Author Topic: Fake braces and headgear  (Read 2907 times)

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Fake braces and headgear
« on: 03. May 2021, 18:53:10 PM »
Hello my name is Francesca and I am an Italian woman I am 41 years old and I too would like to try to wear the fixed braces for both the upper and lower arches with the addition of the extraoral headgear traction.
How can I proceed on the site?
Thanks a lot Francesca
'm love braces

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Re: Fake braces and headgear
« Reply #1 on: 08. May 2021, 20:20:02 PM »
I recommend that you order the Retainer with Brackets from the site

Select this options:
Upper and Lower Jaw
With Impressions Kit (Upper and Lower Jaw)
With Headgear Tubes

You will also need to select the highpull headgear.

Once the order is placed, the kit for taking dental impressions will be sent to you.
You will receive the kit within a few days.
In the kit there are instructions for taking impressions.
After taking your impressions, put them back in the plastic bag they gave you.
You will need to send the impressions to their lab in the UK.
For shipping from Italy I recommend using UPS. In a maximum of 2 days the package arrives in the UK.
Once they receive the prints, you will have to wait 1/2 weeks and you will receive the device

I have already ordered several devices from the site and am satisfied.

2 weeks ago I ordered the Activator with Tongue Crib and Pelottes with the following changes:

1- Closed (Full) palate plate. The plate must be much thicker and must cover the entire palate, down to the last tooth
2- Instead of the tongue crib add the lower plate extension like the bionator or stiff activator
3- Add Bite Plane
4- Add The plastic-coated labial bow for top and bottom wire.
5- Color The plastic-coated labial bow and pelotess with orange color
6- Add headgear Tubes
7- Color the Braces with blu and orange
8- Add the image of a soccer ball to the palate plate if is possible.

They are very helpful.
For all the devices I have ordered from them they have always made all the changes I have requested.

Feel free to ask for anything.
As I said, I have placed several orders on their site and have spoken to them directly for each order.