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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 2

A week later, she shows up at my door with another bottle of wine, an invoice pad and a big smile on her face. The wine I am expecting, the metal glued to her teeth I am not. She sees me looking at her mouth and turns from side to side, giving me a much better look at her enhanced mouth. The bends in the archwire highlight just how misaligned her teeth really are.

When I finally manage to shift my gaze away from her teeth, she hands me the wine and says, "So dazzle me, show me what design you have come up with for the uniform."

I grin and say, "I couldn't just do one. It didn't seem right to limit my options, so I did a couple." I watch as she slips on the first one, seeing all the little adjustments that should be made to make it fit better. They still look like scrubs, it's just that I've added lace on the chest to show a hint of her cleavage and accents along the seams to show she has a figure underneath it.

The next outfit is my vision of what a waitress might want to wear in an old-fashioned diner. It's a blouse and skirt combination, rather than pants. It has a little more lace strategically placed, and with stockings and low-heeled shoes, will look good on just about any shape of body. On her, it looks very nice. She spends quite a bit of time in front of the mirror checking it out from all different angles. It still has the look the scrubs did and looks like a uniform, just more visually appealing and comfortable.

I spend the time checking out the braces on her teeth and feeling a bit envious. I've never admitted it to anyone, but I always missed having the chance to get braces when I was in school, not because I wanted to get my teeth fixed, but because I thought they were a cool fashion accessory.

I'm a bit surprised when she decides to keep the blouse and skirt combination on. We sit and talk for a while and I find out a little about her latest job. It sounds as if she is doing well and is moving up in the place. She has me fill out an invoice for the cost of the material and the work I did on the uniforms, and insists I show how many hours it took me.

I'm more fascinated by the braces on her teeth than I am by what we are talking about and don't pay as much attention as I should. Before I realize how much time has passed, she is saying goodbye and walking out the door with my creations in her bag, without paying me for the material.

A few weeks later I get a check in the mail with a copy of my invoice. On the line where I listed my hours is a number I never expected to see. Attached to the invoice is a note to call the number at the bottom. My friend answers and says to check my email in a few minutes and call her back. At the top of the email is a smiley face emoji wearing braces and an attachment for a document to download. The document is one page long and is a contract to make uniforms for the restaurant at a cost to be negotiated. I call her back and ask, "Is this a joke?"

I hear her laughing and she says, "Why don't you come and visit me and we'll talk about it. I think you'll like what I have to say, and this time, stop staring at my teeth so much and pay more attention to what I am saying."

I follow her directions and find myself on the second floor of a building being renovated. After calling her to let her know I am waiting, she steps out of what looks like an office door and I find myself walking up another set of stairs. Most of the space upstairs is empty except for an area with a few couches, chairs and tables.

I can't believe the size of her place. Her living room is bigger than the basement of my parent's place and much better furnished. She has a pot of coffee on a warmer and we sit at the table sipping from our mugs as she explains about the contract. She showed the people in charge of the restaurant what I had created for her, and she recommended I be hired to do all the uniforms.

It turns out there is a bit more to the contract than I am aware of. The contract has an option for me to have space designed for me to work right in the building. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the information coming at me, and she sees the dazed look on my face and suggests we take a walk around the building while I think about the offer.

There isn't much to see on the third floor, and we move to the second floor quite soon. Despite obvious signs of ongoing renovations, the area is clean and has a walk-up coffee bar. Beside that is an orthodontist's office and she tells me she is a patient there. At the far end are a few offices and she takes me into them and introduces me to the people inside. Everyone seems to know her and I begin to get the impression she has more authority than I first thought.

The last office she takes me to has several large screens on the wall hooked up to computers. After introducing me to the couple sitting there, she tells me to explain to them what kind of space I would need for a place to work in. Rather than interrupt my rambling explanation, they take turns entering information into the computer and 3D models form on the screens. As I make changes, they appear on the screens as well.

When I take a break and stop talking, the lady says, "That's your workspace. What about where you're going to live? How do you want your apartment laid out?"

I look at my friend with my mouth open. She smiles at me and says, "I haven't told her about that part yet. She's still trying to deal with the idea of having her own shop to make the uniforms in. I was going to wait until she signed the contract to explain what all is included. For now, just put in a bedroom, kitchen and living room of adequate size and we can make changes later. Right now I want to take her to the orthodontist and have her records done."

She gently closes my mouth and leads me to the orthodontist's office. I sit where she places me and look around. My brain is still trying to process everything that is happening, and is failing at the task. Time starts to do funny things. I blink and find myself in the treatment chair with my teeth sinking into pudding-like goop. Then time stretches as I try not to gag as the stuff oozes out of the tray toward my throat. Another blink, and I am making funny faces as they take pictures of my teeth. One more blink, and the orthodontist is talking to the assistant in a language I don't understand as he pokes at my teeth with a metal tool. Then I'm sitting in an office with my friend holding my hand. I don't remember them doing X-rays and scans of my teeth, but they are on the computer screen in front of us and the orthodontist is talking about what he can do to fix my teeth.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 3

I wake up in a strange bed in a long t-shirt that smells of laundry soap with a faint hint of cologne. Memories of wearing my dad's t-shirts to bed surface and I smile and stretch. I lay in the comfy bed for quite a while, watching the light around the edge of the window blind brighten.

The smell of fresh-brewed coffee drifts into the room and I pull back the blanket. Beside the bed is a pair of fluffy slip-on bedroom shoes with a one-inch heel. I’m used to walking around barefoot at home, but they look comfortable, and feel just as good as they look as I slip them on. I follow the smell of coffee to the kitchen and pour myself a cup.

I realize I am still at my friend's place as I look around the kitchen. Just as I’m stretching and yawning, a strange guy walks into the kitchen. It takes a second for my brain to process the fact that my t-shirt is stretched snuggly across my chest and the bottom hem is resting relatively high on my thighs.

He smiles at me and asks, “Did you sleep well?”

I hastily bring my arms down and try to cover my chest with one arm while tugging the hem down with the other. All that happens is the neckline of the t-shirt is stretched a bit and some more of my cleavage is put on view. I have a short athletic body and long legs, so my decent size breasts look bigger than they really are.

My friend walks in as he waits for my answer, and she pulls his face down and kisses him. It’s only a quick kiss, but he puts a lot of feeling into it, and I notice his tongue run over the braces on her teeth. She’s blushing a little as she pours herself a cup of coffee and says, “I didn’t hear you come in. I let my friend spend the night in my bed. She had quite the shock yesterday and I figured it would be better if she stayed here. You didn’t disturb her, did you?”

Then she turns to me and asks, “Do you feel ready to talk about signing the contract? I didn’t want to throw too much at you yesterday, but things just kind of got out of hand. We can sit down today and take our time, and you can ask any questions as you think of them.”

The good-looking guy is still standing by the counter with his mug of coffee, and I catch him checking me out. Surprisingly, it’s not my body he is looking at, it’s my mouth. My friend sees where he is looking and gives him a good-natured swat on the ass. “What do you think you’re doing?”

His reply surprises me. “I’m just imagining what she is going to look like with braces.” I hastily cover my teeth with my lips and put my hand over my mouth, but he just smiles at me and says, “Don’t do that. It is a shame to cover up such a beautiful smile.”

She tells him to be quiet, then turns to me and says, "I haven't had a chance to explain the benefits package to her yet, and there is still quite a bit I don't think she remembers from yesterday." Her next comments are directed at me. "Why don't you go and see if you can find something to wear in my closet? My boyfriend gets cranky if he doesn't get his good-morning kiss before going to work, and I haven't given it to him yet."

I look at him and what she is wearing and understand why she wants a little privacy. I’m blushing as I smile at them and leave the kitchen, taking my mug of coffee with me.

Her closet is more of a room connected to her bedroom. Some of what was talked about yesterday comes back to me, and I decide to ask if I can have a closet like this in my apartment. I smile as it dawns on me that I am going to sign the contract even though I don’t know everything that is included in it.

Finding something to wear is relatively easy. Finding something that appeals to my sense of style is not. She has the uniforms I designed hanging in her closet, and on a whim, I put on the blouse and skirt combination. The blouse is tailored to fit her body, and on my larger chest, the fabric stretches to accommodate my breasts. The skirt has more give to it and fits nicely around my waist and hips. My whimsical sense of humour kicks in and I find a pair of slip-on shoes with ridiculously high heels to wear. It’s nice to see that her wild side hasn’t disappeared as we have gotten older. I locate the drawer holding her socks and find a pair that fits to just above my knees to complete the look. I would fit right in at a gentleman’s club as a waitress or performer. It’s too over the edge to wear to work in a restaurant.

While I wait for my friend to kiss her boyfriend goodbye, I pull a sketchpad from my bag and let my mind wander. It's handy having the materials to put my ideas on paper when I get them and sometimes I sketch to pass the time. When I'm working on an outfit, I concentrate on the design of it, but there are times when the location is important as well. I watch as lines appear on the paper and two bodies take shape, then a cafe table to one side. Most of the time, I leave the faces blurred, but this time, the lower face of the female character is in focus. What stands out are the braces on her teeth and the elastics running from top to bottom. Bits of colour are added to make them stand out.

Body shape and size are important to any design I make, and the female character is short and busty, with long legs. The male character is taller and fit-looking. As the sketch progresses and details get filled in, the male is wearing a chef's uniform and she is wearing a waitress's blouse and skirt from the sixties, with lots of frills and lace along the bottom. As the sketch nears completion, the braces get shaded in to give the impression of bands encircling the teeth. The final touches of colour are added and the completed sketch sits in front of me.

I become aware of the presence of a body behind me and look up to see my friend's braced smile above my shoulder. "I knew you could draw, but I didn't know you were that good. Would you mind if I kept that?" I carefully remove it from the pad and turn to hand it to her. Her clothes are in disarray and she has a flush on her cheeks. "Don't forget to sign and date it the way artists do."

Her smile gets bigger as she takes a closer look at it. “Why don’t you go to the restaurant and order yourself some breakfast. I’ll get changed and join you in a little while.”

I gesture at what I’m wearing and she adds, “It will be fine. The staff will enjoy seeing what kind of designs you can come up with for their uniforms. You might want to change the shoes though, they are a bit too wild for this early in the day.”

She joins me while I am still looking through the menu, trying to decide what to eat. The braces-friendly portion of the menu is fascinating. There are so many items on there I never thought of. As she’s sitting down, two mugs of gourmet coffee appear on the table and an early-twenties waitress with metal braces waits to take our orders. My gaze travels over her body and an image forms in my mind of what kind of outfit I think she should be wearing.

My friend sees what I am doing and she smiles. Now I have two braced smiles to look at and I fail at trying to look at both of them at the same time. “You’re going to sign the contract, aren’t you? I can tell by the look on your face. Let’s eat first, then we can find someplace with a little more space where we can talk in private.”

At her suggestion, I order from the braces-friendly menu, and find it to be better than I expected. As we eat, she explains that the guy in charge of the kitchen is a chef and uses quality ingredients. He’s using the restaurant to test out new dishes for the theme-restaurant they are designing for the other side of the main floor.

By the time we are done eating, I’ve found out that she is the hostess for the restaurant and is in charge of managing the staff serving the customers. When I reach for my wallet to pay for my meal, she stops me and says, “Don’t worry about paying. You have an account at all the restaurants in the building. You can tip the waitress if you want to.”

She picks up the file that has been laying on the table and adds, "Let's go upstairs and talk if you're ready, just watch which side of the stairs you walk up on." I find out what she means as we follow the curve in the stairs near the top. There's a small area with comfy chairs beside the stairs, and the guys sitting there have a nice view of what I am wearing as we step past them. That bit of information gets stored in my mind for future use.

We sit in the area beside the orthodontist's office and she begins pulling sheets of paper from the folder. The first sheet I recognize as the contract for the uniforms. It's simply worded and easy to understand. If I accept the contract, I will be supplying uniforms for the staff in the current restaurant, the coffee bar we are sitting near and any future restaurants in the building. A cost plus percentage profit clause is guaranteeing I will make money.

The next few sheets deal with setting up a business name for my company and getting all the licenses and permits required. All of that will be taken care of for me by ‘The Company’ and the costs will come out of my operating fund. I’m keeping up with everything so far and haven’t been asking a lot of questions.

What I want to do for the workspace comes up next. It's up to me where I want to work. Right away, she suggests I take them up on the offer to have a space set up for me to work in. She smiles when I ask what it is going to cost me, and I am momentarily distracted by the flashing metal in her mouth. She waits until my attention returns to the subject at hand to reply with, "I can only give you the answer I was given when I asked that same question about my apartment. 'Ask the accountant.' The secretary didn't bother to make an appointment for me, she just said, 'Don't worry about it. It's all being taken care of.''

Then she asks if I want to have an apartment in the building too. More of what happened yesterday surfaces in my mind and I remember the models on computer screens. I ask her, “Do I have to live here?” She shakes her head. “If I decide to live here, can I design it myself, or will someone else do it?”

I get the smile again as she answers, “That is up to you. My boyfriend did mine for me and added a bedroom for himself to the plans. My advice is to talk to the couple in charge of the renovations and get their opinions on how to lay it out.”

After a break to refill our mugs and get a snack, she pulls out some more sheets and hands me one set. “This is a copy of the employee benefits package. As soon as you sign the contract, you can use any of the benefits you want. There is a page with requirements that applies to restaurant employees only, but you can use those too. I want to make it clear that you are not an employee of the company, you are a contractor. The benefits are provided as part of your contract. You don’t have a boss.”

It takes a while for the information to go through my brain and get processed. I take the time to read through the forms, looking for things I don't understand, but everything is in simple language and is clearly laid out. I begin to smile as I read through the benefits package, and by the end, my smile is bigger than hers, though not decorated the way hers is.

I sign all the forms and she takes me to talk to the couple in charge of the renovations while she makes copies of the forms for my records.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Very intersting story. I like the ways you take to come to the point where you want to go. I can't wait to read more of it !

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 4

Two days later I’m back in the orthodontist's office having the retainers I didn’t know I was getting adjusted to fit into my mouth. On the way upstairs, I stopped to see my friend at the hostess station to see if she could explain to me what is happening, but she was busy training some new staff and couldn’t take the time to go to my appointment with me. She did say to ask the assistant to explain anything I didn’t understand and to be honest with them if I wanted to enjoy my appointment.

I take her advice and ask the assistant to explain to me the differences between the retainer I am getting and the other types available. She tells me mine are called Hawley’s and shows me models of the other types available. My retainers have a wire running behind my front teeth and she explains they are normally used to help straighten the teeth a little, but the wire on mine is only going to rest against my teeth. She hands me a mirror when they are done adjusting them and points out how the heavy flat wire used is shaped to match the contours of my teeth.

We move to the orthodontist’s office and he begins to go through the treatment options he recommends to fix my teeth. Each time he uses phrases I don’t understand, I ask the assistant to explain them. I try and use neutral ways of asking about other possible treatment options, but they catch on that I am trying to find ways of extending the treatment. The orthodontist excuses himself, saying he needs to deal with a ‘non-typical situation’ and will be back in a few minutes, and leaves me with the assistant.

As soon as he is gone, she takes my hand and looks me in the eye. “How long would you like your treatment to take? We can extend your treatment if you want and there are more options we can use to give you the smile you want.”

I blush as images appear in my mind, and I wish I had my sketch pad with me so I could show her what I want. She pulls the mouse to our side of the desk and clicks on a few folders, then a copy of the sketch I gave to my friend appears on the screen. “Is this what you would like your treatment to look like?” At my nod, she clicks a few more times and my face appears on the screen with narrow bands around my teeth. I grin and move my fingers apart a little, and she makes the bands wider. I shake my head and the bands return to the narrow size again.

“How about additional appliances? If we use expanders, you can keep all your teeth and we’ll widen your palates to make room for them to fit together nicely.” She shows me a picture of what the expanders look like. “We would probably need to use a face-bow to move your upper teeth back a bit to create more space,” and more pictures appear, one showing my face with the wire running in front of my teeth. “The use of a Herbst appliance to shift your bottom teeth forward is another possibility, and can be combined with the other options.” More pictures appear, and my face on the screen changes to show the appliance.

My blush deepens and the smile on my face gets bigger. I make several attempts to speak, but my tongue keeps bumping into my new retainers and garbling my speech. Finally I take out the bottom retainer and I can talk semi-understandably. “I wouldn’t want all of that at once, and I’m not sure about having bands around my teeth, but it is nice to know what I would look like if I did. Let me think about it for a while.”

The orthodontist knocks on the door and asks if we are okay. She nods and he sits down at the desk again. After checking the notes she made in my file, he looks at me and smiles. “I’m sure that we can accommodate your wishes relatively easily.”

When I ask how much it will cost, the answer doesn’t really surprise me. It’s just another way of saying ‘ask the accountant.’

My next stop is the office of the people in charge of the renovations. The lady hands me the keys and says, “Let’s go upstairs and take a look at where your office is going to be.” There are lines taped on the floor and a few pieces of lightweight furniture placed in the places between where the walls will be. “Walk around and get a sense of how it will look when it is finished. We can easily make changes to the layout now.”

I walk around, pretending to open and close doors and sit in the chairs where the furniture might be placed. I find a problem in the bedroom. “Can I get a door that slides into the wall instead of swinging into my bedroom?” She nods and makes a note on the pad she is carrying. I walk back into the living room space and look out the windows. They are southern facing and get plenty of light all year.

She joins me and I ask if it is possible to add more windows. When I explain what I would like to do, she says, “If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, why don’t we put up a wall across this end of the space and create a greenhouse for you? If we extend it across the bedroom as well, we can put in a studio for you to sit and sketch or relax in. I’ll check with the architects and see how many windows we can safely put in for you to give you as much light as possible.”

I grin at her, and my lip slides over the heavy wire of my top retainer. My day keeps getting better as time passes. She goes back to her office and I go to the restaurant to talk to my friend.

The lunch rush has ended and the supper rush won’t start for a while yet. I sit in a booth where I can see everything that is going on. My friend brings two mugs of coffee and sits across from me. Before I came down, I put my bottom retainer in again, and I give her a big smile so she can see what she has done to me.

She has the new employees cleaning up from lunch and getting the place ready for the evening. Charlene drops by the table and says she likes my new look, then asks when I can make her a new uniform. She has a few ideas and wants to sit down with me sometime to see what I can do with them. When our mugs are just about empty, the young waitress with the braces comes to refill them and smiles when she sees my new retainers.

My friend asks if I want to stay for supper with her and her boyfriend, but I politely decline the offer, saying that I want to go home and enjoy my new retainers in private. She’s still laughing as I walk out of the restaurant.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I have an absolutely fithy story in my mind right now and have no hope of it being posted here.

I'm still working on more chapters of the 'Sparkles' series, but they're not going to be posted quite as frequently for a little while.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Great story

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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I like the way these stories re-sure the same setting.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 5

I get an email from the company doing the renovations asking me to drop by the office when I have some time. Attached is a note from the lady saying she has a 'project' for me if I am interested. I look around my basement and take in the lack of space to adequately work in. There's nothing here that needs to be done that can't wait.

It isn't ideal to sketch while riding the bus, but it helps to pass the time, and I can make notes on what I want to sketch if it is too rough. Before heading upstairs to the office, I drop by the restaurant and say hi to the staff, promising them I will sit down with them to discuss ideas for their uniforms soon.

My outfit was deliberately chosen for the walk up the stairs to the second floor and I can't wait to see the reaction I get. It is one of my creations, and I made a few alterations to 'improve it'. The boots are thigh-high leather with a four-inch heel and a very modest platform sole. The thigh-length skirt has been altered to billow around my legs and give flashes of the boot tops as I walk, and across the cheeks on the shorts I am wearing underneath is embroidered, "Gotcha". Topping off the outfit is a black lace t-shirt over a white satin camisole.

The staff in the restaurant give my outfit a mixed reaction, all of it positive, and my takeout order is ready in no time. They're still working out a few bugs with the takeout system, but the overall response is very good from the customers who are testing it.

The hostess tells me to expect an interesting afternoon when I talk to the lady in the renovation office and that she knows what 'project' means. I'm smiling as I walk up the stairs, and my smile gets bigger as I turn the corner. I look at a few of the guys sitting there and flash my retainers at them, then put more sway in my hips. The reaction to my display is what I was hoping for, and the laughter drifts up behind me.

There is a new computer sitting on the table in the conference room and the lady is playing around on it. She has a few other items neatly stacked beside the computer and waits until I am comfortably seated beside her to push them in my direction. On the big screen on the wall is a 3D model of her, and it has her wearing a retainer. She explains that the program on the computer is a combination of what the orthodontist uses in his office for his patients and a modified version of the 3D modelling program they use in the office for planning their renovations.

One of the investors has a software company and is providing tech support to 'Sparkles'. As part of the support, a program is being set up for me to run my uniform shop and make creating designs easier. She hands me what looks like one of my sketch pads and a pencil and says, "Give this a try and tell me what you think of it. I want you to design me an outfit for around the office to tease my husband. Be as wild as you want."

I flip up the cover and a blank page is waiting for me. The pencil feels just the way the coloured pencils I normally use feel, except the tip looks as if it needs to be sharpened. I make a few random strokes on the page to get a good feel for how it fits into my hand, then flip it over and erase them. Other than the pad being a little heavier than I am used to, everything feels comfortable.

She brings me a bottle of juice to go with my meal as I start sketching and then sits back away from the table so I can see her entire body. As I draw on the pad, what I am sketching shows up on a small window on the screen on the wall. It doesn't take long for a rough image of her sitting in the chair to show up and I add colour to it. Rather than having to hunt through a box of pencils to find the colour I want, all I do is tap on the screen and select it from a menu.

The sketch shows her as she is currently dressed, and then I begin to make changes. My page usually gets messy when I alter things, but this pad makes it easy to keep things looking tidy. I alter her blouse to look more form-fitting and show it with a few buttons undone, then shade in the hint of the underwire bra and the edges of a padded pushup bra underneath. The program automatically takes the shape from the original image and alters it to account for the added features.

The lady laughs and says, "I wish I looked that good, but the bra I am wearing already has a fair amount of padding in it." I take a closer look at her and my retainers slide from behind my lips as I alter the look on my pad a little. I reduce the size of the breasts in my sketch and bring them closer together. She nods at the changes.

I move to her lower body, adding a pair of heels and changing the pants to a skirt. It's a long skirt, showing a bit of her calves below the hem. I shade it in to show she is wearing stockings, then change them to fine-mesh fishnets and add more height to the heels and a small platform to the sole.

She laughs again, and uses the mouse to pull up a menu on the screen on the wall. She morphs her face onto my drawing and selects an option to have the sketch rotate. I notice there is an alteration I need to make and I add a slit on the side of her skirt so that the side of her leg shows through. Still not satisfied, I increase the length of the slit until the top of her stocking is showing.

I can't stop grinning as I look at her. "This makes designing things a lot easier. I'm so used to having to do several sketches before I am satisfied with the result."

She looks at my sketch and smiles. "If only I could actually look that good. If this is what you can do with the sketch pad, wait until you see what the rest of the program can do. Once your shop is set up, I'll have someone come by and teach you how to use it. And I am going to have to drop by and see what else you can create for me." She gestures at the screen and says, "As much as I like this look, I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it at work."

I pick up the pad to make a few changes, but she stops me before I do anything. "Let me make a copy of it first. I'm sure my husband will want to see it too. Make sure you date and sign it." It's the second time someone at the company has asked me to do that.

"Now, for the real reason I wanted you to drop by. Let's go take a look at your new apartment. It's still just a skeleton, but it will give you a better idea of what it is going to look like, and we can still easily make changes if you want."

We walk past the orthodontist's office, and the girl at the desk waves for me to come inside. She asks how my retainers are feeling and I smile, showing her I am wearing them. The lady from the renovation office takes a closer look and she has a strange look on her face that passes quickly. The girl asks if I want to book another appointment and says she has a spot open in an hour if I want it. My smile gets bigger and I accept her offer.

I wave my wrist over the pad beside the door to the stairs and the door opens. Despite much of the building looking old on the surface, most of the inside is brand new and uses the latest technology. The locks are just one example. I don't have to carry my keys around with me, I have a charm on my bracelet with a chip hidden in it that opens the doors I have access to.

There are substantial changes on the third floor. The space my apartment is going into is screened off, and when she pushes aside the edge of one, I see the skeleton of the walls in place. She leads me to the gap where the door to my shop is going to be and says, "Walk through the whole place and get a feel of what it is going to look like."

I begin to wander around, imagining how I want to lay out the furniture, then step into the changing room and spread my arms to get a feel of the amount of space to move around in. The backroom looks too big, until I start placing the machines where I want them to go, in my mind. Then I began to wonder if it is big enough.

There's a gap in the wall in the workroom I don't remember from the model, and when I look at it, she says, "One of the guys said it would be a good idea to put a door there so you can get from your apartment to your shop easily. It got overlooked in the original plans."

The doorway leads into the living room, and there is a wall across the back to create a space for a greenhouse. Through the side wall, I see the framing for the bedroom and the walk-in closet with the sliding door framed in. All the plumbing is in place for the kitchen and bathroom, and I can picture where the big clawfoot tub is going to be. Right now there is a lawn chair where it is going to sit and I stretch out on it and smile.

It's been over a week since I signed the contract and so much has happened already. I glance at my watch and realize I've been daydreaming for quite a while. My lips slide over the wires of my retainers as I walk downstairs with the lady from the renovation company. My confirmation that I am happy with the layout brings a smile to her face and I take note of her teeth. They are straighter than mine and it looks as if she may have had braces before, but there are signs she didn't wear her retainers long enough if she had braces.

She returns to her office while I step into the orthodontist's office. I recognize a few faces from the restaurant downstairs and smile at them as I walk to the desk and check-in. I don’t have a chance to sit down before I am being escorted into a treatment room. I smile at the orthodontist as he walks into the room, wanting him to see his work on display in my mouth. He takes a quick look inside my mouth, then pushes back from the chair and says, “Everything looks fine. While you’re here, is there anything else we can do for you?”

A grin spreads across my face as I say, “Do you have time to go to your office? I have a few alterations to my smile I would like to discuss.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 6

I wait for him to pull up my file before asking, “Can you keep a record of what this is going to cost me for each of the things we discuss? The cost is going to be a factor in what I can do.”

His answer surprises me. “Don’t worry about the cost. The accountant will handle making sure the payments are made on time. You tell me what you want and I will advise you on what I can do about making it happen.”

He puts the picture of my face from the initial appointment on the screen and waits for me to begin. I distractedly run my tongue over the wires on my teeth, something I have been doing a lot of lately, exploring the bends in it. Finally I say, “I want to do something about straightening out my teeth a little. I don’t want them to be perfect, just for them to line up better. I want people to say, ‘Woah, that’s a pretty extreme treatment she is getting.’ Can I start with narrow bands on all my teeth?”

The sketch I gave to the hostess appears on the screen and he asks, “Something like this?” I nod and my face on the screen changes to show my teeth with bands on them. My top teeth stick out a bit more with the additional spaces needed for the bands to fit around my teeth. “I can reduce how much they stick out by removing a couple of teeth first, though I can suggest a better way.” He types in a few sentences and a face-bow replaces the bands. “If we move your top molars back a bit first to give room in the front for the bands, the front teeth won’t look as if they are sticking out. We can start by using a modified retainer to pull all the top teeth back at the same time.” The face on the screen gradually changes to show what the treatment might look like.

He glances at the look on my face, then says.”You don’t like that option, do you? I don’t like how the teeth recede as the treatment progresses either. How about this option? We put ordinary metal brackets on all your top teeth at the start, then replace them with bands as the teeth move back and space opens up between them to keep your front teeth where they are now.” This time, the image on the screen gradually changes to show bands appearing from the back to the front as the teeth move. It’s better, but still not quite what I want.

I point to my front teeth and ask, "Can we create a gap between my front teeth first to make room for bands? One of my friends in school had an expander and she had this little gap between her teeth for a while. I thought she looked so interesting with the gap. Can we do something like that?"

He types in a few words and the face on the screen changes again to show my jaw widening and a gap appearing before bands go around my front teeth. "Like that?"

I smile as the image repeats. "That's almost what I want. Can you make the gap stay longer and have a matching gap on the bottom? And bands on all the bottom teeth too?" The image on the screen resets and I watch as my face gets a bit wider as the requested treatment progresses. The gaps slowly appear and stay until just before the end. "I like that, except the teeth look too well lined up at the end. Can you leave the canines recessed behind the front teeth a little?" This time I really like the way they look.

He looks at the final image and resets it to show the bands on the front teeth appearing earlier in the treatment. This time the bands appear on the front teeth soon after the gaps appear between the front teeth and the canines tilt in behind the front teeth near the beginning of the treatment. "To make this work, I would need to put springs where the canines are to keep the space open and stop the other teeth from twisting. The bands will also work very well to help keep the teeth where they need to be, and I can use a rectangular wire to stop them from twisting. The canines can be attached to the expanders to give more precise control of them."

I realize he is talking to himself more than me, and I can appreciate the process he is going through to design the look I want. He types in a few more sentences and a face-bow appears on the screen again. I watch as my face starts out the way I look right now and changes shape as my teeth move into the position I have asked for. He blinks a few times as he becomes aware I am still sitting across from him. "Sorry about that. It isn't often that I am presented with such an interesting case. I've had difficult cases before, but this is the first time I've been asked to create such an intriguing treatment. Achieving this result is going to take quite a while. Once we start, you are going to have to fully cooperate with the instructions I give you and I may have to use a few different devices I haven't thought about using yet."

The grin on my face can't get any bigger as I say, "Where do I sign and when can we start?"

He looks at the scans of my teeth and checks the schedule on the screen. "I think there is already enough space between your molars to fit bands on, and there is an appointment slot open in a while if you want to fit them today. The bands are probably going to be a bit uncomfortable until your molars shift to allow for them, so we won't start using the face-bow just yet. The expanders are going to have to go in sometime soon and the brackets are going to be needed right away to keep the teeth from moving in unpredictable directions. I'll need to shuffle patients around a little to get all of this done, but I think I can do it all today."

I realize he is talking to himself again and clear my throat to get his attention. "I'll wait until you are ready to start. Just give me the forms to sign."

I let the girl at the front desk know I'm going to be sitting in the coffee shop outside the office and go to the renovation office to get my sketchpad. The lady suggests I take the new computer sketch pad with me and use it too. My mind is more focused on my upcoming appointment and I didn’t think about using it. The whole building is wired for wifi access, and as long as my new computer is on, I have access to the files to run the new sketchpad.

I let my mind wander to the outfit I designed for the renovation lady. I find a file holding revisions I made and locate the version without the changes. She asked me to create something for around the office, but my mind has other ideas floating around. I store the original file as a template and begin working on something for her to wear at home. I keep my design to something a middle-aged woman would want to wear and add simple metal braces to her teeth.

The next design is for something to wear for an evening out. It's elegant and simple, and I spend more time getting the braces on her teeth right and adding coloured ligatures. I do another version with a different coloured gown and matching coloured elastics showing between her smiling lips. They go into a private file before they get emailed to her.

The girl at the front desk comes out to get me and escorts me to a treatment room. I realize I am in the special client’s room because the chair is so comfortable. She stays with me while we wait for the orthodontist. While we wait, she asks if I can design a more comfortable uniform for her. I use her camera to take a picture of her, then use the Bluetooth connection to transfer it to my sketch pad.

As she tells me what she doesn't like about what she is wearing, I make alterations to her picture, adding material to the chest and reducing the material around her waist. Her pants get the same attention, with more material around the hips and less covering her legs. A second version has her wearing a knee-length skirt and low heels. I create a third version of her still in the skirt, but change the shoes to high-heels. I'm really enjoying using the new sketchpad and the convenience of being able to give people copies of what I create, although I do miss the feel of paper against my hand as I work.

The orthodontist walks in as I am finishing the last version and smiles when he sees what I have done with her uniform. "We may just have you do a little work for us when you get your shop open. I don't think that the last one will work, but the other two are a possibility. Now, let's get to work on your mouth. I hope you're not in a hurry, this is going to take a while."

The chair goes back and he begins to work on getting the bands around my back molars. The bands are a tight fit and I can feel the pressure as they begin to shift to accommodate the bands. He gives me the choice between the slightly larger self-ligating metal brackets or the older-style ligatured brackets for the rest of my teeth. It's a tough decision to make and the assistant shows me how they can twist the ligatures to make them more visible. Speed is not an issue for me unless I consider how long I want to extend my treatment, so I go with the older-style brackets. He leaves the brackets off of my canines and tells me those are going to have bands as soon as my expanders are ready. He slides springs along the archwires where my canines are to maintain the space.

He has a small camera mounted on the light he uses to illuminate my mouth and I can watch as he slowly covers my teeth with metal. He takes a few breaks from working on my teeth when one of the assistants needs him to check the work they are doing on other patients and the chance to close my mouth for a while is appreciated. It also gives me a chance to examine what has been done in more detail.

The assistant gives me a package of supplies for my new braces and goes over the information I need to know to take care of them. Before I leave, I have pictures of my new smile to add to their file, taken from many different angles, and the girl at the front desk transfers copies of them to my sketchpad for me.

I take my time walking down the steps, making sure the guys get a chance to look up my skirt and see my shorts with 'Gotcha' embroidered across the ass, and give them a display of my newly embraced smile. It's not just the braces I am showing off, it's how much I am enjoying having them.

I stop by the restaurant and show them my new smile as well, and the staff all want to get a good look at what I have been given. A few of the regular customers come over as well to see what the commotion is, and I get many compliments from them. A few ask if I am going to work in the new restaurant and I explain I will be making the new uniforms. I think some of them just ask so they can get another look at my braces, not that I am complaining. I'm really enjoying the attention they are drawing.

One of the busboys asks if I would like a ride home, and when I accept, gets permission to leave early from the hostess. He's quite excited when I ask if he wants to see my sketches, and his face falls when I pull them out and show them to him. I make it up to him when I kiss him and let him run his tongue over my braced teeth. I think I get more of a thrill from having someone kiss me and play with my braces, but it isn't by much judging by his reaction. He's walking funny as he leaves after I tell him I had a fun first date with him. Even if we never have a second date, it will still be memorable for him.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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It's been a while since I posted a chapter, so here's one for you to enjoy.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Sparkles - 4

Each Tuesday, all of the employees and investors get a chance to walk through the new restaurant and see how the space is changing as the walls and fittings go into place. The couple from the renovation company handle most of the questions and take notes of any questions and suggestions.

One question that came up each week was the accessibility of the restaurant for people with different kinds of mobility issues. The drawings, plans and 3D model took into account all the government-mandated requirements and we tried to exceed them. The booths all had wheelchair access and the private rooms had wide doorways and a small storage area for coats, with fittings to hold things like crutches and canes.

A couple of the waitresses asked why there was only one wheelchair-accessible stall and they pointed out they often found the stalls too cramped even for able-bodied use. At their suggestion, all the stalls were enlarged to accommodate a wheelchair and a third washroom was added for people who needed assistance using the bathroom. The third bathroom was enlarged enough to accommodate three people easily and the addition of a changing table made it comfortable for changing a child's diaper.

It was one of the busboys that brought up the issue of the width of the doorways to the kitchen. They were fine for normal levels of use, but when the restaurant was busy, they tended to become crowded. A simple redesign to the layout made them oneway use and widened them. Before changing them in the new restaurant, 'Sparkles Daytime' got a retrofit to test out the idea. With the kitchen being designed and located to serve both restaurants, the idea made sense, and with a little time to get used to the new layout, the staff found things moved more smoothly.

I stand back and admire the growing number of metal-enhanced smiles I see each week. As we hire more employees, the number slowly grows, but it becomes more evident each week as the employees walk around and talk about the changes. The seamstress arrives in a different costume each week, and her smile slowly becomes more metallic each week. Each of her costumes is in the 'Sparkles' colours and is a wild version of one of the uniforms she is working on. They all are more suitable for working in an adult club or wearing to a dance club than in a restaurant, and she always arrives after almost everyone else.

I find myself spending more time managing the existing restaurants and getting things organized for the new restaurant than I do working in the kitchen. It's during one of my increasingly frequent complaint sessions that someone says, "Why don't you get someone to take over some of the routine work for you? Hire yourself an assistant."

I look up at the metal-encased smiles in front of me and grimace. "How am I supposed to find time to do that when I don't have enough time to do the work I already have to do? I need an assistant to find me an assistant."

This time I am watching as Charlene says, “There is already a process in place to handle it.”

The metal braces in The Hostess's mouth come into view as she says, “I’m already handling the interview process for the restaurant staff, adding finding an assistant for you to the list shouldn’t be difficult. What type of person are you looking for?”

It’s not something I had thought about, so I have a confused look on my face as The Seamstress asks, “Let’s start with the basics, male or female? Is age a factor? Do they need to have experience and if so, what kind?”

My mouth drops open as I try to process the questions coming at me. All I can do is shrug as the three of them grin at me. The Hostess takes pity on me and says, "Why don't you think about it for a while, then make a list of things for me to look for? In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for someone I think might be able to handle the job. I've been doing okay with the restaurant staff so far, especially with the help I've had from Charlene and a few others in the building."

She's right. There are three assistant hostesses to cover all the shifts in 'Sparkles Daytime' and Charlene is in charge of the waitresses. I have more kitchen staff than I need at the moment, but when 'Sparkles' opens, all the staff will have full-time jobs if they want. Everyone she has sent to me for an interview has already been screened by her and all I've had to do is give them my okay and send them to the orthodontist. If I had an assistant like her, I could spend most of my time in the kitchen creating dishes for the restaurants.

The three ladies all laugh as I walk away shaking my head.

I spend over a week trying to put together a list of what I want in an assistant. I started by listing everything I could think of, adding more as I thought of things. Then I tried to narrow it down to what I considered important. The list is still impossible to make sense of when the Hostess knocks on my door and enters. Beside her is a petite female that looks as if she is a gymnast.

“I have someone for you to interview.” The smile on the Hostess’s face says she’s up to something, but I can’t tell what it is. “I’ve already told her what she is going to be doing if she is hired, all you have to do is give her the standard interview. She’s already had her appointment with the orthodontist and has been approved by him.” She places the file with the job application, resume and orthodontist’s records on my desk, then smiles at the girl as she leaves.

I glance at her several times as I read through the file, noting she has a little experience as a waitress and has just finished several courses towards a degree in business management. Her application says she is looking for part-time work, though she is open to a full-time position if it is offered. She waits patiently for me to start the interview.

The impression I had that she looked like a gymnast is confirmed when I read her application and see she lists she was one in school and volunteers part-time as an assistant coach at a local gym. Her application says she has applied to be a waitress, but I can see she is overqualified for the position.

I give her the standard interview, asking her the usual questions. She has a pleasant voice with a heavy British accent and smiles frequently, though she keeps her teeth covered when she does. When I have her stand in front of the screen for the video portion of the interview, I notice that she has a slight limp and her left leg seems a little stiff. It's hard to tell why, because she is wearing a long skirt. As she stands in front of the screen and says the scripted greetings word perfect without looking at the sheet, I have to wonder why she wants to work as a waitress. In my opinion, she's too good-looking to be a waitress and seems very relaxed and confident.

My cellphone chimes with a text from the Hostess saying, "If you know what's good for you, tell her you are hiring her. When you do, tell her I said to smile for you. The orthodontist can't wait to get his hands on her. Text me before she leaves, I want to congratulate her." The Hostess hasn't been wrong with the recommendations she's made for employees so far, and except for a few the orthodontist has rejected, all have been hired, so I take her advice.

Before I let her know she has been hired, I have a few more questions to ask her, so I get her to take a seat in front of my desk. As she sits, she touches the back of her left knee, and I notice that her skirt doesn't lay quite normal.

She notices where I am looking and the smile on her face fades. I ask her the questions about braces and a puzzled look crosses her face until I explain I am talking about orthodontic braces, not about the English variety that goes over the shoulders. Her answers are quite informative and I can understand why she has passed the two interview stages already.

Then I tell her she is hired and give her the message from the Hostess. For the first time since she entered my office, I see her teeth and understand why the orthodontist wants her as a patient. She has the most spectacular set of 'British' teeth I have ever seen. They're slightly too big for her mouth and all are just a bit out of alignment.

While I'm trying to figure out a way to politely ask all the questions I have going through my mind, the Hostess walks through my door and says, "I think you are going to enjoy having your new assistant around. As soon as I saw her resume, I knew she was perfect for the job."

Then she turns to the new assistant I didn't know I was hiring and says, "Why don't you properly introduce yourself to him and answer a few of the questions I know he is having a hard time trying to find a way to ask without being impolite. I also have a few I would like to ask, but I'm not allowed to ask them, so maybe we can get together sometime and have coffee."

My new assistant smiles at me and I get another good look at her mouth. "My name really is Bertha Goodebotton as it says on my application, but I prefer Birdy. I was born in London, but we moved around a lot because of my father's job and I never was able to get my teeth fixed on the NHS plan because we moved so often. I've been into gymnastics since I was a little girl and studied ballet whenever I had a chance."

Then she lifts the left side of her skirt a little and the bottoms of her metal legbraces comes into view. "I saw you watching me as I sat down. I find it easier if I wear long skirts until people get to know me. A group of us were on the train to a competition when there was an accident. The rest of the group was close to the front of the train when the accident occurred and were uninjured. I was at the back stretching my legs and was one of the few with more severe injuries. A heavy goods lorry ran through a barrier and hit the last car, derailing it."

She takes a pause to sip from the bottle the Hostess hands her, then continues with, "My left knee had to be rebuilt and I was told I probably wouldn't walk again. I proved them wrong, though I do need the legbrace to be able to walk. My left leg is shorter than the right and I wear heels to make up for the difference. The alternative is to wear shoes with a built-up heel and sole, which I don't think is appealing."

"My right leg is fine most of the time, but they made me a legbrace from it as well while I was in the hospital. While I was learning how to walk again, I kept spraining my right ankle and it was simpler and cheaper to have me wearing a legbrace than to keep delaying my recovery every time I sprained it." She taps her left leg near her upper thigh and says, "This one is a full-length brace and supports my entire leg. The one on my right leg goes from below my knee to my shoe."

She smiles at both of us and asks, "Does that cover most of your questions?" Then she looks at me and says, "Your question about braces threw me off at first because I thought you were asking about my legbraces. To properly answer your questions, I very much want to get my teeth fixed. The orthodontist already has a treatment plan arranged for me and he's told me he will do it the way I want it done."

"I've never considered myself to be disabled, and I don't want to be treated as if I am. I just do some things differently than many people and move a bit slower sometimes."

I grin at her and say, "Welcome to Sparkles, Birdy. I think we are going to get along fine."

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Re: A new story - Sparkles - The Seamstress
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Chapter 7

My teeth are sore when I wake up in the morning and biting into things is very uncomfortable, so I skip breakfast. Sitting in my basement all day doesn’t appeal to me, so I ride the bus to the restaurant.

The new sketchpad has given me the idea of starting on designing new uniforms for some of the staff. After finding that the pictures of my new braces can be combined to create an accurate 3D image of my face, I decide to try taking several photos of the person I am designing the uniform for before working on the new uniform. Being able to see the uniform from different angles will make it much easier to make the uniform fit right.

My outfit is skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt because I don’t feel like teasing the guys beside the stairs. Despite how sore my teeth are, the guys still get a smile from me as I pass by them and a few smile back at me, making me feel better.

There are a couple of chairs tucked into a corner most people don't use and I set myself up in it. The wifi gives me full access to the files on the computer and I begin to experiment with just what I can do with the programs. The 3D program quickly combines the pictures of my braced mouth to create a realistic image of the front of my face, but when it gets to the back, it has nothing to work with. The modelling part of the program takes over and tries to estimate what should be there, but the results are comical and nowhere near what the back of my head looks like. The program is good at adding depth to my sketches, but fails when it tries to turn them into a 3D model.

I'm laughing at the results when the girl from the orthodontist's office comes out to take her coffee break. She joins in the corner and I show her what I am laughing at, then she says I need more pictures for the program to work with. "Why don't you come into the office after my break and I'll take some more of you? Even if it doesn't work, you'll still have lots of pictures to remember your first few days in braces."

I show her the sketches I did of her the day before after the computer added some depth to them and she smiles at the result. "I'll have to work on my boss and get him to buy me some new uniforms. The guys will be lining up to get braces if I'm wearing something like those, especially if I'm wearing those heels." I can rotate the sketches a few degrees each way before the dimensions become too skewed.

I wait a while after her break to go to her desk. One of the other girls takes over for her while she takes me to the back and positions me against the wall. Since today isn't about taking pictures of my teeth for their records, she has me smile naturally as she takes pictures from the front and side, and then a few of the back, with closeups of my head. We're both having fun and it hasn't taken us very long to snap what we have, so she has me throw in some sexier poses as I slowly turn.

It's a high-quality camera body and expensive lens, and all she has to do is transfer the pictures to the office computer and erase the memory card, then move them all to my sketchpad. I don't know what she took and leave her to deal with a new batch of patients while I return to my corner to experiment with the new pictures.

I flick through the pictures as the sketchpad stitches them together into a 3D image, marvelling at the quality of the pictures she took. Rather than just capturing my face, she took many of my whole body and the sketchpad incorporates those into the image as well. As the 3D image rotates, more and more details fill in and I can zoom in and out. Looking in the mirror isn't the same as being able to see myself the way other people see me, and my new braces look different than I expected. The ligatures on the metal brackets add the splash of colour I was hoping for, and I can change the colour to get a better idea of what the braces will look like when I get the ligatures changed.

My skinny jeans and tight t-shirt also look good in the 3D image and when I switch to the design portion of the program, the dimensions displayed are close enough to my measurements to use for the patterns. After altering my t-shirt to show a little more cleavage with a push-up bra added, I check the dimensions and find them to be just as accurate. Just for the fun of it, I take the uniform I made for the receptionist and replace my t-shirt and jeans with the blouse and short skirt. The program takes the new information and builds a realistic-looking representation of what I would look like wearing it, including the metal brackets and ligatures currently on my teeth.

I’m having so much fun playing with my sketchpad, I forget about my sore teeth. There is one problem I notice, my image needs a background rather than the blank space it is currently in. The lady from the renovation office mentioned the program I am using has many of the same features they use in their office when they design projects, so I decide to wander over there and see if I can get access to the plans for my apartment.

As soon as I walk in, she smiles and thanks me for the designs I did for her. She particularly liked the one with the braces, and so did her husband. When I ask her how to access the model of my apartment, she gives me a quick lesson on how to find it in their database and cautions me not to make changes without consulting them first. The 3D model of my apartment is just what I am looking for and adding my 3D image just takes a few clicks. My screen is a bit too small to get an accurate look at the entire scene, so I cast it onto the screen on the wall. The room I select is my living room, and even without furniture, it gives a much better idea of how I would look in a work environment.

She laughs and says, “How would you like to do that on the model of the new restaurant? You will get a much better idea of how the uniform will look with a table and chair in the picture or a booth in the background.” She pulls up the model of the restaurant and drags my image into it, positioning me beside a table.

She rotates the whole model, and we watch as my image seems to move around behind the table and my face disappears from view, then reappears with my braces showing again. The combination of my image with the table makes the entire thing more lifelike and adds a sense of scale to both. She looks at me and asks, “Could you add the sketch you did of me to the chair at the table? It might be fun to see what the restaurant would look like with people in it.”

I locate the file with the sketches and open a new character file. The 3D program begins to build the base character from the sketch but doesn’t have enough information to work with. As the model rotates, it does the same thing it did with my face, showing the front and a bit of the sides, then running out of images to use for the rest.

I smile at her again, “I know how to fix this. Do you have a camera handy? I need to have more pictures for the program to work with.” When she nods, I add, “Get the camera and sit down in the chair. It will be easier to create a sitting character if the pictures are of you sitting.”

I move around her, taking pictures every forty-five degrees. It's just a simple digital camera, but I don't think it will matter. I ask if she has a cord to plug the camera into her computer, but she has a better idea. "Why don't you just put the SD card into your sketchpad and work off of it." I smile again and flash my newly accessorized teeth at her. Each time I smile, her eyes drop to my mouth briefly before returning to my face without saying anything.

The sketchpad goes to work, using the new pictures to fill in the blanks on the model. As the model rotates, the back and sides of the body fill in more until it is nearly complete. It is still struggling to combine the dress from the sketch with the photos I just took, but the semblance of her sitting in the desk chair in the evening gown is there. The back of the desk chair hides much of the missing information.

A few clicks transfers the new character into the model of the restaurant, but it doesn't look right without the chair from the restaurant. The lady pulls up a 3D model of one of the new restaurant chairs on her screen and shows me where to find it in the database. I'm surprised to find that I can access all the work the company has done to create the models for the restaurant right from my sketchpad, but she tells me all the computers in the building are linked to a central server, including the sketchpad I am using. It is a matter of moments before the chairs are switched and the scene in the restaurant has a waitress and a customer.

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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This is really good!

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 5

Birdy shows up for her first day at Sparkles in a fancy low-back wheelchair with a set of forearm crutches clipped to the back. When she sees my panicked look, she grins her misaligned smile at me and says, "I brought my office chair to work with me, instead of waiting for you to get one for me. I find it easier and faster to get around the office this way, and if I need to stand up to get things, I have a spare set of legs to help with that. I usually wear my legbraces, but I feel more capable of doing my job if I am in one of my chairs. I brought the legbraces with me, but left them in the car in the basement."

I have to admit, she does look good in the wheelchair. I planned to spend most of the day teaching her how to run my office, but that quickly becomes unnecessary. When I show her the computer programs I use, she demonstrates she knows them better than I do, and shows me a few shortcuts to make my job easier. She handles the phone system like a professional and I find myself with nothing to do before our coffee break arrives.

When I offer to have something sent up from the restaurant, she rolls out from behind my desk and says, "Let's just go and get a coffee from Sparkles Cafe. You can introduce me to some of the staff and I can pop into the orthodontist's office for a minute to arrange an appointment to get started on fixing my teeth." It seems as if my assistant is already doing a better job of running my office than I did.

We order our coffee and a sandwich, and while I carry them to a table, she pops into the office and sets up her appointment. She obviously doesn't approve of the location I pick because she parks her chair at a table near the stairs and gestures for me to move there. As we sip our coffee, I begin to explain to her about the chairs set up halfway up the stairs, but she grins as she explains she knows about it.

"I was told all about it when we were coming up the stairs yesterday. I plan on making use of the opportunity to have a little fun from time to time. In case you haven't noticed, I still have a nice set of legs, even if they aren't working quite the way they should."

I am not quite sure how to react to the comment. She's clearly giving me the opportunity to check out her legs, but I'm her boss and I'm not sure if it is an appropriate thing to do. She takes the matter out of my hands by pushing away from the table and moving to the railing and knocking on it before doing a slow spin in her chair. A few whistles drift up from below as she returns to the table.

She's blushing a little and has a big smile on her face as she returns. "One of the ladies in my therapy class saw I was having a hard time dealing with my injuries. She started taking me out for tea after class, and she told me it was up to me to decide if I wanted to be miserable for the rest of my life or if I wanted to be happy. She tried explaining to me what she meant, but I couldn't seem to make it work for me."

"Finally she decided to show me what she meant. She took me to the mall and sat with me on a bench beside the escalator. I was told to look at the people around us and watch what they were doing. If anyone looked at us, she told me to smile at them before looking away. It took me several trips to the mall before I was able to do it, but I noticed that most of the people were too busy to look at us."

"The next time we went to the mall, she left me sitting on the bench while she went to the bathroom and changed. When she came back, she looked very different from what I was used to seeing her. As she crutched past me to the escalator, she smiled at me and moved her head so the hair on her long blonde wig fell over her chest. For the next fifteen minutes, I watched as she rode up and down the escalator in her short skirt with her missing lower leg on display. It really got interesting when she started clutching up and down the stairs. It didn't take long for her to attract an audience, and it wasn't just men watching her either."

"When I saw how much fun she was having, I finally understood what she meant. Those trips to the mall changed my life more than the accident did. She taught me that I have fashion accessories that other people don't. As soon as I get the braces on my teeth, I'm going to have one more fashion accessory to wear, though they won't make me stand out much around here."

My new assistant is making it impossible not to notice how good-looking she is. I’m also noticing she is more than just a pretty face and a nice body, she has a very sharp mind to go with it. Our coffee break has lasted longer than expected with her telling me more about herself, and with her doing most of the talking, she hasn’t had a chance to finish eating. I don’t feel like rushing her back to the office, so I say, “I’m making an executive decision, maybe the last one you’re going to let me make for a while.” I have a big grin on my face as I add, “Take your time finishing your break and come back to the office when you are ready.”

I'm just finishing with some routine paperwork when she comes rolling into the office. She has her legs crossed and her skirt is pulled up above her knees. The office suddenly feels crowded with both of us in it, and I feel as if I am intruding into her space. I stand and move my chair from behind the desk so she can take my place, and the office feels just a little bigger, but it doesn't feel like my office anymore.

She watches as I look around and asks, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

I sit in my chair facing her across the desk and answer, “This office isn’t big enough for both of us to work here.”

She smiles at me and says, “I was going to bring that up, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I was going to ask if a few changes could be made to accommodate the way I do things. Mostly just having shelves and cabinets at wheelchair level so I don’t have to stand up as much. I find it easier if I use my chair around the office, even when I am wearing my legbraces.”

I return her smile. “I know someone who can help us with that. Let’s go see if she is busy right now.” Birdy rolls out from behind her desk and I can’t help admiring how gracefully she does it. She handles the chair as if it is just a part of her body as she glides through the door ahead of me and waits.

It's only a short trip across the second floor to where the offices of the couple doing the renovations are located. Louise is in her office working when I knock on her door and ask, "Louise, do you have some time to help us with a problem?" When she nods, I move aside so Birdy can roll into the office and say, "This is my new assistant. She prefers to be called Birdy. We need to set her up with an office for her to work in, there just isn't enough space in my office for both of us. I was going to give her mine, but she pointed out to me that my office needs renovations to make it suitable for her to work in it."

Louise smiles at us and I notice a thin wire running across her top teeth. “Why don’t we go into the design room and see what we can do.”

Birdy pirouettes her chair and we follow Louise. A few minutes later, we are looking at the screen on the wall as an outline appears. “Let’s start with the idea of setting up a new office space for both of you to work in instead of renovating the one already there. We have lots of space to work with on the second floor.” Louise smiles at Birdy and says, “Tell me if I get out of line. What accommodations do we need to make for your condition?”

Birdy laughs and says, “If your referring to me being a female, and a good-looking one, none at all. If you mean that I am overqualified for the job I’ve been hired to do, there’s nothing you can do about that. What I do need is an office with a fancier desk than my boss's and someplace I can store all the files and things I am going to be using. I already have a fancy office chair and need an office to match it.”

Louise laughs and the wire across her top teeth sparkles in the overhead lights. "I think we're going to get along just fine. Okay, let's start with laying out your office first, then we can figure out what to do about arranging someplace for your boss to be while you do his job for him."

I clear my throat to get their attention, then say, “Why don’t I leave you ladies alone to rearrange my life? If you need me, I’ll be in my office trying to figure out what is happening to me. Or maybe I’ll go to the kitchen and see if I can be of use to them instead.”

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Re: A new story - Sparkles
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Chapter 6

I have nothing important to do in my office, so I change and go to the kitchen. It feels good to be working with my hands and the kitchen staff quickly have me busy helping them with the lunch rush. The new kitchen layout has plenty of space and will easily handle the increased workload of the new restaurant. Listening to the staff's ideas has been valuable and the traffic flow in and out of the kitchen is smooth.

Everyone seems happy and quite a few of them are smiling, and I can’t help noticing just how many of them have enhanced their smiles in some way. It’s not just the staff serving the customers, it’s the kitchen staff as well. It seems as if everyone is getting into the spirit of the theme of the new restaurant, even though it isn’t open yet.

I'm enjoying being in the kitchen so much that it is the middle of the afternoon before I return to my office after having a shower. The request to have showers in the new staff bathrooms has been a welcome upgrade and appreciated by more than just the kitchen staff.

Birdy is sitting behind the desk with a big smile on her face, and I notice she has her legbraces on. She hands me a picture of her sitting behind a fancy desk, and I see it shows her with braces on her teeth as well. “Louise was very helpful with designing our new offices. Being able to see the design in 3D was very nice, and it was fun when Tabi had me pose so she could add me to the pictures. She had me do a set in the wheelchair without my legbraces, a set of me using my crutches without them, then we did several sets with me wearing my legbraces, one in the chair, one standing and one using the crutches. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much. She made me feel like a professional model.”

The puzzled look on my face clues her in that she has left me behind. "Louise is the lady handling the renovations. She added the features I wanted to the 3D design for the new office space for us, then suggested a few things I hadn't thought of, to make the offices easier for both of us to use. My desk is on pistons so the height can be adjusted to use a regular office chair or my wheelchair. All of the cabinets and drawers are at wheelchair height and still accessible when I am using my crutches."

"Most of the files we use are on the computer and we have a semi-private network for our office." She turns the computer screen so I can see it too and the 3D model of our office is displayed. "Your office has a second door so you can come and go as you like."
She clicks on another icon and a bunch of thumbnails are displayed, most of them of her in her new office. She pushes the mouse over to me and says, “Enjoy yourself, I know I did when Tabi was putting them together.” I give her another puzzled look.

"Tabi is the seamstress. She has a setup in her shop to take pictures for when she is designing uniforms. Her computer uses the pictures to create 3D images for her to work with to create the patterns for the uniforms she is making. It uses many of the same features the computer in the renovation office does and she put the pictures she took of me into the design of the new office so we could see how the new office would work with my wheelchair. She also added braces to my teeth in some of them to give me a good idea of how I might look with them."

"I'm going to go get a coffee while you're looking at the pictures. Would you like me to get you one too?" When I shake my head, she rolls away from the desk, leaving me to look at the pictures. The pictures are grouped by location, and each picture is different. The first set is of her at her desk, with one picture of her in her wheelchair without her legbraces, one with her wearing them, and some of her sitting in an office chair, both with and without the legbraces.

The next set has her standing by her desk and she is using her crutches, both with and without her legbraces. The pictures without her legbraces have her shorter leg dangling above the floor. The built-up heel is noticeable in the pictures of her wearing the legbraces.

There's also a set of pictures of her upper body with her smiling face as the focal point. Each of the pictures has her wearing a different appliance or style of braces, and some of them have a combination of braces and appliances.

I’m going through the pictures again, looking at them from different angles and zooming in and out a little when Birdy returns to the office with her coffee. Some of the pictures of her at the desk and moving around the office have her wearing a variety of orthodontic braces, and I have one of her wearing large metal brackets with coloured ligatures on her teeth standing in front of her desk on just her crutches, on the screen when she does.

I blush as she asks, “Do you like that one? Which picture is your favourite?” I begin to push the office chair away from the desk to make room for her, but she says, “Leave the chair there,” and she locks the wheels on her wheelchair and stands up. I hear the lock on her long legbrace click into position before she walks over to me.

She takes the mouse from me, selects one of the pictures of her wearing thin metal bands on all her teeth, and says, “Tabi says this is her favourite one of me.” She clicks on another thumbnail and a picture of her wearing heavy metal brackets with an archwire with bends in it appears on the screen. “I think I prefer this look, though the self-ligating brackets have a bulkier look to them. The orthodontist told me it is up to me what he uses, all I have to do is decide before my appointment so he can have them ready. So, what style do you think I should get?”

I avoid looking at her until she says in a serious voice, "I want you to look at me." She takes my hand and places it on her knee, using my fingers to trace the scar concealed by the fabric on her leg. Then she moves my hand up to the leather band holding the legbrace against her leg and runs my fingers along it until they are resting on the metal bar on the side. "My injury doesn't define who I am. It's taken me a while to come to terms with what has happened." She's not done yet. Her hand moves mine up the outside of her leg until both our hands are resting on the lace band of her stocking. "I am still a woman and I want you to see me as one. Treat me the way you would any other good-looking woman. I expect you to look at me when I am in the office, and I am getting braces soon, so they are going to be a part of me too. Your opinion matters to me, and looking good for you is part of it."

I finally look up at her, and I pause when my eyes are level with where our hands are resting before moving to her face. She has a smile on her face. “Don't think that I am going to be flashing my stocking-covered legs at you all the time. It may only be a one-time thing, so enjoy it while you can.” She moves my hand up and down the metal bar against her leg, then along the leather band around her upper thigh. “I’m not asking to date you or anything like that, but I’m not averse to the possibility.”

My gaze returns to where our hands are on her leg, and I smile. “You do have a nice leg.” I move our hands along the metal bar, with my thumb on the bar and my fingers on the back of her leg, until we are at her knee.

She stops me before I can go any lower. “Be careful, if you go much lower, you will unlock my legbrace and you might end up with me on your lap.”

For the first time since I met her, I really look at her, and I begin to chuckle. “I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I have my hand on your leg.”

She giggles. “Is that a promise?”

I look her in the eyes. “As long as I’m not pretending to be your boss when it happens, I don’t think it will be a problem. Why don’t you pull up a chair and we can look over the pictures to decide what style of braces to get you.”

She laughs at the way I phrased my request and returns to her chair, rolling up beside me. We take our time looking at the pictures Tabi put together. As we discuss the good and bad aspects of the various looks and treatments, I realize I’ve never considered how the new restaurant is going to impact our employees. When I mention it to Birdy, she says, “Legally, I’m not sure where you stand. Louise, Tabi and I talked about it while we were in Tabi’s studio. I agree with their opinions. Before anyone is hired, they are aware of how they are expected to dress. You have provided a wide range of options by having Tabi design uniforms for them, and they don’t have to get braces, retainers are an acceptable alternative. Judging by how many of them are getting braces, I have to say they are more than happy with the requirement. The restaurant isn’t even open yet and most of the employees have braces already. Some of them don’t even need them.”

She turns in her wheelchair toward me. “I think you are doing a good thing by providing braces at a price your employees can afford. For many of them, this is the first time they have been able to smile with confidence because they do have metal on their teeth.”

Her smile gets bigger. "Louise said I may be uniquely qualified to help you with a problem you are having with the new restaurant. Why don't we go and take a look."