimes with a text from the Hostess saying, "If you know what's good for you, tell her you are hiring her. When you do, tell her I said to smile for you. The orthodontist can't wait to get his hands on her. Text me before she leaves, I want to congratulate her." The Hostess hasn't been wrong with the recommendations she's made for employees so far, and except for a few the orthodontist has rejected, all have been hired, so I take her advice.

Before I let her know she has been hired, I have a few more questions to ask her, so I get her to take a seat in front of my desk. As she sits, she touches the back of her left knee, and I notice that her skirt doesn't lay quite normal.

She notices where I am looking and the smile on her face fades. I ask her the questions about braces and a puzzled look crosses her face until I explain I am talking about orthodontic braces, not about the English variety that goes over the shoulders. Her answers are quite informative and I can understand why she has passed the two interview stages already.

Then I tell her she is hired and give her the message from the Hostess. For the first time since she entered my office, I see her teeth and understand why the orthodontist wants her as a patient. She has the most spectacular set of 'British' teeth I have ever seen. They're slightly too big for her mouth and all are just a bit out of alignment.

While I'm trying to figure out a way to politely ask all the questions I have going through my mind, the Hostess walks through my door and says, "I think you are going to enjoy having your new assistant around. As soon as I saw her resume, I knew she was perfect for the job."

Then she turns to the new assistant I didn't know I was hiring and says, "Why don't you properly introduce yourself to him and answer a few of the questions I know he is having a hard time trying to find a way to ask without being impolite. I also have a few I would like to ask, but I'm not allowed to ask them, so maybe we can get together sometime and have coffee."

My new assistant smiles at me and I get another good look at her mouth. "My name really is Bertha Goodebotton as it says on my application, but I prefer Birdy. I was born in London, but we moved around a lot because of my father's job and I never was able to get my teeth fixed on the NHS plan because we moved so often. I've been into gymnastics since I was a little girl and studied ballet whenever I had a chance."

Then she lifts the left side of her skirt a little and the bottoms of her metal legbraces comes into view. "I saw you watching me as I sat down. I find it easier if I wear long skirts until people get to know me. A group of us were on the train to a competition when there was an accident. The rest of the group was close to the front of the train when the accident occurred and were uninjured. I was at the back stretching my legs and was one of the few with more severe injuries. A heavy goods lorry ran through a barrier and hit the last car, derailing it."

She takes a pause to sip from the bottle the Hostess hands her, then continues with, "My left knee had to be rebuilt and I was told I probably wouldn't walk again. I proved them wrong, though I do need the legbrace to be able to walk. My left leg is shorter than the right and I wear heels to make up for the difference. The alternative is to wear shoes with a built-up heel and sole, which I don't think is appealing."

"My right leg is fine most of the time, but they made me a legbrace from it as well while I was in the hospital. While I was learning how to walk again, I kept spraining my right ankle and it was simpler and cheaper to have me wearing a legbrace than to keep delaying my recovery every time I sprained it." She taps her left leg near her upper thigh and says, "This one is a full-length brace and supports my entire leg. The one on my right leg goes from below my knee to my shoe."

She smiles at both of us and asks, "Does that cover most of your questions?" Then she looks at me and says, "Your question about braces threw me off at first because I thought you were asking about my legbraces. To properly answer your questions, I very much want to get my teeth fixed. The orthodontist already has a treatment plan arranged for me and he's told me he will do it the way I want it done."

"I've never considered myself to be disabled, and I don't want to be treated as if I am. I just do some things differently than many people and move a bit slower sometimes."

I grin at her and say, "Welcome to Sparkles, Birdy. I think we are going to get along fine."

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 7

My teeth are sore when I wake up in the morning and biting into things is very uncomfortable, so I skip breakfast. Sitting in my basement all day doesn’t appeal to me, so I ride the bus to the restaurant.

The new sketchpad has given me the idea of starting on designing new uniforms for some of the staff. After finding that the pictures of my new braces can be combined to create an accurate 3D image of my face, I decide to try taking several photos of the person I am designing the uniform for before working on the new uniform. Being able to see the uniform from different angles will make it much easier to make the uniform fit right.

My outfit is skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt because I don’t feel like teasing the guys beside the stairs. Despite how sore my teeth are, the guys still get a smile from me as I pass by them and a few smile back at me, making me feel better.

There are a couple of chairs tucked into a corner most people don't use and I set myself up in it. The wifi gives me full access to the files on the computer and I begin to experiment with just what I can do with the programs. The 3D program quickly combines the pictures of my braced mouth to create a realistic image of the front of my face, but when it gets to the back, it has nothing to work with. The modelling part of the program takes over and tries to estimate what should be there, but the results are comical and nowhere near what the back of my head looks like. The program is good at adding depth to my sketches, but fails when it tries to turn them into a 3D model.

I'm laughing at the results when the girl from the orthodontist's office comes out to take her coffee break. She joins in the corner and I show her what I am laughing at, then she says I need more pictures for the program to work with. "Why don't you come into the office after my break and I'll take some more of you? Even if it doesn't work, you'll still have lots of pictures to remember your first few days in braces."

I show her the sketches I did of her the day before after the computer added some depth to them and she smiles at the result. "I'll have to work on my boss and get him to buy me some new uniforms. The guys will be lining up to get braces if I'm wearing something like those, especially if I'm wearing those heels." I can rotate the sketches a few degrees each way before the dimensions become too skewed.

I wait a while after her break to go to her desk. One of the other girls takes over for her while she takes me to the back and positions me against the wall. Since today isn't about taking pictures of my teeth for their records, she has me smile naturally as she takes pictures from the front and side, and then a few of the back, with closeups of my head. We're both having fun and it hasn't taken us very long to snap what we have, so she has me throw in some sexier poses as I slowly turn.

It's a high-quality camera body and expensive lens, and all she has to do is transfer the pictures to the office computer and erase the memory card, then move them all to my sketchpad. I don't know what she took and leave her to deal with a new batch of patients while I return to my corner to experiment with the new pictures.

I flick through the pictures as the sketchpad stitches them together into a 3D image, marvelling at the quality of the pictures she took. Rather than just capturing my face, she took many of my whole body and the sketchpad incorporates those into the image as well. As the 3D image rotates, more and more details fill in and I can zoom in and out. Looking in the mirror isn't the same as being able to see myself the way other people see me, and my new braces look different than I expected. The ligatures on the metal brackets add the splash of colour I was hoping for, and I can change the colour to get a better idea of what the braces will look like when I get the ligatures changed.

My skinny jeans and tight t-shirt also look good in the 3D image and when I switch to the design portion of the program, the dimensions displayed are close enough to my measurements to use for the patterns. After altering my t-shirt to show a little more cleavage with a push-up bra added, I check the dimensions and find them to be just as accurate. Just for the fun of it, I take the uniform I made for the receptionist and replace my t-shirt and jeans with the blouse and short skirt. The program takes the new information and builds a realistic-looking representation of what I would look like wearing it, including the metal brackets and ligatures currently on my teeth.

I’m having so much fun playing with my sketchpad, I forget about my sore teeth. There is one problem I notice, my image needs a background rather than the blank space it is currently in. The lady from the renovation office mentioned the program I am using has many of the same features they use in their office when they design projects, so I decide to wander over there and see if I can get access to the plans for my apartment.

As soon as I walk in, she smiles and thanks me for the designs I did for her. She particularly liked the one with the braces, and so did her husband. When I ask her how to access the model of my apartment, she gives me a quick lesson on how to find it in their database and cautions me not to make changes without consulting them first. The 3D model of my apartment is just what I am looking for and adding my 3D image just takes a few clicks. My screen is a bit too small to get an accurate look at the entire scene, so I cast it onto the screen on the wall. The room I select is my living room, and even without furniture, it gives a much better idea of how I would look in a work environment.

She laughs and says, “How would you like to do that on the model of the new restaurant? You will get a much better idea of how the uniform will look with a table and chair in the picture or a booth in the background.” She pulls up the model of the restaurant and drags my image into it, positioning me beside a table.

She rotates the whole model, and we watch as my image seems to move around behind the table and my face disappears from view, then reappears with my braces showing again. The combination of my image with the table makes the entire thing more lifelike and adds a sense of scale to both. She looks at me and asks, “Could you add the sketch you did of me to the chair at the table? It might be fun to see what the restaurant would look like with people in it.”

I locate the file with the sketches and open a new character file. The 3D program begins to build the base character from the sketch but doesn’t have enough information to work with. As the model rotates, it does the same thing it did with my face, showing the front and a bit of the sides, then running out of images to use for the rest.

I smile at her again, “I know how to fix this. Do you have a camera handy? I need to have more pictures for the program to work with.” When she nods, I add, “Get the camera and sit down in the chair. It will be easier to create a sitting character if the pictures are of you sitting.”

I move around her, taking pictures every forty-five degrees. It's just a simple digital camera, but I don't think it will matter. I ask if she has a cord to plug the camera into her computer, but she has a better idea. "Why don't you just put the SD card into your sketchpad and work off of it." I smile again and flash my newly accessorized teeth at her. Each time I smile, her eyes drop to my mouth briefly before returning to my face without saying anything.

The sketchpad goes to work, using the new pictures to fill in the blanks on the model. As the model rotates, the back and sides of the body fill in more until it is nearly complete. It is still struggling to combine the dress from the sketch with the photos I just took, but the semblance of her sitting in the desk chair in the evening gown is there. The back of the desk chair hides much of the missing information.

A few clicks transfers the new character into the model of the restaurant, but it doesn't look right without the chair from the restaurant. The lady pulls up a 3D model of one of the new restaurant chairs on her screen and shows me where to find it in the database. I'm surprised to find that I can access all the work the company has done to create the models for the restaurant right from my sketchpad, but she tells me all the computers in the building are linked to a central server, including the sketchpad I am using. It is a matter of moments before the chairs are switched and the scene in the restaurant has a waitress and a customer.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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This is really good!

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 5

Birdy shows up for her first day at Sparkles in a fancy low-back wheelchair with a set of forearm crutches clipped to the back. When she sees my panicked look, she grins her misaligned smile at me and says, "I brought my office chair to work with me, instead of waiting for you to get one for me. I find it easier and faster to get around the office this way, and if I need to stand up to get things, I have a spare set of legs to help with that. I usually wear my legbraces, but I feel more capable of doing my job if I am in one of my chairs. I brought the legbraces with me, but left them in the car in the basement."

I have to admit, she does look good in the wheelchair. I planned to spend most of the day teaching her how to run my office, but that quickly becomes unnecessary. When I show her the computer programs I use, she demonstrates she knows them better than I do, and shows me a few shortcuts to make my job easier. She handles the phone system like a professional and I find myself with nothing to do before our coffee break arrives.

When I offer to have something sent up from the restaurant, she rolls out from behind my desk and says, "Let's just go and get a coffee from Sparkles Cafe. You can introduce me to some of the staff and I can pop into the orthodontist's office for a minute to arrange an appointment to get started on fixing my teeth." It seems as if my assistant is already doing a better job of running my office than I did.

We order our coffee and a sandwich, and while I carry them to a table, she pops into the office and sets up her appointment. She obviously doesn't approve of the location I pick because she parks her chair at a table near the stairs and gestures for me to move there. As we sip our coffee, I begin to explain to her about the chairs set up halfway up the stairs, but she grins as she explains she knows about it.

"I was told all about it when we were coming up the stairs yesterday. I plan on making use of the opportunity to have a little fun from time to time. In case you haven't noticed, I still have a nice set of legs, even if they aren't working quite the way they should."

I am not quite sure how to react to the comment. She's clearly giving me the opportunity to check out her legs, but I'm her boss and I'm not sure if it is an appropriate thing to do. She takes the matter out of my hands by pushing away from the table and moving to the railing and knocking on it before doing a slow spin in her chair. A few whistles drift up from below as she returns to the table.

She's blushing a little and has a big smile on her face as she returns. "One of the ladies in my therapy class saw I was having a hard time dealing with my injuries. She started taking me out for tea after class, and she told me it was up to me to decide if I wanted to be miserable for the rest of my life or if I wanted to be happy. She tried explaining to me what she meant, but I couldn't seem to make it work for me."

"Finally she decided to show me what she meant. She took me to the mall and sat with me on a bench beside the escalator. I was told to look at the people around us and watch what they were doing. If anyone looked at us, she told me to smile at them before looking away. It took me several trips to the mall before I was able to do it, but I noticed that most of the people were too busy to look at us."

"The next time we went to the mall, she left me sitting on the bench while she went to the bathroom and changed. When she came back, she looked very different from what I was used to seeing her. As she crutched past me to the escalator, she smiled at me and moved her head so the hair on her long blonde wig fell over her chest. For the next fifteen minutes, I watched as she rode up and down the escalator in her short skirt with her missing lower leg on display. It really got interesting when she started clutching up and down the stairs. It didn't take long for her to attract an audience, and it wasn't just men watching her either."

"When I saw how much fun she was having, I finally understood what she meant. Those trips to the mall changed my life more than the accident did. She taught me that I have fashion accessories that other people don't. As soon as I get the braces on my teeth, I'm going to have one more fashion accessory to wear, though they won't make me stand out much around here."

My new assistant is making it impossible not to notice how good-looking she is. I’m also noticing she is more than just a pretty face and a nice body, she has a very sharp mind to go with it. Our coffee break has lasted longer than expected with her telling me more about herself, and with her doing most of the talking, she hasn’t had a chance to finish eating. I don’t feel like rushing her back to the office, so I say, “I’m making an executive decision, maybe the last one you’re going to let me make for a while.” I have a big grin on my face as I add, “Take your time finishing your break and come back to the office when you are ready.”

I'm just finishing with some routine paperwork when she comes rolling into the office. She has her legs crossed and her skirt is pulled up above her knees. The office suddenly feels crowded with both of us in it, and I feel as if I am intruding into her space. I stand and move my chair from behind the desk so she can take my place, and the office feels just a little bigger, but it doesn't feel like my office anymore.

She watches as I look around and asks, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

I sit in my chair facing her across the desk and answer, “This office isn’t big enough for both of us to work here.”

She smiles at me and says, “I was going to bring that up, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I was going to ask if a few changes could be made to accommodate the way I do things. Mostly just having shelves and cabinets at wheelchair level so I don’t have to stand up as much. I find it easier if I use my chair around the office, even when I am wearing my legbraces.”

I return her smile. “I know someone who can help us with that. Let’s go see if she is busy right now.” Birdy rolls out from behind her desk and I can’t help admiring how gracefully she does it. She handles the chair as if it is just a part of her body as she glides through the door ahead of me and waits.

It's only a short trip across the second floor to where the offices of the couple doing the renovations are located. Louise is in her office working when I knock on her door and ask, "Louise, do you have some time to help us with a problem?" When she nods, I move aside so Birdy can roll into the office and say, "This is my new assistant. She prefers to be called Birdy. We need to set her up with an office for her to work in, there just isn't enough space in my office for both of us. I was going to give her mine, but she pointed out to me that my office needs renovations to make it suitable for her to work in it."

Louise smiles at us and I notice a thin wire running across her top teeth. “Why don’t we go into the design room and see what we can do.”

Birdy pirouettes her chair and we follow Louise. A few minutes later, we are looking at the screen on the wall as an outline appears. “Let’s start with the idea of setting up a new office space for both of you to work in instead of renovating the one already there. We have lots of space to work with on the second floor.” Louise smiles at Birdy and says, “Tell me if I get out of line. What accommodations do we need to make for your condition?”

Birdy laughs and says, “If your referring to me being a female, and a good-looking one, none at all. If you mean that I am overqualified for the job I’ve been hired to do, there’s nothing you can do about that. What I do need is an office with a fancier desk than my boss's and someplace I can store all the files and things I am going to be using. I already have a fancy office chair and need an office to match it.”

Louise laughs and the wire across her top teeth sparkles in the overhead lights. "I think we're going to get along just fine. Okay, let's start with laying out your office first, then we can figure out what to do about arranging someplace for your boss to be while you do his job for him."

I clear my throat to get their attention, then say, “Why don’t I leave you ladies alone to rearrange my life? If you need me, I’ll be in my office trying to figure out what is happening to me. Or maybe I’ll go to the kitchen and see if I can be of use to them instead.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 6

I have nothing important to do in my office, so I change and go to the kitchen. It feels good to be working with my hands and the kitchen staff quickly have me busy helping them with the lunch rush. The new kitchen layout has plenty of space and will easily handle the increased workload of the new restaurant. Listening to the staff's ideas has been valuable and the traffic flow in and out of the kitchen is smooth.

Everyone seems happy and quite a few of them are smiling, and I can’t help noticing just how many of them have enhanced their smiles in some way. It’s not just the staff serving the customers, it’s the kitchen staff as well. It seems as if everyone is getting into the spirit of the theme of the new restaurant, even though it isn’t open yet.

I'm enjoying being in the kitchen so much that it is the middle of the afternoon before I return to my office after having a shower. The request to have showers in the new staff bathrooms has been a welcome upgrade and appreciated by more than just the kitchen staff.

Birdy is sitting behind the desk with a big smile on her face, and I notice she has her legbraces on. She hands me a picture of her sitting behind a fancy desk, and I see it shows her with braces on her teeth as well. “Louise was very helpful with designing our new offices. Being able to see the design in 3D was very nice, and it was fun when Tabi had me pose so she could add me to the pictures. She had me do a set in the wheelchair without my legbraces, a set of me using my crutches without them, then we did several sets with me wearing my legbraces, one in the chair, one standing and one using the crutches. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much. She made me feel like a professional model.”

The puzzled look on my face clues her in that she has left me behind. "Louise is the lady handling the renovations. She added the features I wanted to the 3D design for the new office space for us, then suggested a few things I hadn't thought of, to make the offices easier for both of us to use. My desk is on pistons so the height can be adjusted to use a regular office chair or my wheelchair. All of the cabinets and drawers are at wheelchair height and still accessible when I am using my crutches."

"Most of the files we use are on the computer and we have a semi-private network for our office." She turns the computer screen so I can see it too and the 3D model of our office is displayed. "Your office has a second door so you can come and go as you like."
She clicks on another icon and a bunch of thumbnails are displayed, most of them of her in her new office. She pushes the mouse over to me and says, “Enjoy yourself, I know I did when Tabi was putting them together.” I give her another puzzled look.

"Tabi is the seamstress. She has a setup in her shop to take pictures for when she is designing uniforms. Her computer uses the pictures to create 3D images for her to work with to create the patterns for the uniforms she is making. It uses many of the same features the computer in the renovation office does and she put the pictures she took of me into the design of the new office so we could see how the new office would work with my wheelchair. She also added braces to my teeth in some of them to give me a good idea of how I might look with them."

"I'm going to go get a coffee while you're looking at the pictures. Would you like me to get you one too?" When I shake my head, she rolls away from the desk, leaving me to look at the pictures. The pictures are grouped by location, and each picture is different. The first set is of her at her desk, with one picture of her in her wheelchair without her legbraces, one with her wearing them, and some of her sitting in an office chair, both with and without the legbraces.

The next set has her standing by her desk and she is using her crutches, both with and without her legbraces. The pictures without her legbraces have her shorter leg dangling above the floor. The built-up heel is noticeable in the pictures of her wearing the legbraces.

There's also a set of pictures of her upper body with her smiling face as the focal point. Each of the pictures has her wearing a different appliance or style of braces, and some of them have a combination of braces and appliances.

I’m going through the pictures again, looking at them from different angles and zooming in and out a little when Birdy returns to the office with her coffee. Some of the pictures of her at the desk and moving around the office have her wearing a variety of orthodontic braces, and I have one of her wearing large metal brackets with coloured ligatures on her teeth standing in front of her desk on just her crutches, on the screen when she does.

I blush as she asks, “Do you like that one? Which picture is your favourite?” I begin to push the office chair away from the desk to make room for her, but she says, “Leave the chair there,” and she locks the wheels on her wheelchair and stands up. I hear the lock on her long legbrace click into position before she walks over to me.

She takes the mouse from me, selects one of the pictures of her wearing thin metal bands on all her teeth, and says, “Tabi says this is her favourite one of me.” She clicks on another thumbnail and a picture of her wearing heavy metal brackets with an archwire with bends in it appears on the screen. “I think I prefer this look, though the self-ligating brackets have a bulkier look to them. The orthodontist told me it is up to me what he uses, all I have to do is decide before my appointment so he can have them ready. So, what style do you think I should get?”

I avoid looking at her until she says in a serious voice, "I want you to look at me." She takes my hand and places it on her knee, using my fingers to trace the scar concealed by the fabric on her leg. Then she moves my hand up to the leather band holding the legbrace against her leg and runs my fingers along it until they are resting on the metal bar on the side. "My injury doesn't define who I am. It's taken me a while to come to terms with what has happened." She's not done yet. Her hand moves mine up the outside of her leg until both our hands are resting on the lace band of her stocking. "I am still a woman and I want you to see me as one. Treat me the way you would any other good-looking woman. I expect you to look at me when I am in the office, and I am getting braces soon, so they are going to be a part of me too. Your opinion matters to me, and looking good for you is part of it."

I finally look up at her, and I pause when my eyes are level with where our hands are resting before moving to her face. She has a smile on her face. “Don't think that I am going to be flashing my stocking-covered legs at you all the time. It may only be a one-time thing, so enjoy it while you can.” She moves my hand up and down the metal bar against her leg, then along the leather band around her upper thigh. “I’m not asking to date you or anything like that, but I’m not averse to the possibility.”

My gaze returns to where our hands are on her leg, and I smile. “You do have a nice leg.” I move our hands along the metal bar, with my thumb on the bar and my fingers on the back of her leg, until we are at her knee.

She stops me before I can go any lower. “Be careful, if you go much lower, you will unlock my legbrace and you might end up with me on your lap.”

For the first time since I met her, I really look at her, and I begin to chuckle. “I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I have my hand on your leg.”

She giggles. “Is that a promise?”

I look her in the eyes. “As long as I’m not pretending to be your boss when it happens, I don’t think it will be a problem. Why don’t you pull up a chair and we can look over the pictures to decide what style of braces to get you.”

She laughs at the way I phrased my request and returns to her chair, rolling up beside me. We take our time looking at the pictures Tabi put together. As we discuss the good and bad aspects of the various looks and treatments, I realize I’ve never considered how the new restaurant is going to impact our employees. When I mention it to Birdy, she says, “Legally, I’m not sure where you stand. Louise, Tabi and I talked about it while we were in Tabi’s studio. I agree with their opinions. Before anyone is hired, they are aware of how they are expected to dress. You have provided a wide range of options by having Tabi design uniforms for them, and they don’t have to get braces, retainers are an acceptable alternative. Judging by how many of them are getting braces, I have to say they are more than happy with the requirement. The restaurant isn’t even open yet and most of the employees have braces already. Some of them don’t even need them.”

She turns in her wheelchair toward me. “I think you are doing a good thing by providing braces at a price your employees can afford. For many of them, this is the first time they have been able to smile with confidence because they do have metal on their teeth.”

Her smile gets bigger. "Louise said I may be uniquely qualified to help you with a problem you are having with the new restaurant. Why don't we go and take a look."

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I enjoy more and more your story ! Please keep on writing !

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 7

I follow Birdy as she rolls to the freight elevator. She waves her wrist over the pad and the doors open for her. "It wouldn't hurt to brighten this thing up a little. I know it is used mainly for moving supplies around, but adding a little colour to the walls would make it more appealing to everyone using it. Once the new restaurant is open you may have customers using it too."

She hands me a tablet and says, "Get used to using that. You're going to be making notes on that thing quite a lot with me working for you."

The doors open and she rolls into the new restaurant. Right away, she points out that there needs to be better access for the customers to the elevator. The kitchen is getting ready for the evening rush and she just peeks inside before telling me we can leave it until it is a better time. It's as she rolls around the layout of the new restaurant that I learn just how valuable a member of the staff she is going to be.

Right away, she points out things nobody else thought of. Many of them are just cosmetic, such as putting some of the decorations at the same height as she is at so she doesn't have to look up at them. Some others are using handles instead of knobs on the doors so it is easier to open them for people with difficulty grasping things.

I'm a bit shocked when she stands up and takes her crutches from the back of her wheelchair, then tells me to sit in it. Once I figure out how to maneuver it properly, I realize it is quite comfortable. She slows down so I can keep up with her as we work our way around the restaurant again. The things she is pointing out to me make more sense when I see them from the same position she was in and I make more notes as I follow her.

Something else I notice is how nice she looks from this angle as she crutches around the restaurant. My arms are tired when I finally ask her if we can take a break. She smiles and a picture of her with braces on her teeth flashes through my mind. She clips her crutches to the back of the chair and takes a seat again.

At the Tuesday staff tour of the new restaurant, I bring up the suggestions Birdy has made, giving her the credit for them. While everyone is wandering around the restaurant, I'm busy looking at their smiles, and there are a lot of smiles to look at. The majority of the smiles are showing metal, and an overwhelming proportion have brackets, with many of them being quite colourfully enhanced.

Birdys right in there with them, using her legbraces to get around, making notes on her tablet as she circulates among them. She's wearing a short skirt and the difference between her braces is easy to see. I notice a few guys checking her out and am tempted to say something to them, but she doesn't seem to mind and eventually works her way to where they are and talks with them.

After everyone has left, she transfers her notes to the computer for me to review, and it's no surprise they are very detailed and include more than just notes on the new restaurant. At the bottom is a note saying she is going to take a couple of extended coffee breaks next week. Sometimes I feel as if she is the one running the office.

With Birdy taking care of things in the office, I have a lot more time to get into the kitchen and more than enough to handle things in the new restaurant. The walls for our new offices are up and just like she said, her office is more extensive than mine. She’s always in the office before I arrive and lets the restaurant know what flavour of coffee she wants, and I bring up the pot when I arrive, then we sit down and she tells me what is on my schedule for the day.

I’m wandering through the new restaurant, looking for things that have been missed and knowing I’m not going to find any, when Birdy texts me she is taking an extended coffee break and has transferred the office phone to my cell. When I saw how efficient she was at running the office, I told her I was changing her pay from hourly to salaried and giving her a small raise. She was amazed that I was doing it after such a short time, but I told her she still wasn’t getting paid what she was worth.

An hour or so later, I get another text from her letting me know she is back in the office and asking me to come to the office when I have the time, something she does when there is something she feels I might want to know about.

She has her back to the door when I walk into the office, and she waits until I am sitting in the chair across the desk from her to turn around. She has a big smile on her face and her teeth are covered in metal. We'd spent quite a bit of time discussing the different options available for braces and the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Some look better up-close and others are better from a distance. With all the time we spent talking about what she should get, I couldn't settle on one style I preferred. Even after all the time we've spent talking, she's found an option that I hadn't even thought about and has almost all the features I found most appealing. She has wide gold bands around most of her teeth, with spacers between the teeth that are too close together to fit bands around and chrome springs to create spaces to move a few teeth into.

She leans forward over her desk to give me a better view of her braces, then not satisfied it’s close enough, rolls around her desk in her wheelchair to beside my chair. She’s not wearing her legbraces today, probably because it was more comfortable to be in the orthodontist chair without them. She slowly moves her head from side to side with her teeth together, then opens her mouth enough for me to see the gold bands on the inside of her teeth.

Every time we’ve discussed her getting the braces, she’s dropped hints even I could pick up on, that she has been looking forward to finding out what it is like to be kissed while wearing braces, and that she would like it if I was the person who did it. I’ve never given her any indication that I am considering it, but it has been on my mind every day when I see her around the building, and sometimes when she isn’t around.

Seeing her with her new braces is just too much for me to cope with, so I say, “How about we close the office a little early today and I buy you supper at ‘Sparkles Daytime’? And if you don’t object, we can call it a ‘date’.

She pirouettes her wheelchair on the back wheels a couple of times before going behind her desk and saying, “I’ll book ‘the room’ for later today. You go and finish what you were doing while I decide what to wear for our date.” It doesn’t surprise me she has access to the one place in ‘Sparkles Daytime’ that always seems to be booked.

I decide I’m going to surprise her with a braces-friendly meal not on the menu yet. When I tell the kitchen staff what I want to do, there are a lot of smiles and mumbles of ‘it's about time’ from a few of them. I ask them to keep it to themselves, but it spreads to the waiters and waitresses in no time and they all have smiles on their faces as they come and go from the kitchen, many of them having metal sparkling in them.

The staff all work together to get the meal ready and I am putting the finishing touches on 'the room' when Birdy rolls through the door to 'Sparkles Daytime'. Even from across the room, her gold braces are visible, just not the way ordinary metal braces are. She's changed her makeup, using colours and shades to compliment her new braces and make them stand out more. She's also changed her stockings and shoes and she's not wearing her legbraces either. I'm used to seeing her wearing the legbraces around the office most of the time, since she finds it easier to get around, even when she's using her wheelchair.

She parks her chair beside the hostess station and stands, using the crutches from behind her seat. The gold-banded smile on her face seems to get bigger as she swings between her crutches toward me on her heels, her shorter leg just about touching the floor each time she takes a step.

I move out of the doorway so she can get into the room, then close the door so we are separated from the rest of the restaurant. One of the features of 'the room' is the communication system. On the outside of 'the room' is a light, and the occupants of the room can use it to let the waitress know when they need something, without worrying about being disturbed. It also changes colour when the kitchen has the order ready. The first design was just a switch and after some comments from staff and customers, was changed to a dial to allow for better communication.

Birdy takes her seat at the table, with her shorter leg facing me and sets her crutches within easy reach. I turn the dial on the wall to let the staff know we are ready to eat and sit across from her. I’m admiring how her gold braces sparkle in the subdued lighting when there is a knock on the door and our waitress brings in our meal. Just like most of the new staff, she’s taken advantage of the opportunity to have her teeth fixed and has started treatment before the new restaurant is even open.

Birdy waits until our waitress is gone to say, "She's going to be so happy with her smile when she's finished with her braces, and she seems pretty happy with her braces right now." She looks at the food on the table and asks, "Is this part of the new menu? I haven't seen it before."

Her smile gets big and her braces glitter as I say, “I made this for our date. It is to celebrate your first day with braces. It’s probably going to be added to the new menu as a specialty item just for two people to share. Everything is braces-friendly, even though it doesn’t look like it.”

She giggles as she looks at the plate, pulls it to her side of the table and gestures for me to move my chair beside hers. She doesn’t give me much room and we are sitting with our legs touching and I have to put my arm behind her to get close enough to the plate. It becomes obvious this is what she wants when she begins to feed me, alternating with feeding herself.

It doesn’t take long for her to decide there is a better way to share the food and she shifts her body to my lap, relying on me to support her back with one arm. She takes my other hand and places it on her knee over the scars from her operation, then moves it around a bit, implying she is giving me permission to do more with my hand.

Her position on my lap puts her mouth at the ideal distance for me to examine her new braces, and she takes plenty of opportunities to flash them at me, both the inside and outside of her teeth. Every time she picks up another piece of food for either of us, her position on my lap changes and my hand gradually moves up the split in her skirt, on the outside of her leg as I use it to help support her, until it is resting on the lace band of her stocking. When I realize where my hand is, it begins to shake a little until she places her hand over mine and whispers, “Thank you,” in my ear as her braces graze my earlobe.

She feeds me the last few bites from the plate and leans back against my arm, then runs her tongue over her braces, dislodging a few bits of food stuck to the archwires. I have a ringside seat to her display, and she takes her time removing the debris.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - Charlene
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Chapter 3

My spoiled rich kid got even more spoiled when we got home. I put on one of my old waitress uniforms and slipped on a pair of stockings and stiletto heels. While I cooked supper, he sat at the table watching me, and I made sure to bend over to look for ingredients several times, each time giving him a flash of the top of my stockings.

I didn’t neglect what he really wanted to see, my braces. I still hadn’t taken a look at them, so I didn’t know what they looked like yet. My tongue got quite a workout exploring them, and he got to watch as I ran my tongue over the brackets frequently. My teeth hadn't started aching yet, but I knew from when our daughter had braces that my teeth would get sore, so I made one of the meals they used to enjoy.

Eating wasn’t as easy as I expected, and I spent a lot of time trying to dislodge food from my braces, which he seemed to enjoy watching. He was spending so much time watching me, his plate hardly got touched.

After wrapping his plate so he could eat it later, I told him it was time for me to brush my teeth and he could watch as long as he behaved himself. Brushing my teeth with braces was a whole new experience, and oddly, made much more enjoyable by having my husband watching me. Each time I bent over to spit or rinse, he got a glimpse of more than just my stocking tops, and a few times I caught him extending his hands toward what he was seeing. I just grinned and let him know he would have to be patient. I also got a good look at my new braces, and the look of the bulky brackets and dark ligatures holding the archwires in place appealed to me.

I had seen how thorough he had been, making sure our daughters had done a good job brushing their teeth, and I wanted him to do the same for me, with a few variations. The first was how long I wanted him to take doing it. The second was the positions we would be in. I had him sit on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, then I put my head on his lap. I don't know where he found the lamp, but it had a fully articulating arm and a lens to focus the light to a point, just like they use in the orthodontist's office, only smaller.

With his lap acting similar to the headrest of the orthodontist's chair, he was able to see everything in my mouth and move my head around to get the best view possible. He had a surprise waiting for me. He pulled a set of instruments from the drawer of the night table and removed a tiny mirror from the case so he could see how the bands fit around my back teeth, in better detail. My first evening in braces was turning out to be even better than I had hoped, and it was still early.

His visual inspection became more thorough as he used another of the tools to very gently probe behind the archwires to check for any food left after I brushed. I had spent extra time brushing just to tease him and he didn't find anything. There was one more thing I wanted him to do. I let him take as long as he wanted inspecting my braces, before I pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips, putting him in the ideal position for him to use his tongue to make sure my braces were clean.

My position above him also freed his hands to explore the areas he had been reaching for in the bathroom, and all he had to do was unfasten a few buttons. There wasn't anything else in the way.

As more of the new restaurant was put in place, they hired more part-time staff. The Hostess was busy training more hostesses and had more than enough to do with getting the new restaurant ready, so I was promoted and given the job of training the new waiters and waitresses. I came up with a fun way to make the training realistic without putting pressure on the new staff.

Each week, I held a training session in the new restaurant and invited anyone who worked in the building to come. Everyone who came got a piece of paper to write a possible scenario on and place in a box. All the new waiters and waitresses were given a number, and when everyone was ready, I took a scenario from the box and we acted it out, sometimes doing more than one at the same time. Anyone whose number wasn't drawn became a customer.

The kitchen staff and busboys weren't excluded either. I had one of the staff members draw numbers and the people with those numbers were the serving staff for that scenario. Some of the scenarios were funny, such as the screaming baby, and others were a little more intense, such as the pregnant woman going into labour. Even the kitchen staff were involved. We used pink forms to designate a practice order and the kitchen staff had to keep track of how long it was supposed to take before the order was ready, then place the form on a plate to be delivered to the table. Even though they didn't have to make anything for a customer, they still had to manage their time while still working.

It wasn't just the floor staff who showed up. Management came as well, and they used the time to listen to what the employees said. The kitchen manager's new assistant was particularly helpful. Sometimes she showed up wearing her legbraces, and other times she came in her wheelchair. She taught the staff how to properly serve someone with a disability, and the most important thing everyone learnt was that not everyone with a visible difference is disabled. She demonstrated it by challenging some of the waiters to try serving the 'customers' while using a wheelchair, and did the job right alongside them.

The Seamstress also showed up frequently, usually in a costume and we never knew how she was going to act. When she did 'rich woman with an attitude', there were a few embarrassed looks from some of the owners, and some changed the ways they did things. Everyone had fun when she did 'the drunk bride-to-be', even the busboys who had to clean up the mixture of cold pea soup and vegetables left on the floor.

What really stood out was the number of people with braces and orthodontic appliances that took part each week. The new people usually had retainers and were still getting used to wearing them. The staff who had been around for a while and had just been fitted with their braces were easy to spot too. They were the ones either trying to hide their braces or still learning how to get their lips over the brackets. Sometimes I cheated when the numbers were drawn and appointed them to be the waiters and waitresses for the evening.

My husband didn't always join me for those evenings, and when he did, we always played the older couple on a date. We didn't make it easy on the staff, deliberately getting caught with my husband running his tongue over my braces while we kissed and let our hands stray. They didn't know just how much fun we were really having, and most of the time, we weren't acting, we were treating it like a real date.

When the Seamstress and the Hostess asked me to help them with a presentation to the owners about the uniforms, I leapt at the chance, and got my husband involved as well. We designed a uniform similar to what I had worn when I first was a waitress and added a few minor touches to update it a little. My older-style braces were the touch that really pulled everything together. Of course, we had to try it out in the bedroom, and both of us enjoyed what happened.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Bet
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Chapter 2

A few days later, I get a call from the orthodontist's office to let me know my retainers are ready, and that I should be prepared for an appointment to have my uniform fitted.

I arrive a bit early, out of habit, and check in at the front desk. The same girl is there and she gives me a big smile as she says, “It’s nice to see you again. Have a seat and the Doctor will see you shortly.” I return her smile, though mine isn’t decorated the way hers is. Her British accent is barely noticeable and is partially hidden by the slight lisp she has.

My newest hearing aids have a drawback. They were more sensitive than I am used to and I am still learning how to screen out the background noise they pick up. Some things are more apparent, such as her lisp and the British accent, but I’m not complaining, this new set is much more discrete. I’ve had hearing aids most of my life and they are just like another piece of clothing to me. Some people reach for their glasses as soon as they get up, I reach for my hearing aids, then put on my glasses. I don’t need the glasses, but I like how I look wearing them.

One thing I like about my new hearing aids is I can wear my hair however I want. For a long time, I had short hair and clipped it back behind my ears because my hair used to brush against them and create an annoying rustling sound. It’s nice to be able to let my hair grow, it’s almost to my shoulders now. I’ve also had my ears pierced and have been experimenting with earrings. Studs work very well, and some dangling earrings work fine without my hearing aids picking up any noise from them. I can also connect my hearing aids to BlueTooth and control the volume with my phone.

Being hard of hearing from a young age also meant I had learnt how to read lips, and as a consequence, I had also developed an interest in mouths. The way the girl at the desk is smiling reveals all of the orthodontic hardware in her mouth, and the bands around her molars and premolars are new. I take a seat where I can watch her and see some of the other people waiting for their appointments.

It’s surprising how much information can be learnt just by watching people. A couple of employees from the restaurant are talking and I learn that the probationary period is calculated on the number of hours paid, not on the number of days worked. An ortho assistant comes out and asks the girl at the desk if the special client has arrived. The girl at the desk looks in my direction and smiles, then nods. The assistant tells her the Doctor can see me in ten minutes. It’s all random information with no context and just gets filed away for future reference. All of this information comes to me from across the room, without them knowing I am ‘listening’.

While I am waiting, I use the internet app on my phone to check the value of the pot for the bet. The value of the bet is still low, but with the number of people betting, the pot is quite substantial. A geek with a .EDU account posted the rules and set up a program to handle online bets and track the people betting. Part of it handles alterations to the original bet to stop it from being substantially changed to try to win the bet.

My request to add “Must successfully complete clause 4B of the employee requirements” to the rules for ‘The Bet’ has been approved and my raise of $10 has been accepted. Now all I need is for the orthodontist to agree to my request.

The receptionist taps on my arm and says, “The Doctor is ready for you now, please come with me.” I follow her to a private room with a dental chair and a cloth-covered tray. On the computer screen are my files and pictures of my teeth. At the top is ‘Special’ in green letters. Some of the things I ‘heard’ in the waiting room are making sense.

The doctor glances at the screen as he walks in and smiles at me. “Before we start, do you have any concerns?” I shake my head. “Are you ready to become an employee of ‘Sparkles’?” I smile and nod my head. “Okay then, open please so I can check how your retainers fit.” He lifts the cloth covering the tray the way a magician does and the models of my teeth holding my new retainers come into view.

They are spectacular looking on the models, and as he slips them into my mouth, fit onto my teeth without any alteration. He has me open and close a few times and checks to make sure they fit between my jaws correctly. I glide my tongue over the heavy wires now running over my teeth and begin to giggle at the feeling.

I have to restrain myself from running to the mirror when he says I can take a look. The lights around the mirror glint off of the wires on my teeth as I examine how I look now. He’s waiting patiently for me by the chair when I return, and before I have a chance to say anything, he asks, “I only ask a certain type of employee this and only when I am sure they will stay with the restaurant for quite a while. If you could have any type of treatment, what would it be? Be honest with me, because I can make it happen for you.”

The smile on my face can’t get any bigger than it is. “Do I have to decide right now and can I alter it at a later date?”

He chuckles a little bit. "Take your time deciding, I want it to be just what you want. The only limit is, it has to be realistic and I won't do anything that will cause you harm. And yes, it can be altered as your treatment progresses, as long as it doesn't significantly change the treatment you have requested."

As I begin to describe what I want to do, he makes notes in my file. A few times I ask if he can do one thing at the same time as he does another and he smiles and nods. The file gets longer as I mention a few things I would like to try for a short time just to see how it feels.

Then I ask ‘The Big Question’. “When can I start?”

His reply surprises me. “I can do the brackets and archwires next week. The rest of the things will have to wait until you complete your probation period. If you want, I can advise them to put you on full-time.”

I’m grinning so much that the muscles in my cheeks are beginning to hurt as I accept his offer. I don’t even have to go to the front desk to schedule my appointment, he does it as I watch.

As I walk out, the girl at the front desk says, “Welcome to ‘Sparkles’, I look forward to seeing you around here,” and she returns my smile.

I stop at the restaurant on my way up to the orthodontist's office to say hi to all the people working. They all know I am getting my braces today, but they don’t know why.

The total figure of the money I can win is enough to pay for my education with plenty left over to cover the cost of my braces with all the accessories I want to try. And it is still growing. If anyone else has managed to get this close to winning ‘The Bet’, they’ve been keeping quiet about it.

Just over an hour later, I walk out of the orthodontist's office with a big smile on my face. Nobody will be able to miss the bright pink ligatures holding in the archwires of my older style braces. I remember the kids at school wearing this kind and wishing I could have them. The doctor has promised me I can have the bands fitted around my teeth as soon as I complete my probation and there is enough space between my teeth to fit them.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 8

Despite being around people with braces all day, I've always seen them as just part of the uniforms they are wearing. It's never occurred to me that there is more to having braces than just wearing them for treatment, for some of the people in the building.

Birdy’s braces display has an effect on me that I’m not prepared to deal with. It’s been a while since I’ve had a pretty girl sitting on my lap, and even longer since I’ve had my hand on the leg of one so willing to allow me to be so close to her. I’m also realizing she is using her braces in a way I wasn’t expecting.

It's impossible for me to hide my body's response to the display she is putting on, with her sitting on my lap, and her smile gets bigger as she adjusts how she is sitting. I'm trying to figure out how to apologize to her for acting inappropriately when she says, "Thank you for asking me for a date. It's been a long time since anyone has treated me with the respect you have so far this evening. You probably don't realize just how special the meal you prepared for us was. Nobody has ever created a meal for me, designed to be shared the way this meal has been."

Her eyes begin to sparkle as they get moist and I can see her fighting back the tears that are forming. “What is even more special to me is that you haven’t treated me as if I am a cripple. You’ve made me feel like the woman I am.”

I move my hand underneath hers on her leg and she giggles again. “I did say you might end up with me on your lap if you weren’t careful what you did with your hands, I just didn’t expect it to be quite like this.” Her hand moves from covering mine to the side of my face. “I’ve been hinting that I want you to be the first guy I kiss after getting my braces, so if it’s okay with you, will you let me?”

I’m really not in a position to object, nor am I inclined to refuse the request. When I don’t say anything, she takes it for consent and leans toward me, a single tear running down her nose and landing on my lips just before her lips contact mine. Our first kiss is tentative and brief, with her pulling away first. I pull her closer to me with the arm supporting her back, and this time I initiate the kiss. She shifts her position so she is more comfortable, and my hand on her leg slides up the outside of her leg and under her skirt. Her lips part slightly and her braces brush against my lips.

We’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Birdie moves her head away enough to say, “Come in,” and our waitress enters. She takes one look at us and turns the switch on the wall to ‘Do Not Disturb’. Her face has a pretty pink flush to it as she turns back to us and says, “It’s been quiet in here for a while. I just wanted to see if you wanted anything for dessert, but it doesn’t look like you’re quite ready for that yet. Just let me know if there is anything I can get you.”

Birdie giggles and says, “Would you mind bringing me my wheelchair? I’m not sure how stable I’m going to be on my crutches and I’d rather not take the chance of hurting myself.”

As soon as we have the room to ourselves again, Birdie runs her tongue over her braces and says, “Now, where were we? I think I had my braces against your lips and you were about to use your tongue to feel them before kissing me the way I should be kissed to experience being kissed for the first time while I’m wearing braces.”

I press my lips against hers again, and her new brackets graze my lips before I follow her directions and add a slight twist by running my tongue along the inside of her teeth as well. It’s hard to tell who is getting more enjoyment from our second first kiss, and it doesn’t really matter.

I let Birdie decide when she’s been kissed the way she wants to be kissed, and she isn’t in any hurry to stop. Her position on my lap gradually changes as she presses more of our upper bodies together, relying on me to support her. I’m beginning to think I’m doing something wrong, until she moves her lips away from mine and says, “Wow, that kiss was so much better than I imagined it would be.” She quickly brushes her lips against mine and asks, “So you think you can put me in my chair now?”

I grin and reply, “I don’t think it would be very polite for me to stand up right now.”

Her grin matches mine as she leans away from me and pulls her chair next to us, depending on my arms to support her. I swivel in my seat to line her up with her wheelchair and my hand slides along the outside of her leg as she transfers to her chair. As her leg slides beneath my hand, I caress it until my hand reaches her knee and she pauses as I trace along the scars covered by her stocking.

Her hand grazes the front of my pants as she settles into her wheelchair and she’s grinning as she says, “Thank you. Do you want me to leave while you adjust yourself?”

I smile sheepishly. “I was hoping I could use the handles on the back of your chair to pretend to push your chair and hide it behind you.”

She has a big grin on her face as she says, “That’s not going to work. I don’t have any handles. You can put your hands on my shoulders and it will look as if you are pushing me that way.” She waits as I stand up, then turns so she is facing away from me and I put my hands on her shoulders. Her head tilts back against me and she grins as she asks, “Ready to give it a try?”

I smile at her. “You’re making it hard for me, you know that?”

Her gold brackets and bands are on full display as she says, “I know, so just enjoy the view while you can.”

We don’t make it very far before someone in the restaurant begins to laugh and someone else begins to clap. I try to ignore the whispered comments of, ‘It’s about time’, and ‘It took him long enough,’ coming from some of the staff and regular customers. As we pass the hostess station, Birdie asks her to store her crutches until later, when she will pick them up. She places her hands on top of mine on her shoulders and says, "To the office James."

I smile down at her, dividing my attention between admiring her braces and the amount of cleavage showing between the edges of her blouse. Her hand leaves mine just long enough for her to wave it across the elevator keypad before covering my hand with hers on her shoulder again.

As the door to our office locks behind us, she points to the office chair and asks me to sit down so we can talk eye to eye. “I want to thank you properly for taking me on a date.” She parks her chair beside me and uses the desk to stand, letting her left leg dangle until she settles on my lap with her shorter leg away from my chest.

I thought our first kiss was good, but she takes everything she learnt from it and puts her entire body into showing her appreciation for taking her on the date. Without the risk of being caught, I take the time to explore her braces thoroughly. It takes a while before she loosens her grip on my neck and I can move my mouth away from her enough to say, “Thank you. You’ve given me a whole different understanding of how to kiss a woman.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 9

As the finishing touches are put on the new restaurant, Birdie and I plan for a preview look for all the investors. It will be a few full-service evenings with all the staff on duty and the kitchen handling all the cooking for both restaurants. The plan is to see what we need to do to smoothly transition to running both restaurants at the same time before problems occur.

The first evening is going to be adults-only, and it wasn’t me who suggested it, it was Birdy, Tabi, Louise and Charlene who suggested it. They haven’t included me in the planning sessions and Birdy just smiles and tells me, “Mind your own business, we’re taking care of everything. If we need you, we’ll let you know.”

They have told me, not asked me, to be ready to make the meals listed on a limited menu put together from the dishes we already serve and to prepare my staff ahead of time. All of the staff who are working the first evening have big smiles on their faces and are refusing to tell me what the ladies are planning. They’ve mailed out invitations to all the investors explaining what the test runs are for and why there is going to be more than one evening. Clearly stated on the invitations is that the first evening is adults-only. I’ve had a few inquiries from the investors, but I’ve asked them to talk to Birdy for the answers they are seeking.

I get a glimmer of what is going on when Birdy arrives at work wearing one of Tabi's creations. Birdy's already told me she is going to be working from the new restaurant all day, and to call if I need anything. Most of my day is taken up with getting the kitchen ready for the evening, and I begin to understand just how much I've come to rely on Birdy to make my job easier.

As it gets closer to ‘Opening Time’ for the investor’s evening, more of the staff start arriving, and things are looking interesting. The hostess has her station moved outside the entrance to the new restaurant and has one of her assistants taking care of directing the guests to where they need to go. Those with an invitation are welcomed to the new restaurant and those just looking for a meal are directed to ‘Sparkles Daytime” or upstairs to ‘Sparkles Cafe’ if they want a snack.

The kitchen gets busier as the orders start to come in from the new restaurant and I am kept on my toes trying to manage it all. My head chef finally tells me to get out of the way and let the people I hired do their jobs. The staff in the restaurant have a very efficient communication system, and Birdy heads me off before I can walk from the kitchen to the new restaurant. “Come with me. You are not working here tonight, you are a customer and have to use the front door just like the rest of them.”

I follow her through ‘Sparkles Daytime’ and she takes me to the hostess in front of the new restaurant. She’s wearing one of the new uniforms designed by Tabi and it isn’t one I approved. It fits her in all the right places, maybe a little too well, and is showing just a little more than is proper for a family restaurant, but still acceptable for her job as a hostess. That is if she wasn’t wearing the heels she has on.

"Hello, and welcome to Sparkles." She nails the greeting perfectly, accenting it with a braces-filled smile with the ligatures in the restaurant colours. "This evening is for the investors only and the uniforms are not what we are going to be wearing when the restaurant opens." She opens the door for us and I follow Birdy inside.

The smile on Birdy’s face matches the smile on the hostess's face, except my assistant has a much more glittery smile with all the gold bands around her teeth. Her outfit looks professional, until I take a better look at it. Her blouse is too thin to adequately cover the lingerie she is wearing, relying on the form-fitting jacket to cover it. Her skirt is just as tailored and is meant to only be worn while in the wheelchair, and is barely long enough to cover the lace at the top of her stockings. I know she’s going to be spending the evening in her chair, because there is no way she would be able to walk in her heels, even with her crutches and leg braces, neither of which she has with her.

She begins to laugh as I look around at the restaurant. I’ve seen it when it is empty and when we have our investor’s meetings, but it is transformed by having customers in it for the first time. Many of the investors are dressed up for the evening and the feeling of money is present. As I look around, I see most of them smiling and enjoying the atmosphere created for the event.

All of the staff are dressed appropriately for the event and I see why Birdy wouldn’t tell me what they had planned. I hostess's greeting makes more sense now. Everyone working is wearing one of Tabi’s creations and none of the uniforms would be allowed. Birdy takes my hand and guides me to a booth where I can see the entire restaurant.

As she stops laughing, she begins to explain. “We wanted to do something special for our first time with customers in the restaurant. The four of us held a staff meeting and asked everyone if they wanted to do something a bit fun, and then we asked for their suggestions. Tabi tossed out the idea of wearing some of the things she created that weren't meant for the restaurant, and they were thrilled at the idea. It wasn’t just the younger staff who jumped at the idea. Charlene wanted to wear her uniform again, with a few changes, and some of the older staff decided to join her. Tabi was kept busy designing and assembling uniforms for many others. Everyone working tonight is here by choice.”

I take a good look at what all the staff are wearing. Rather than all looking the same, each outfit is different, and they all stand out as working in the restaurant. Not all the uniforms are as on-the-edge as Birdy and the hostess’s are. What does stand out is every one of them has a smile and their braces and retainers are on full display.

Our waitress comes over and asks if we are ready to order. Birdy nudges me under the table and says, “Stop staring at her. She’s working you know.”

Our waitress laughs and says, “It’s okay if he stares. He’s the one that made all this possible.” She does a slow spin to show off her uniform and ends it with a big smile. “I wouldn’t have been able to afford to get braces without this job.” Birdy asks her to come back in a while once I get my brain working again.

All of the suggestions from the staff have made a big difference to the flow in the new restaurant. The waiters and waitresses aren’t getting in each other's way and I see several tables with large groups where more than one server is helping to bring the food. Even though it isn’t obvious, the traffic moves in a circle throughout the restaurant. The customers are following the staff without realizing it. So many of the problems I thought I would see just aren’t happening.

Birdy orders for me when our waitress returns, and our food arrives faster than I expect. It seems as if each staff member manages to pass by our table at some point and say ‘Hi’ to Birdy. She seems to know the name of every one of them and always asks questions unique to each one. All I have to do all evening is sit back and watch her at work. Her tablet gradually fills up with notes as the evening passes, until the last customer is gone.

All of the floor staff gather around and she holds an impromptu staff meeting to discuss how things went. She does far more listening than talking.

She’s late getting into the office in the morning, and her reason is obvious when she rolls through the door. She’s been to the orthodontist and there have been a few changes made. The last of her bands have been installed and she has a bit of a lisp. Most noticeable are the elastic bands she has on the sides of her mouth.

Her smile seems brighter somehow and she rolls right up beside my desk so she can show me everything. There’s a new lamp on my desk and I know she’s ordered it just for times like this. It’s a miniature version of the lamps they use in the orthodontist’s office to light up the inside of a patient’s mouth.

We haven't officially said we're dating, but we frequently find ways to act as if we are. Rather than just opening her mouth to show me, she turns sideways in her chair so she can lay her head on my lap to give me a better view of everything in her mouth. Even though her hair isn't in the way, I run my fingers through it to move it away from the side of her face. She has a wire running between her molars on the top and a similar one on the bottom, running around behind her front teeth, between her molars.

I help her sit up, and before she has a chance to swivel in her seat, I lift her onto my lap. If she’s going to be flashing her braces at me like this, she should know there are consequences to her actions. My face moves closer and I press my lips against hers. She’s very cooperative as I explore the new additions to her mouth with my tongue. I save the elastics for last and try to see if I can get my tongue through them.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 10

The second investor's evening is a family night. They are all encouraged to bring their children, and for the older members, that includes their grandchildren. The menu is expanded to include dishes designed for younger people with braces.

The kitchen staff inform me ahead of time my place is on the floor watching how things are working, not in the kitchen. In reality, they don’t want me in their way while they are working. They’ve talked to Birdy and she is enforcing the ‘no boss in the kitchen’ ultimatum for them. Once again, I wonder just who is running the office around here. It sure doesn’t seem to be me.

The restaurant has a different feel to it this time, less formal and more family-orientated. The uniforms are still varied, just better suited to a family environment. The smiles are still there and quite a few have coloured ligatures and elastics, giving a more festive atmosphere. Someone on the maintenance crew replaced some of the white bulbs with coloured ones in the walkways and there are little pools of colour all over the place.

Birdy tells me to walk around a little and talk to some of the customers to get a feel of what they think of the place. Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to remember very many of their names and do what I can to talk to them without making a fool of myself. Birdy takes pity on me and takes over by greeting them and letting me ask for their opinions of the new place. She has her tablet handy and makes notes as we circulate among the tables.

Almost everyone who attended the first evening says how much fun they had and they wish we would do it again sometime. Many of them thank me for all the effort I put into arranging it, and when I try to give the credit to Birdy, I quickly learn she doesn’t want it, preferring to say it was a team effort.

All of the effort Charlene, our new head waitress, put into her training program shows. When kids spill their drinks or food ends up on the floor, someone is there to clean it up right away. The tables are cleared efficiently and new customers are seated soon after. Even the tables with customers who are sitting and talking after their meal are cleared without any interruption.

Birdy has the same table we had the first evening reserved for us and we enjoy our meal, along with the rest of the guests. After the last guest has left, she has another informal staff meeting, and once again, she spends more time listening than she does talking.

The file of notes from the two evenings is smaller than I thought it would be, and Birdy has taken care of many of the things of concern already. Most of what's left is related to the kitchen, which is my department.

Birdy rolls into my office looking very lovely, dressed in one of Tabi's creations. Having an in-house seamstress is paying off, and it shows in how the staff are dressing. She's been signing all her work with a small black cat stitched on the right pocket or collar of everything she creates.

My assistant has a smile on her face as she hands me a letter with a company name I am familiar with. She's already read it and I can see the reason why she's smiling as I read it. I've been invited to a supper meeting at the hostess's apartment and they would like to know when I have time to go.

She's practically bouncing in her chair with excitement as she explains, "Her boyfriend was very impressed with how the two evenings went. He wants to discuss a business opportunity with you." It's obvious she is talking about the Hostess and her boyfriend. "They were going to just drop by and talk to you, but Tabi and I suggested they make it a formal request. I'm supposed to go with you and Tabi's been invited too."

Her excitement is infectious, so I ask, "Can you set it up for tonight? We can order from the kitchen if it will make things easier." She does a wheelie and spins her chair around, and I am treated to a display of her outfit from every angle. Tabi's work really is amazing. Birdy's outfit is tailored to give her ease of movement in her chair and still look professional. The chair and leg braces blend in and become a part of her total look.

Even though we both have phones on our desks, she never seems to use hers to call me when I am in the office, preferring to visit my office. No matter what I am doing, it becomes less important than talking to her. It feels as if a ray of sunshine has entered the room as she rolls through the door. The gold bands around her teeth are sparkling as she says, “They will be available after 6 pm and Tabi is going to join us, so we have to stop at her place before we go. Be prepared to spend a good part of the evening upstairs, it could take a while to answer all the questions we are going to be asking.”

Birdy makes sure we lock the office a little early and head upstairs to Tabi’s place. I haven’t seen her apartment yet, and she is eager to give us a tour. At the front of her place is a display window with a few of her creations on mannequins. The inside of her shop is a tidy mess. She has samples of materials arranged on one wall and spread across a table where clients can choose the fabrics they want. One corner has lights arranged so the cameras can take shadowless pictures for the computer program she uses to design the outfits to their precise dimensions. Through a doorway is her workroom. One wall has a rack with rolls of fabric stacked on the shelves, and the wall across from it and much of the floor has all her sewing machines and tools handy for her to use. A track in the ceiling holds a heavy curtain that can be pulled out to create a changing room when needed, leaving the space open for when she uses it to check the fit of her creations.

She touches a button and a section of the wall slides away, revealing a second entrance to her apartment. They both smile at the look on my face. Her living room is not what I expect of someone with her rather risque taste in clothes. It feels as if I've stepped into my great-grandmother's house, with comfortable-looking furniture from that era just waiting for me to relax in it. Whoever painted the room is an artist at heart, using shades of paint to give it the look of antiquity to match the furniture.

Her kitchen is as modern as it is possible to be. Stainless steel appliances are everywhere and it is all spotless. I wish I had a kitchen as well equipped as hers is, even the kitchen in the restaurant isn’t as well equipped as this.

Off of the living room is her greenhouse and it is still a work in progress, with plants growing everywhere. I can see all the work she is putting into creating the space she envisions in her mind.

Her bedroom is a mess, with clothes everywhere. It is just what I expect of someone who makes clothes for a living and I have to explain to them why I am laughing. “This is the one room in this place that is just the way I expected it to be. Everything else is so tidy.”

Her studio is a wonder to behold. She opens the door and it feels as if I am stepping outside the building. The outside wall is painted to look identical to the view through the windows and it is hard to tell where the windows end and the wall begins, until I step to the side and my perspective shifts.

The tour of the place has taken a while and it is getting close to the time we are supposed to meet with the Hostess and her boyfriend. As we pass through the living room, I look at where the doorway to her shop was, and it has disappeared. Birdy laughs at the look on my face and says, “It is still there if you know where to look.”

The apartment next door is completely different. Her boyfriend's influence is apparent throughout the place. It looks as if a woman has decorated it with the goal of making her boyfriend want to be there with her. The furniture all looks comfortable and durable, meant to be used to entertain. I can see signs that he spends quite a bit of time here, and a glance through the open doors shows he has a bedroom here.

We sit around the table and enjoy one of our premium-priced braces-friendly meals while talking about things other than the restaurants and the building. The ladies sit together, with our host sitting beside me so we can chat. Birdy keeps stroking my leg underneath the table until I take it and place it on her leg instead, then trap her hand with mine on her leg.

Using the round table is a good choice, with everyone having easy access to the food without having to disturb the conversations, and nobody feels like the odd person by being stuck at the end of the table. Dessert is another selection from our premium braces-friendly menu, and I notice Birdy isn’t the only one sharing a plate, our Host is being fed forkfuls of dessert by his girlfriend too.

The ladies excuse themselves to brush their teeth, and Birdy asks me to get her crutches for her. I provide a bent arm to balance herself with and I’m rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.  The others laugh when I try to turn my head and connect with her lips and she says, “Later, when we are alone.”

Our host waits until the ladies return and Birdy is sitting beside me, to start his business presentation. "I'm going to keep this casual. Interrupt me any time you have a question." It sets the mood and we all relax. "I have a few business associates with too much money and arguably, too few brain cells. They've eaten at the restaurant over the years and they've been impressed with what you've done with the place since you took over."

“When I told them what you did at the investor's dinners, the few brain cells they share between them came up with the idea to open a restaurant of their own. This part of the plan I can understand. They want to buy a franchise of ‘Sparkles’ to capitalize on the reputation you have built in such a short time. This is where the plan seems to fall apart. They want to do a 50s-style drive-in diner, complete with waitresses on rollerskates. I convinced them not to try to go with period-correct braces as well. They are looking at several locations, some are local and some are in nearby towns. They don’t want to get too far away, at least not yet.”

I stop him. “The board would have to approve the franchise deal, I’m just one member of the board.”

Our hostess takes over. “I’ve talked with a few of the women on the board informally, and they are open to the idea, as are their husbands. It’s a low-risk situation and potentially high rewards. A significant part of the deal is reliant on the three of you participating.” She turns to Tabi. “They want you to do all the uniforms. They like what they see and they want the same quality you have been providing for us.”

Our host takes over again by asking, “Do you think you can design a period-correct braces-friendly menu for the drive-in?”

My mind is already kicking into gear and I have several ideas. “In theory, I can. What I need is someplace where I can work without using the kitchen here. They keep kicking me out of the kitchen I designed for them.”

I get a laugh from everyone and Birdy squeezes my hand. Our host asks, “What do you need? Make me a list and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

I grin. “I don’t need to make a list. Send them a picture of Tabi’s kitchen and tell them I want one just like it.”

Our hostess directs her next comment to Birdy. “I already know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Does your boyfriend think you can handle his responsibilities while he is busy getting the kitchen for the drive-in ready?”

Birdy grins at me and I melt a little inside. “He’s trained me very well. I’m sure he can find the time to coach me if I run into problems. Maybe in the evenings after he’s done in his new kitchen.”

I kiss her cheek and say, “I’ll be honest. She’s already doing my job for me. She just lets people think I’m in charge.”

Our host and hostess look at each other, then at the three of us. “I’ll write up a proposal and give it to the guys. If you don’t have any other questions right now, how about we have a drink to celebrate.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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It's been a while since I posted a chapter of this story. I've been working on a variety of other things.

Chapter 11

I’m sitting in my office working on ideas for new menu items when Birdy rolls into the office with Tabi and a courier following her. The courier doesn’t know which one of them to look at. Tabi has on one of her more risque creations and her banded braces are visible between her lips, and she’s added a face-bow to her look.

Birdy is just as distracting in her wheelchair. She has a short skirt on, showing off her stocking-covered legs and leg braces, and platform-soled high-heeled shoes. And it’s impossible to miss her gold-banded braces. She’s being mischievous by exaggerating her lisp as she talks. “Thish gentleman sheems to be losht. He shays he hash a package for you and won’t let me shign for it. Hish inshtructionsh are to have Tabi preshent when you sign for it.”

She seems to have an endless supply of shoes to go with any outfit she wears. The guy altering her shoes to attach to her leg braces must be getting rich with all the work she is giving him. I just assume it must be a guy doing the work. A smile spreads across my face as the picture of a busty blonde German woman working at a bench with a stack of shoeboxes on it forms in my mind.

I let the courier enjoy the view as I take my time signing for the package, then wait until Birdy returns from escorting him out to open it. Inside are a letter and two copies of a contract. I pass the letter to Tabi when I finish reading it and watch more of her braces come into view as her smile gets bigger.

The letter is from the company wanting to buy a franchise to open the drive-in. They want me to cook a meal for my ‘girlfriend and her friend’ in Tabi’s kitchen. If there are any changes to the layout of the kitchen to be made, I am to tell Louise what they are so the changes can be made to the architectural blueprints. They have signed a long-term lease for space in the building and are going to build me a kitchen to work in. As soon as I sign the contract, the kitchen is mine whether the franchise deal goes through or not.

The contract is full of legal terms and other junk, but all it does is secure my services to create menu items for the drive-in and any other restaurants they open under the Sparkles name. The salary is substantial and I don’t have to give up the job I already have, meaning I am being paid by two companies at the same time to do the same job.

On the last page of the contract is a bonus clause. A bachelor apartment attached to the kitchen is included so I have somewhere to relax and create new items for the menu. I show the clause to Birdy and she kisses me. “You take care of creating the food, I’ll take care of furnishing the apartment. I want it to be comfortable when I am there.”

Tabi’s mind is on a slightly different track. “So, when am I going to get my gourmet meal? I’d like to see just what my kitchen can do with a chef in it.”

There are several factors involved in creating a meal for a restaurant. Some of it is when the meal is served and how long it takes to prepare. Steak, hashbrowns and toast for breakfast doesn’t make any money for a restaurant. Serve the same steak in the evening with a baked potato and garlic bread, and the profit is easy to see.

I don’t have any of that to worry about for the meal I create in Tabi’s kitchen. I am limited by one factor though, it has to be braces-safe. There is a difference between braces-friendly and braces-safe. Braces-safe means it won’t pop brackets off and isn’t limited to things easy to clean out of the brackets later. Even that isn’t much of a factor. Both of them have bands around their teeth and can probably chew through a steak without having to cut it up into small pieces, as long as they don’t bend the archwires.

My meal is a combination of beef, pork, chicken and seafood, with side dishes of a variety of vegetables. If I was serving it in a restaurant, it would be a sampler dish. My version is much more elaborate and is better described as a buffet for three. Working in Tabi’s kitchen is a pleasure and I decide to leave the layout alone.

Birdy takes care of the office while I spend the afternoon cooking. Both of them pop in from time to time to see what I am working on and sample the dishes I have ready. I keep chasing them out, telling them they are supposed to wait until everything is finished, but they just flash their braces at me until I give in and let them have a taste.

Some of the things I make are purposely chosen because they will stick to their braces. I cut the beef with the grain knowing it will shred and wrap around the hooks on the brackets. The cheese sticks are made with a soft cheese and there is no way they won’t get behind their archwires before they cool.

I finally let them know the meal is ready and watch as their eyes go wide at the array of foods on the table. Everything is on the round table and I sit across from them where I can watch them eat. It doesn’t take them long to find out just how good the food is, and just as long to figure out what I have done. They both glare at me as they try to get the food stuck to their braces loose.

Watching their tongues running across the braces is entertaining and stimulating. No matter how much they try to be discrete, the food is just too hard to loosen without opening their mouths. They get their revenge by making a display of it, using their fingers to hold their lips away from the sides of their mouths. I am prepared for the mayhem I have created. I pull two boxes of orthodontic toothpicks from my pocket and hand each of them a box.

Not everything is as messy. It’s impossible to pick one wine to go with everything, so I have more than one to choose from. The array of desserts is good too, with some that simply melt in our mouths.

The meal doesn’t end, we just take a break and move to the living room. The conversation revolves around the new restaurant and how it is going to affect us. Tabi has a contract from them tailored to her business, with a cost-plus profit clause. Her bonus clause is for top-of-the-line machines for her shop.

Birdy doesn’t have a contract. What they’ve offered her is an educational package. They want her to take courses in business management and any other courses she feels she wants to take, and they have offered her a job with their company running it for them. She can take the courses and decline the job offer if she wants, but the salary is well beyond what she is making here.

We get a little too drunk to drive, and Birdy and I spend the night at Tabi’s. She offers to let us have the bedroom, but I sleep on the pull-out bed in the living room and let them have the bedroom. Before we fall asleep, Birdy curls up with me for a while wearing one of Tabi’s nightwear creations and I practice kissing her the way she has taught me to kiss her.

She leaves the bedroom door open and I hear them giggling for quite a while before they fall asleep.

The building inspector shows up unexpectedly to do the final inspection so we can legally open. Birdy lets me know he is here and asks if she can take care of showing him around the restaurant. I’m no fool, I know she has all the information she needs in her head and can answer any questions he has. She also has the benefit of being a good-looking woman in a wheelchair. He’s going to have a hard time resisting her charms, and she can smooth over any rough spots just by smiling at him.

It seems to take them quite a while to get through the inspection and I am beginning to worry, when she rolls into the office with the completed business permit in her hand. She transfers to my lap before she tells me how the inspector kept trying to find ways to extend his inspection, and how she kept ‘accidentally’ finding things she thought he might have overlooked that were well above the code requirements. “I think I might be to blame for the inspection taking so long. Can you forgive me?”

She has such an innocent look on her face and her lips are puckered so sweetly, that I can't resist her. "I would send you to my room to wait to be punished, but the bedroom isn't ready yet. How about you kiss me instead to atone for your misdeeds?" It's a good thing she locked the door when she came in, and I'm glad we aren't interrupted.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Accountant
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Sparkles - The Accountant

By Silversmiles64

Chapter 1

In high school, I was the kid the jocks made fun of for being uncoordinated and lacking athletic talent. The cheerleaders pretended I didn’t exist and the good-looking girls would just laugh at my attempts to get a date with any of them.

It didn’t help that my teeth weren’t quite aligned right, and I seemed to have more bad-hair days than I did have good-hair days. I was the tall skinny guy who seemed to blend into the background no matter where I was. My grades were average, so I didn’t fit in with the smart kids, and I had to really study to keep my grades at that level. Even the outcasts, the strange kids who dressed in dark colors or wore odd fashions rejected me.

The one thing I was good at was things involving numbers, not so much math, but how numbers worked in the real world. I say patterns in numbers and how things went together to make two plus two equal four. It wasn’t until my last year of high school that I found a way to use it to my advantage.

There was this little restaurant on my way home from school that I liked to stop at and do my homework. They served a decent quality coffee and the lady who owned the restaurant baked the most delicious cakes I had ever seen. There was one table nobody ever seemed to use, tucked into a corner of the restaurant. There was just enough space for a small table and one chair, perfect for me to study at without being in anybody's way, including the waitresses. After a while, I started to grab a cup of coffee when I came in so the waitresses didn’t have to do it.

The table had a good view of the entire restaurant and I could watch everything that was going on without anyone really noticing me tucked away in the corner, or so I thought. On the days the restaurant wasn’t busy, the owner of the place would sit at the table near me and take care of all the paperwork involved in running the place, including balancing the books. I frequently would hear him muttering to himself about the things that were bothering him about the restaurant.

Even though I didn't pay much attention to what he was muttering about, my mind still took it in and I began to notice patterns in what he was talking about. The customers who ordered a piece of cake all had good things to say about it, but the pieces were so big they frequently couldn't finish eating what they were served, so the remaining part would get thrown out. My mind saw a way to make more money from the same cake just by serving smaller pieces. The coffee was another way I could see for them to save money. The coffee pots were easily accessible to anyone in the restaurant, and by simply putting up a sign to say customers were 'welcome to serve themselves', they could reduce the amount of time the staff spent refilling coffee mugs instead of serving food.

Something else that stuck in my mind was how he was handling his paperwork. He did it all himself whenever he could find the time, rather than taking care of it each day or having someone do it for him.

I made a habit of refilling his mug whenever I refilled mine and it was when I made a casual comment while refilling his coffee mug one day that things in my life changed. I asked him why he didn’t have someone take care of the paperwork for him.

He asked me to have a seat so we could be comfortable while we talked. “I see you come into the restaurant frequently and take the same table nobody else uses, so you can study. When you're not studying, you’re watching what everybody else is doing. You always seem to be able to keep your table organized.” Then he smiled and said, “To answer your question, I don’t have the time to take all this stuff to someone who can do it for me, and it doesn’t make much sense to pay to have someone come here and do it. It would just cost too much.”

I looked at everything spread out on the table as I sipped my coffee. If it was all organized better, it seemed as if it would be easier to work with. As if he were reading my thoughts, he said, "Having a secretary would help, but this isn't the part I have trouble with. It's having to use the computer I have a problem with. I'm so used to doing it on paper the old way. I didn't grow up using computers the way you young people do."

Something went click in my mind and I heard myself say, “If you show me what you need help with, maybe I can give you a hand.”

I don’t think either of us really took it seriously, because he asked, “What would it cost me?”

He laughed when I said, "A piece of your wife's cake, but tell her to cut it in half. She cuts them way too big and people can't eat all of it." I looked around the restaurant and saw one of the few girls who actually acknowledged my presence and talked to me at school. Like me, she wasn't one of the popular crowd, and she didn't fit in with the other groups at school. "Tell your wife to give that girl sitting alone in the booth the other half."

His smile got bigger and he said, “You know what, I’m going to give you a piece of cake. You’ve brightened my day by distracting me, and you’ve earned it, even if you don’t do anything else. Wait here while I get it for you.”

I watched as he went to the counter and had his wife cut a piece of cake, then cut it again when he explained what he was going to do. His wife took the one piece to the girl's table and pointed in my direction. I couldn’t tell what she said to her, but the girl looked at me and smiled, and that is when I saw the sparkle of metal braces on her teeth. It was only a flash before she covered her mouth with her hand and tilted her head down.

As the owner placed the slice of cake in front of me, he said, “Smile at her and give a small wave, then look at me and I’ll show you what I have to do with this mess on the table.”

I did what he said. I couldn’t see if she was watching because her hair was hiding her eyes, but she did move her hand away from her mouth. It took us longer than it would normally take him if he was doing the paperwork by himself. He explained everything as he filled in the forms, making sure I understood what was required. As we were cleaning up, he said, “Next time will be easier. I won’t have to spend as much time explaining things.”

It was almost a week before we did the paperwork again. As we were starting to get organized, his wife came over and asked if I would like a sandwich while we worked. I hesitated as I looked at the cake sitting on the counter. She smiled at me and added, "You can have a piece of cake too if you want."

After accepting her offer and telling her what kind of sandwich I would like, we began to work our way through the paperwork. When my sandwich came, she had a second plate with her. She pointed to the table where the girl was sitting and whispered, "I made a sandwich for her too. When I give it to her, smile at her and wave."

I waited until the sandwich was delivered and the girl looked in my direction, then I smiled and waved. She smiled back at me, and she didn’t cover her mouth right away with her hand, using her lips instead to cover her braces. She seemed to have a little trouble covering them when her lips caught on the hooks on the brackets. She turned her head away first, with a smile on her face.

The owner had a smile on his face when we resumed working. He was right, it was easier with the two of us doing the work. I organized the stacks of paper and had them ready for him so they were ready as he filled in the forms.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Accountant
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Chapter 2

It didn’t take long for everyone working in the restaurant to make me feel like I was one of them. They did it in simple ways, whether it was giving me a smile when I came in, asking how I did on a test or simply asking how my day was going, they made me feel as if I belonged there. My table in the corner was always available when I came in after school, and I suspected the waitresses made sure it was ready for me.

I gradually took over doing more of the paperwork and made some simple changes to how the owner handled all the invoices and receipts to make it easier for us. It was when I asked for the manual for the forms that a significant change took place. The copy he had was slightly out of date and the latest version was available online.

When I asked to use his computer to study the latest version, I found out why he was still using the paper forms. We had always worked at the table in the restaurant where we had plenty of room, so I had never seen his office. When he took me to the office, I saw the computer for the first time. It took up quite a bit of room where it was and was plugged into the phone line. He explained he had bought it second-hand and had hardly used it because he didn’t really understand how it worked.

I told him he should get his wife because we needed to have a serious talk. After they sat facing me, I said, “I can’t teach you how to use this computer.”

Before I could continue, his wife turned to him and said, “See, I told you spending money on a computer was just a waste.” Then she started talking to him in another language, without letting him respond.

I didn’t want to be rude, so I waited until she stopped talking to explain my comment. It took me a while to explain to them how computers worked, using terms they understood. Both of them started to smile as they began to understand I could help them learn how to use a computer for running the restaurant if they were willing to spend the money on a new computer. I knew how much money the restaurant spent each week and how much profit it made, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to replace what they had.

It became apparent who really ran the place when she asked how much it was going to cost to have me teach them how to use it, as well as continue to help with the paperwork. I told her I was happy with the current arrangement, but she insisted we negotiate a new 'contract' as she insisted on calling it. Before she would agree to spend the money on a new computer, she wanted me to agree to work for them for the summer after I graduated.

The offer of a summer job really took me by surprise. I tried to explain to them that they didn’t have to give me a job, the reason I was helping with the paperwork was because I found it interesting, and in reality, they were doing me a favour by teaching me how to do it. For every objection I had, she had two reasons why I should accept the offer. The longer we talked, the less it was about the computer and the more it was about me having a job for the summer.

Her husband just sat there, the grin on his face getting bigger all the time. Finally, he decided he had waited long enough. “You might as well just say you’ll take the job. When she gets like this, it is pointless to try to get her to change her mind. She won't give up until she gets what she wants. I’ve lived with her long enough to know it.”

She turned to her husband and said, “Thank you dear, and I owe you an apology for what I said to you earlier.” She turned to me and said, “Since I know you are going to take the job, why don’t you go and get yourself something to eat? I need to apologize to my husband properly.”

Even though I hadn’t said I would work for them for the summer, it was very evident I was going to take the job, whether I wanted to or not. As the door closed behind me, I heard the door lock. The kitchen staff were all grinning as I walked past them. News travelled fast in the restaurant, and it seemed as if they knew what was going on before I did.

A sandwich and a milkshake were waiting for me on my table when I got there. When the owner came out of the office, he had a happy look on his face and there were traces of lipstick on his lips.

I would see the girl from the restaurant, at school in the hallway. We didn’t have any classes together, so our paths didn’t cross that often. Each time she saw me she would smile, usually with her lips covering her teeth to hide them from the other people in the hall. I always smiled back at her, not bothering to hide my misaligned teeth. I never had the courage to do more than smile at her, feeling she was out of my league, even though she wasn’t one of the popular girls.

She came into the restaurant occasionally, usually on the days I was helping with the paperwork, and she would take a table where I could see her. Even though I wasn’t officially working for them yet, the owner and his wife treated me as if I were. They insisted I be paid my negotiated price, and I found they had given me an increase in compensation. Rather than being a piece of cake, it became a healthy meal, and I began to put on a little weight, not that it really showed, although my clothes seemed to fit my body better.

I didn’t consciously notice what was going on, but each time they fed me, the girl at the table had a meal too. Each time I looked in her direction, she would smile at me, usually with her braces showing and for longer each time. I always smiled back at her and made a small gesture, usually a wave.

As the owner and I did the paperwork, we talked about what type of computer to buy to replace what they had, and sometimes his wife would join us. There were times when I had to figure out ways to explain, using phrases they understood, how a computer could help them run their restaurant more easily. Usually, they would say they wanted to leave it up to me to decide what to buy, and finally, they told me it was going to be my job to take care of doing the paperwork, so I should buy what I needed. The one condition they put on my future employment was that I had to maintain my grades until I graduated, and if I could, I should improve them as much as possible.

I read through the old manuals and ordered the newest versions so I could refer to them when I needed to. I understood how everything in the manuals worked and found a few inconsistencies I could use to the restaurant's benefit. It didn’t take long before I was doing most of the work and he would check over what I had done. I found several ways to save them money just by using more of the deductions they were entitled to but had never claimed before.

One thing I suggested was for them to either renovate the office they had or add a second office so there was someplace to do the paperwork other than on the table in the restaurant. I learnt just how fast news travelled in the restaurant. The head cook was the first one to approach me, and he wanted me to know how things worked there.

He explained that the owners didn’t actually run the place, the staff did. The head cook came in each morning, unlocked the place and got the kitchen ready for the day. He also took care of ordering most of the supplies they needed.

The head waitress was the next to arrive in the morning. She handled everything in the front half of the restaurant. Between them, they made sure they had enough staff scheduled to work each day, which wasn’t hard to do since the staff had been working at the restaurant for a substantial length of time and worked the same days each week.

The restaurant owners didn’t come in until just before lunch, and brought in the cakes that were for sale each day. They didn’t really do much around the place other than to lend a hand when things got busy by clearing and wiping down tables, and bringing out food for the waitresses when there was a large order. The rest of the time, the staff found things for them to do to keep them out of the way.

The head cook was in favour of doing some renovations to the restaurant and had a few suggestions on what to do. He took me on a tour of the building, explaining how it was originally a warehouse and had been sold when the company moved to the edge of town. The top floor had been converted to apartments and the second floor was turned into office space. The basement had been loading docks when it was a warehouse and still served the same purpose for the restaurant. The main floor of the building was where the restaurant was located, and there was plenty of space to expand into if they wanted to. Adding more office space won’t be a problem and he was hoping I could make his job easier by giving him access to the computer so he could do his ordering online. I began to see that the idea of doing the paperwork on the computer was going to have a broader impact on the restaurant.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Accountant
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Chapter 3

I found that if I came in each day and sorted the paperwork that had come in, it took considerably less time to fill out the forms each week. It also gave my mind a break from the schoolwork I had to do to improve my marks. The owner or his wife, and sometimes both, would stop by the table for a chat, and they said they were okay with the idea of doing the renovations as long as it didn’t cost too much.

I started calling them Mr. Boss and Mrs. Boss when they started referring to me as the Kid Bookkeeper, and the staff started to use the nicknames too. When we talked about what type of computer to buy, they kept telling me to decide what I needed and to let them know how much I wanted to spend. Mrs. Boss was the one who said not to spend more than half the money in the bank account for whatever I decided to do, and that included the renovations. She asked me to have the renovations done by the time I graduated so I would have an office to work in when I officially began working for them.

The head waitress was the next one to approach me with suggestions about the renovations. She wanted to know what I thought about the idea of having a space for the staff to take their breaks in. Usually they sat at an empty table or went outside the kitchen, near the freight elevator.

When I asked her why she didn’t talk to Mr. and Mrs. Boss about it, she said she had and they told her to talk to me, since I was in charge of doing the renovations. Then she said something I didn’t understand until after I graduated. “They put you in charge of the renovations. Do the job they have given you. If you need help, ask for it, but don’t keep running to other people expecting them to make the decisions for you. When they sit down with you to negotiate what you want to be paid, be honest with them and ask for what you think you are worth. They aren’t as old-fashioned as they seem to be.”

I took my time thinking about the renovations and the costs involved. The head cook and the head waitress gave me advice on what renovations to do and asked me to make the computer available to them if they needed to use it. Mr. Boss gave me a list of people to contact when I was ready to begin the renovations. The first name on the list was an architect. The one name missing from the list was the owner of the building the restaurant was in. He said he would take care of talking to the owner of the building.

I was a nineteen-year-old student about to graduate, and I had been put in charge of more than just doing the paperwork for the restaurant.

My first call was to the architect, and I took their advice as I worked with them on the preliminary drawings. I decided to build an office for the computer and added space to grow into if it was needed. With the advice of the cook and waitress, I added a space for the staff to relax in that had room for a couch and armchairs, with electrical plugs for a fridge, microwave and other things, including a TV and stereo in the future. The couch and chairs were already in the budget, the rest could be added if they were needed in the future.

I did my research on the computers available and set up a budget to buy two reasonably priced computers, a desktop for the office for later and a laptop for use in the restaurant right away. The old computer was donated to a charity and the receipt was included on the tax forms. Each week, I met with Mr. and Mrs. Boss and explained to them what was happening, and told them to let me know if they had anything they felt needed to be changed.

Having the laptop meant I could take care of the paperwork each day when I went in. I tried to show Mr. Boss how to use it, but he just kept saying, “That’s your job now, that’s what I hired you for.” With the ‘wage’ they were paying me, I put on a little more weight and my clothes began to fit better, and I wasn’t the only one to notice it. Mrs. Boss insisted I buy some new clothes and gave me a company credit card with my name on it. She gave me the same instructions I had for the renovations, “Don’t spend more than half the amount in the bank.”

I convinced my bosses that they needed to change how I was being paid, partly because I didn’t want to get fat, but mainly so I could show it on the paperwork. For the first time, I had to put a monetary value on what I was doing.  I knew what the rest of the staff was being paid and based my requested wage on that. They asked me to put it in writing, and to put my reasons for requesting what I did. When they returned it to me, Mrs. Boss had added, “Accepted, plus bonus clause for additional duties. Contract to be renegotiated at the completion of the renovations.”

When I tried to object, saying it wasn’t meant to be for such a short term, Mr. Boss smiled and said, “Just nod and accept it the way Mrs. Boss has written it.” When he referred to his wife that way, I knew better than to argue. They treated me like an adult and didn’t tell me to do things, they asked, and I gave them the same respect.

I wasn’t the only one that was changing. The girl with the braces always smiled at me when we passed in the hallway at school, and she didn’t try to hide her braces. It didn’t take me long to notice she was dressing differently too. She started to stop by the restaurant more frequently, and each time she did, Mrs. Boss would bring her something to eat, though what she brought changed as the girl put on a little weight. On her, the extra weight went to all the right places. She didn’t become beautiful suddenly, but I took more notice of her. As she changed, I felt she became even more out of my league. It didn’t stop me from smiling back at her, and I often saw her blushing when I looked at her in the restaurant. Her braces were always visible when I did. I noticed the waitresses always placed her at a table where I would see her.

Every so often, Mrs. Boss left a receipt for me with a note attached asking me to claim it as a restaurant expense. The amounts were small compared to what the restaurant spent and it was easy to find places to claim them, though I couldn’t figure out how clothing from boutiques and sessions at salons were business-related. Some things I just claimed as charitable donations.

At Mr. Boss’s suggestion, I asked the various people I was dealing with to meet me at the restaurant. The meeting included food paid for by the restaurant, and I learnt the value of what giving away something could do when negotiating a deal. It didn’t take long for word to spread that Mr. Boss had put me in charge of the renovations, and despite my age, they treated me as an adult.

The renovations quickly went through the planning stage into the construction phase, and just like any construction project, changes needed to be made as problems occurred. The minor things were dealt with by the people I hired, but there were still I few things I had to make decisions on.

I also found ways to save money, such as by offering to feed the crews at the restaurant's expense. By claiming the regular price of the meals as an expense, the restaurant only had to pay the cost of preparing the food, and the reduction in the negotiated price of the construction was significantly better than what it cost to feed the crews. With well-fed crews doing the work, the renovations started ahead of the schedule and stayed that way.

As it got closer to the end of the school year, the topic among the staff turned to graduation. Everyone knew someone who was graduating and they wanted to know what I was planning to do. The big discussion revolved around the party in the evening, and they all had stories to tell about theirs. Some of the stories were quite risque, though they didn’t get too descriptive. When they found out I wasn’t planning on going, they wouldn’t stop asking me why until I explained I didn’t fit in with the crowd at school and hadn’t even asked if anyone would go with me.

There was plenty for me to do as the renovations were completed. The desktop computer arrived, along with the rest of the office equipment and furniture. The renovations didn’t just include the new office space and staff area, I included wifi for the restaurant, and the customers commented on the addition. It didn’t take long for there to be an increase in the size of the tips being left. With the tips going into a jar and being divided between all the staff, everyone was happy.

The Bosses had been keeping a closer eye on things than I realized, and I received a call from one of the formalwear stores in town asking me to come down for a fitting. I had used half the balance in the account at the start of the renovations as the amount to work with, and had kept track of all the expenses as they came in. Mrs. Boss had a big smile on her face when she told me the fitting was part of the bonus for completing the renovations ahead of time and under the budget they had set. She asked me to pick out a suit to wear for the graduation party, and from the way she phrased it, I understood it was one of those requests I didn’t have a choice with. I had just been notified I was going to be attending the party.

The staff at the store had several choices ready for me when I arrived, and as I tried them on, they made suggestions to narrow down the choices to the one I felt best in. Each suit had come with suggestions for shirts to wear with it and it didn't take me long to realize I was being fitted with a suit I could wear after the party as well. When I walked in, I looked like a kid getting ready to graduate. By the time they were done, the image I saw was of a young man getting ready to face the business world. I also found out I wasn't renting it, the restaurant was buying it for me, together with the shirts to go with it.

On the day of the party, Mrs. Boss asked what time I would be ready and explained a car would be picking me up. It was all part of the bonus for the work I did on the renovations. What she didn’t tell me was Mr. Boss would be my driver and she would be with him in one of his carefully restored automobiles. It wasn’t a limousine, it was classier than that.

I found out there was one other stop on the way to the party. Mrs. Boss informed me she had arranged to have someone accompany me to the party. All I could get out of Mrs. Boss was it was someone I would recognize, and she was sure I would enjoy being with the person.

We pulled up in front of a house in the better part of town, and Mrs. Boss asked me to accompany her to the door. It was another one of the requests I knew better than to argue about. I knew it was traditional for the guy to pick up his date for the party at her place, but this situation was not typical. As the door opened, I was met with a smile I recognized right away, though the person smiling at me didn’t look like she usually did. She still wasn’t beautiful the way people usually define beauty, but she definitely looked way out of my class.

Even with the braces, her teeth hadn’t improved much yet. She had definitely filled out in all the right places, and the dress she was wearing was highlighting all of it in a very appealing way. Mrs. Boss was ready for the stunned look on my face. “See, my dear, I told you he would be speechless when he saw you. Give him a chance to recover, though I think it may take him a while.” Then she turned to me. “This is the part of your bonus I have had the most fun working on. I’ve been taking her clothes shopping and to the salon for a while now. After I saw how you looked at her in the restaurant and asked me to take her the piece of cake, I knew I had to do something. I could see you wouldn’t. When I asked her if she would go to the party with you, she said she was more than willing.” She paused, and then stage whispered, “I think she likes you. I didn’t even have to bribe her to go with you. When I took her shopping for a dress to wear to the party and she saw the prices, I had to tell her you were buying it for her.”

Charlotte and I were both blushing by that time, and she looked even better to me. I finally got my brain to work enough to say, “My name is Brian. It’s nice to finally say ‘hi’ to you, Charlotte.”

Her smile got bigger as she said, “I know who you are. I’ve been too scared to talk to you, and I’ve been waiting a long time for you to say something to me.”

Mrs. Boss had things under control. She whispered to me, “Hold out your arm so she can slip hers through it, then walk her to the car.” It was the final thing needed to relieve the tension we were feeling and Charlotte laughed as I extended my arm. Mr. Boss was waiting by the back door of the car for us to arrive. He took her hand and assisted her into the car, and gestured for me to follow her, before shutting the door for us.

At the hotel where the party was being held, Mr. Boss stepped out and slipped on a hat. All the eyes in the area turned in our direction as he opened the suicide door on his classic car and I stepped out wearing my suit. Everyone went quiet as I extended my hand to Charlotte as she stepped out. Mr. Boss whispered, “Hold your head up and walk into there as if you own the building. Have fun tonight, enjoy yourselves. When you are ready to leave, have us paged. I’m going to take my wife to have a meal and we’ll be listening to the music in the club afterwards. I still remember how to have a good time.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Accountant
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Chapter 4

We took his advice. We walked in with our heads up, and in her case, with her chest out. She couldn’t help it. The dress was showcasing her assets in a very classy way and the shoes did wonders with her posture. I felt her tense up as she saw people looking at us.

 I used the experience I gained while I was dealing with people during the renovations. Even though I wasn’t feeling very confident as we walked in, I didn’t let it show in the way people saw me. The staff in the hotel treated me with respect, as if I belonged there, and the people around us picked up on it, without realizing they were doing it.

My attitude affected her as well, and it didn’t take long for Charlotte to loosen up, and it helped me to relax too. We had arrived fashionably late, just the way the popular crowd had, and the party was already well underway. I selected a table where we could see what was going on and be seen by our classmates, without being at the center of their attention. It didn’t work quite the way I expected.

The DJ alternated the type of music he played, switching between faster dance music and slower, more romantic tunes. My ability to dance was limited to swaying to the music and shuffling to the beat, so I knew I couldn't dance to the fast songs and I didn't feel comfortable asking her to dance to the slow songs, partially because I didn't want to step on her feet in the beautiful shoes she had on. I suggested we sit and talk for a while, which she seemed relieved to do.

We started with easy topics about things we had in common. A pattern developed where we took turns asking a question and answering one. As we became more comfortable, we began to volunteer bits of information about ourselves we thought might be of interest.

Things got interesting when she asked about my job at the restaurant. It took me a while to tell her how I happened to get the job to start with. Even though it was my turn to ask a question, I let her ask more as she thought of them. I was enjoying talking to her, and watching her mouth move was one of the things I was enjoying.

When she temporarily ran out of questions, I asked her why she started coming to the restaurant. Her answer of, "Because I liked the food," was reasonable, but I could tell she was holding something back, so I asked her what it was about the food she liked. She smiled at me and said, "You've been looking at my mouth all evening, so before you ask, it was because of my braces. The menu at the restaurant had several things I could eat easily with my braces." Her face turned a very pretty shade of pink as she added, "I could have found another restaurant to eat at, but your restaurant had one thing the others didn't." She paused again, then continued. "Your restaurant had you there. You were the first guy who didn't turn away when you saw my braces. And then you sent me the piece of cake. I wanted to say thank you, but couldn't get up the courage to talk to you. I kept coming back to try to say thank you, but each time I did, you bought me another meal."

She stopped to take a deep breath, and before she could continue, I said, “I remember things a little differently. I had already sent the cake to you before I saw the braces. Mrs. Boss always cuts them too big and I told her to give half of my slice to you. I would have sent the slice to you anyway. You're the only girl in school who has even given me a second glance, never mind smiled at me. As for the rest of the food you were given, I told my bosses they could pay me with meals. Mrs. Boss just kept sending you food each time you came in while I was working. I’m glad she did. I have a feeling she has been trying to get us together since the first piece of cake.”

Her smile had wavered a bit as I was talking and returned full force as I paused. “So you don’t mind my braces? I know I’m not pretty like the other girls at school and I’ll never be, no matter what I do. There’s not much I can do to fix how I look, but my teeth are something I can fix.”

I let my eyes wander away from her mouth and looked at as much of her as I could see. "I've been hesitating to ask you to dance with me all evening. I can't dance to the fast songs and I didn't want you to say no if I asked you to dance to one of the slow songs. I'm going to take the chance anyway. Would you dance with me for one slow song?"

Her eyes began to sparkle as she replied, “I’ve been waiting all evening for you to ask. I can’t dance very well, and these shoes aren’t going to make it any easier, so I will probably need you to hold me up if I stumble.”

I didn’t answer her, just held out my arm for her to take. We walked to the dance floor as the lights dimmed and a slow song began to play. She stepped into my arms and we began to sway to the music, not really dancing, just shuffling our feet to the slow beat. She seemed to be pretty steady on her feet, though she did get closer to me as the music played. At the end of the first song, she said, “You can move your left hand lower for the second song, I don’t mind.” By the end of the third song, she had her body pressed up against me and my hand was resting on the soft globe her posterior. We had stopped shuffling to the beat and were just swaying to the music.

The lights brightened as the DJ switched to faster music, so I reluctantly let go of her and we returned to our table. Neither of us said anything for a while until I pointed to a couple who looked as if they were having too good a time. “I wonder how long it is going to take for them to get kicked out?”

Charlotte looked at me and asked, “How do you know they’ve been drinking.”

I pointed to the guy. "You see the bulge in his jacket pocket? It's a bottle of liquor and he's been adding it to their drinks every time he's brought her another glass. I don't think she knows he's doing it." I pointed at another couple on the other side of the room. "She's been hiding at least one bottle in the top of her dress."

Charlotte giggled as she saw where I was pointing. “There’s plenty of room in there for more than one, especially with all the padding she stuffed in there.” I glanced at Charlotte. “You can look at me all you want. With all the food you bought me, everything you see is just me, no padding added.” I let my eyes wander over her body before returning to her mouth. “My braces really don’t bother, do they? How about we find someplace a little quieter.”

Once again, I stood up and offered her my arm to link with, but she had other ideas in mind. She took my hand and placed it over her bare shoulder. Without my arm in the way, she could get herself against my side. We giggled as we stumbled a few times until we were able to coordinate our footsteps. As we got close to the hotel bar, we saw a lineup of our classmates trying to get into the bar and failing when the bouncer saw their IDs. I asked Charlotte, “How would you like something stronger to drink?”

She smiled at me and nodded. “I don’t think we’re going to have any luck getting in there.”

I grinned and said, “Take my arm, and when the bouncer looks at you, smile at him and keep walking, I’ll do the rest.” It went just as I expected. The bouncer looked at me in my business suit, and when he looked at Charlotte, she smiled at him. By the time he realized he was supposed to ask for our ID, we were already in the bar.

I escorted her to a table out of the way and asked what she wanted to drink. The bartender grinned when I ordered our drinks and said, “I don’t know how you managed to get her past the bouncer, but I don’t mind you did. I’m not going to say anything.”

Charlotte was giggling when I set our drinks on the table. “How did you do that, get us past the bouncer?”

I had to explain to her how people saw what you wanted them to see. “I wanted the bouncer to see a young businessman walking into the bar. When you smiled at him, your smile provided the distraction needed to get us all the way in before he could figure out you were probably too young to be in the bar. By then it was too late for him to do anything about it. The way you’re dressed tonight makes it hard to guess your real age. What you are wearing and how you’re wearing it makes you look more mature, and it offsets how the braces make you look younger. We just used how we look to our advantage.” I couldn’t stop grinning as I told her what the bartender said, and then I added, “I think you are too hard on yourself about the way you look.”

She moved her face closer to mine and asked, “Would you do something for me? Would you mind kissing me? I’ve been too scared to ask you and I want to know what it is like to be kissed?”

I hesitated a bit too long as I tried to figure out how to answer her. She began to move her head away when I said, “I don’t know if I can do that.” Before she could say anything, I added, “It’s not because of the braces. I’ve never kissed anyone before, so I don’t know what I’m doing.” Before she could move away from me, I pressed my lips against hers.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 5

The first kiss was a disaster. She was surprised and wasn’t ready for me to kiss her. The second kiss wasn’t much better. By the third kiss, our instincts began to take over and things improved slightly. Our fourth attempt was better yet. And then she began to giggle. “We really aren’t very good at kissing.”

Our faces were so close together, her lips were brushing against mine as she was talking. I didn't want to lose contact with them, so I didn’t move away. “I did say I didn’t know how to kiss.”

It was too much for me when she said, "It sure isn't as easy as they make it look in the movies."

I had to move away before I laughed into her face. “They only show the scene after they have shot it many times. They don’t show all the times the actors made mistakes.”

My heartbeat increased as she said, “Well, maybe we need to practice some more,” and she moved her face toward me until her lips were against mine again. We were both ready for the kiss, and it wasn’t any better than the others, but it wasn’t any worse either. There were just too many things that weren’t right.

I put my hand on her bare shoulder and moved away from her. “We seem to be doing things wrong.” I grinned at her. “Let's try changing what we are doing until we get things right. Between us, we should be able to figure it out. How about we change one thing, try two kisses, then decide on something else to change.”

She nodded and I moved my chair closer to hers. We gradually changed how we were kissing, taking turns making suggestions, until she ended up sitting on my lap, and several things happened quickly. I had my left arm around her back to support her, and we found our faces at the right height to match, the distance between our faces was just right and our faces were at the right angle. When she’d sat on my lap, I’d put my right hand on her knee, but I wasn’t comfortable with it there, so I started to move it to her waist. She adjusted her position slightly just as I was moving my hand, and I misjudged the location of my where my hand was. Instead of landing where I thought her waist was, I ended up slightly higher on her body… on the side of her left breast. Up until that point, we had been kissing with our lips mostly closed, but we were both surprised and our mouths opened slightly.

For the first time, her braces were exposed and they brushed against my lips. We both hesitated briefly and then I moved my hand down to her waist. I tried to move my head away to apologize, but her lips followed mine, staying parted with her braces against my lips. The kiss lasted much longer than the others, and when she moved away, she said, “Can we do that again? I think we are finally figuring out how to kiss.” She pressed her lips against mine and opened hers slightly so her braces were against my lips. The kiss felt similar, but not quite right, as if something was missing. We tried again, with the same result. She moved her head back slightly and smiled. “I think I know what is missing. Do you trust me?”

I nodded my head, and as she moved her lips to mine again, she moved my hand from her waist to the side of her breast again. She was right, the thing that had been missing from our kiss was the placement of my hand. The kiss wasn’t quite the same as the first time because we were both expecting the sensation of my touch. The surprise wasn’t there and we both relaxed into the kiss, letting our lips slide over her braces together.

Our kiss was interrupted by a cough from the bar. We reluctantly moved our faces apart and turned to look at the bartender. “I hate to interrupt you, but I have always wanted to say this and never had the chance. Get a room, I can’t let you keep doing that here.”

Charlotte and I looked at each other and laughed. I turned to the bartender and said, "We didn't come here for that."

Charlotte brushed her hand against my cheek and said just loud enough for the bartender to hear, “Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me. Why don't you sit here while I fix my makeup and then we’ll see if we can find our driver and his wife.” She gave one last wiggle as she brushed her braces against my lips and moved off of my lap. She understood I didn’t want to stand up just yet, and her lipstick did need to be repaired.

Watching her walk away from me was fascinating. I couldn’t tell how much of the wiggle and sway was from what she was wearing, how much of it was natural talent and how much of it was for my benefit, and it didn’t really matter. Just before she disappeared into the ladies' room, she looked over her shoulder at me with a smile and licked her lips.

Watching her walk toward me was even better. She’d fixed up her lipstick and adjusted her dress, and the top of the stocking on her left leg flashed at me with every step she took. She hadn’t suddenly become a beautiful woman, she was still the same 19-year-old girl who had been coming into the restaurant. Her teeth were still messed up and she had metal braces working to straighten them out, but her smile had changed. She had a level of confidence that had been missing before, and it showed in how she smiled at me.

I stood up and extended my hand to her, letting her decide whether she wanted to take it or simply link arms again. Her braces seemed to take on a sparkle they didn’t have before, as she wove her fingers with mine. When we’d walked into the bar, I’d been presenting an image to the bouncer that I wasn’t sure about. As we walked past him on the way out, the image he saw was one of a young man with a good-looking woman holding his hand. Rather than have my bosses paged, we wandered around the hotel to find the lounge, then walked around until we found them. We weren’t going to disturb them, but they saw us and gestured for us to join them. They had selected a booth at the back and the music in the lounge wasn’t loud to begin with, making it easy to talk.

We told them we were in no rush to leave and we would go when they were ready. They offered to buy us alcoholic drinks, but we both turned down the offer, choosing to have fruit juice instead. Mrs. Boss smiled when we asked for one of the fruit-blend specials served in a large bowl-like stemmed container and asked for two straws. When the drink arrived, Charlotte moved my arm over her shoulder and snuggled close to me so it was easy for both of us to drink. Before long, my arm had moved to her back and my hand was resting beside her breast, where she secured it by pressing her arm against it.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the company of the person I was with. My bosses had moved closer together after we sat down with them, and their hands were doing a bit of wandering just out of sight. Every time Charlotte leaned over to take a drink, she used my leg to support herself, and her hand gradually moved up my leg, getting closer to my hip.

The band played a mix of styles of music, mostly jazz and blues, from modern tunes to old-time classics, and they joined the singer on some of the songs. We just sat back, enjoying listening to the music without having to talk to each other. Charlotte snuggled a little closer to me each time one of us took a sip, and my hand gradually moved closer to the side of her breast, with her encouragement.

When the band took a break, the ladies decided they needed to use the facilities and Mr. Boss suggested we head home. While we waited for the ladies, he said, "I remember what my graduation party night was like. I didn't meet the love of my life until years later, but the girl I was with was close to being the one I wanted to marry. She didn't want to wake up alone in the morning. If you don't want to go home yet, I can get you a room."

I smiled and said, “You’re the second person to suggest it. Charlotte and I didn’t come here with that in mind, so I’m going to politely decline your offer, though I wouldn’t mind if you gave us some privacy when you drop her off at her place. Maybe drive around the block once or twice?”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Accountant
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Chapter 6

When the ladies returned from using the facilities, Charlotte had a pink glow to her upper body, and it wasn't created using makeup. Mrs. Boss said, "Okay, dear, we're ready to go," as Mr. Boss extended his elbow for her to take and raised his head. She linked arms with him and put her chest out, and something shifted in my mind. The impression it conveyed was that they really did look as if they owned the place.

I looked at Charlotte and extended my hand to her. The pink glow around her upper body became more radiant as she took it and linked her fingers with mine. As we walked through the hotel, I checked out how we looked as we passed reflective surfaces, some of them mirrors, and more than once, Charlotte's eyes met mine in the reflection. I was happy to be escorting a good-looking woman from the after-grad party, not in a horny teenager way but in a mature-adult style. Compared to the couple ahead of us, we looked young, but not in the same way most of our classmates looked as they wandered around.

Mr. Boss left his wife at the entrance while he went to get the car, and she smiled at us as we waited. She said she thought we looked good together and how she had thought so from the time I sent the cake over. I chuckled when she said her investment had paid off. I knew just how much she had spent getting Charlotte to look like she did.

The car pulled up to the entrance and he stepped out wearing his hat again. He opened the rear door for us and gestured for me to help my date into the car. With the door swinging to the rear of the car, it made getting into the back seat much easier than the modern cars, and it presented Charlotte with a challenge she wasn’t used to. Rather than her body being screened by the door as she got in, her upper body was in full view as she bent over to get inside. The smile on her face told me she knew just what I was seeing and that she didn’t mind at all. She turned her body as she stepped inside so her left leg slipped through the slit in the side of her dress, putting the top of her stocking, including the garter straps holding it up, where I could see them. And she took her time getting in, making sure I had plenty of time to appreciate the view. She snuggled up to me and placed my hand on her left knee as the door closed behind me and the drive to her place began.

Mr. Boss opened the door for us at her place and said, “You youngsters take your time saying goodnight. I’m going to park at the end of the block to wait for you. Just step to the curb when you’re really to leave and I’ll pick you up. If I don’t come right away, be patient, I may be a bit distracted by the missus.” There was a chuckle from the front seat.

Charlotte linked her fingers with mine as I walked her to her front door, and when we reached her steps, she turned to face me for a goodnight kiss. Just like earlier in the night, we found the angles to be wrong for kissing with her standing on the step above me. The porch swing proved to be the answer. With her sitting on my lap, our lips were at the right height and we were able to angle our faces just right for a prolonged kiss. I put my arms around her to support her, and she moved my hand lower to the side of her upper body. The first kiss was good, and the second was even better. She moved her face away from mine slightly and whispered, “Would you do something for me? Could we try kissing using our tongues?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers, extended my tongue and brushed it over her lips, and as they parted slightly, I ran the tip of my tongue over the surface of her teeth. She shifted slightly in my lap, and my hand moved from her side to the front of her body. I didn’t bother to move it, as it seemed to be where she wanted it to be as we kissed. The intensity of the kiss increased slightly as her teeth parted enough for her tongue to slip through and join mine, and then she giggled at the sensation of the top of her tongue against the bottom of mine.

Rather than break the mood, it just seemed to add to it. She put her head on my shoulder and whispered, “I think we need to practice some more, and I hope we can do it soon. It would probably be better if we stopped for tonight, before things get out of hand, though I don’t mind at all where your hand is.”

I was in no rush to end the evening, and it seemed, neither was Charlotte. We sat on the porch swing for a while, gently swaying back and forth and looking at the stars. Eventually she kissed me on the cheek, and shifted off of my lap. “I had a wonderful evening. Thank your bosses for everything they did to make it such a memorable day for me.”

I bent over to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she turned her head and our lips made contact instead. What I had intended to be a quick kiss goodnight turned into a much longer, much more pleasant exploration of her mouth as she parted her lips and exposed her braces to my tongue. I reluctantly moved my mouth away from hers after running my tongue over her braced teeth a few times.

She treated me to her cute giggle again, then said, “I could get used to doing this, though I find it much more enjoyable when I am sitting on your lap with your arms around me. You better go now, I don’t want to keep your bosses waiting too long.”

The last thing I saw as I walked to the curb was her running her tongue over braces-enhanced teeth as she closed the door. My phone chimed with an incoming text from an 'unknown number' as I waited at the curb, with the message, "We'll be right there." It appeared my bosses were more technologically-equipped than I thought.

With school over and my graduation certificate in hand, I was glad to have a job lined up for the summer. I had bills to pay and an education fund I needed to build up if I wanted to go back to school in the fall. It seemed as if my bosses had similar thoughts on their minds. They called me into their office and told me it was time to negotiate my contract for the summer.

The conversation didn’t start the way I expected. They told me they were going to be taking a vacation and they wanted me to handle the financial part of the restaurant for them. I had already been doing it for them, though it had been under their supervision, so it wouldn’t be much of a change. Then came the contract negotiation part of the conversation. Rather than asking me what I expected to be paid, they had an offer ready for me. The first part was to switch me from an hourly wage to a weekly salary. The figure on the sheet was very generous, especially taking into consideration the amount of time I needed to be at the restaurant. They were both smiling when they said they didn’t mind if I went to the beach and worked on my suntan, as long as I took care of the paperwork first.

The second part of the contract was an offer to pay the fee for me to take a course at the college, and they had a list for me to choose from. The contract did not rely on me accepting the offer, so I could spend my summer on the beach if I wanted to. The next part of the contract was an offer to renegotiate my contract in the fall, should I choose to continue working for them. The last part of the contract was a clause for an unspecified bonus for exemplary performance of my duties.

They asked if I needed time to go over the contract, but there was no fine print and everything was in plain language, so I signed it. I left the office with a big smile on my face. My bank account had just been given a healthy boost and I didn’t have to do much more than I had been doing for much of the last half of the school year.

Charlotte and I had called each other a few times since the night of the party, but she hadn’t come by the restaurant. We’d both said how much we enjoyed the evening, though neither of us had said anything about going on a second date. We easily found other things to talk about, and had spent enough time talking to learn things about what we wanted to do in the future.

I had access to a considerable amount of money and frequently handled transactions for tens of thousands of dollars, and I could talk to people over twice my age with confidence and manage a renovation project without having anyone checking on what I was doing, but I couldn’t manage to ask Charlotte for a date. With the contract on the desk in front of me, I dialled her number, and when I heard her cheery voice, I said, “How would you like to join me for a meal? I have something to show you.”