Author Topic: A crazy idea. (History, or so I think).  (Read 1448 times)

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A crazy idea. (History, or so I think).
« on: 27. September 2021, 04:38:42 AM »
I am a guy who loves braces, but there is always something that stops me from starting a treatment, mainly that I can not find the orthodontist who wants to do what I ask, how difficult is it for me to place a headgear for 10 hours a day for several months?, I do not ask for much, I do not ask for an expander, or a tongue crib, or a face mask, or all together, I would want it the same but it would be exaggerated, but after my boss spoke with a colleague about his orthodontist and that the following week, the girl had a beautiful metal smile that I want so much, something crazy occurred to me, Why don't I get a home brace where I modify my bite enough to use a headgear?, Then I go to an orthodontist to have a headgear fitted, even for more hours, for a moment, it gave me an erection and at the same time my head thought it's stupid, and it is, but it's something my body want, but there is a problem, and it is the "technical" issue, I am an ortho lover, but what is the movement of the teeth, I am completely ignorant, I know enough to differentiate a poor quality orthodontics to a good one, but what it is, knowing how the teeth move with those beautiful irons there is a enormous distance, for something you have to study several years to even graduate as a dentist, I do not know what I will do, but the idea resonates in my head and to a certain extent, I wish it, but I do not want surgery for this stupidity, it would ruin the fun and I'm not a big fan of surgeries of any kind.

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Re: A crazy idea. (History, or so I think).
« Reply #1 on: 10. December 2021, 02:30:56 AM »
I have kind of the same problem.  Basically I have no idea where to look for someone who would put me in braces+appliances.  And I'd also prefer not ruining my teeth by making a DIY mess so that's out.  Honestly while I like anything fixed appliances, I'm also not going to go DIY that because it's a recipe for a bad time.

I had headgear 10 years ago and to be honest found it painful to sleep in because I roll around a lot.  I currently have bonded retainers, but from the point of view of non-braces-likers he's a great ortho because he rarely uses bands, usually uses plastic aligners and he goes for having braces for a longer time but no interesting other appliances :(.  What I'd like to have is basically full bands + Herbst + lip bumpers + a custom IoT device  ;D.  Finding someone who would be willing to do any of those for someone who's already had braces is probably not easy.  What I'm thinking of doing is complain about the bonded retainers which are no fun and I find a pain to clean compared to braces, so I can ask to just have braces instead.  I don't know how many orthos would do that, even less so for full bands.  Not sure about how to convince an ortho of the rest tbh.  It helps that my wisdom teeth came in quite crooked after getting braces off, and I don't think unnecessary extractions are a good idea.